Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May 2, 2008 Thursday 4:22 am

This is a picture of a happy Will. Coach (AKA Randy) and Donna, his poor, suffering wife, came down to visit Will. Will passed his Barium (sp??) swallow test and he waited until Randy got here before he had a Pepsi. He did have water and a sprite before that. So Coach stay about 2 1/2 hours and then they drove back to Hagerman. Will didn't want them to leave. One of the most painful things Randy has had to do lately was to buy Will this hat and a Celtic shirt. It's the Celtics and Will and coach have been in this rivalry with the Lakers and Celtics for many years. This year might be the year that the rivalry be taken all the way. So when you double click on the picture you can see Will with his Pepsi and his Celtics hat. Donna brought us up a gift too. She made Tom two meatloaves and me a big container of chicken noodle soup. What good friends and it was so nice to visit.

The drs. started Will back on Lasix drip tonight to see if that will help get more fluid off. Will is sleeping more comfortably this evening. We need to keep him moving all the time. That will open Will's lungs up faster than any other thing.
This should stay pretty much the same.
God bless


Dixie said...

Hi Harbisons,
Congrats on finally passing your swallow test and getting that Pepsi. It is good to see you doing better. Keep up the good work.

Dixie and James

whitehouse said...

Excellent picture . . Will you and Donna look great.:) Sounds like you all had a great day visiting. I am always so encouraged to hear about all the steps forward that are being made. Keep up the super work. You are all so amazing. Yeh, only one more day to your Aaron and Angel get there. Always remember you are all missed so much! Life is never the same with out you all! Have a great day. We have so much to be thankful for on national day of prayer.

Lthsldy said...

Wow! That picture of Randy cracked my monitor. (And don't try to blame it on Will or Donna, Randy).

It is awesome to see Will doing so well. Keep it up.


Coach said...

Will, I'm sorry you have all these comedians using your blog to take shots at me. You and I know people that are insecure always take shots at others. We won't mention names though. (Kim, Pam, Jessica, Kari, Brenda etc.)
Thanks for the visit yesterday. You have no idea how good it was to get to talk to you and discuss the playoffs, Jerome athletics, Mr. Jones haircut vs yours, etc. You continue to amaze me, however I am never surprised by the things you accomplish.
You do owe me for getting your Mom out of your room for awhile yesterday. I don't know how you and your Dad do it !!!!
I'm sorry your Mom and Donna got got you in trouble with the nurse for drinking to much Pepsi.
Your Dad showed me one of your respitory therapists when we were leaving. You need to bring her home with you !!! Wow !!
Thanks for making yesterday such a great day for Donna and me.I will see you again real soon.
Tom it was great to see you and even though it hurts to say this, it was even good to see you Terri.
You guys are amazing.

Katie Lardy said...

Will! What a great day!
I'm so happy to hear these wonderful updates.
Keep moving around and open up those lungs. They're ready!
Hello and hugs to Terri and Tom.

Judy said...

LOVE THE PICTURE!!! It is so great to see Will with his Pepsi and his great friends Randy and Donna. What are you drinking Randy??? Will, keep up the good work - we are all cheering you on. Hope you had a good day today. We are praying for you. Sure miss you guys - Thanks Terri for the great daily updates and Hi to you Tom. Love, Layne and Judy

Lthsldy said...

Will, Terri, Tom, and Coach

As Will and Terri know well, there were many a morning announcments that took pot shots at innocent teachers. As I recall Miss Gregg presented Mr. Clark with most of the evidence at his retirement. One uses the latest technology (that would be this blog) to retaliate : )

I remember all the help that Will gave Randy to aid his cause. Now Will is helping us : ) (Aren't you, Will?)

Hugs to all

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

You make that pepsi look so good.. I want to go get me one now.. lol
This great work makes me very happy!!

Anonymous said...

Will you are lookin' good! Great to see a pepsi in your hand.
You're OUTSTANDING! Hope some more of that fluid comes off to ease your movement. Good to hear that coach had to buy you some gear. He's getting to be quite a softy in his old age. Now you have the picture to prove it! Just kidding coach you look good, but Donna looks better. You are SO lucky to have her! Though I'm impressed that you are able to keep up with all this new technology. Way to go!
See how you are keeping us all so close, Will! Just like good old times even though we're miles apart.
Terri please have Angel give you a big hug from me this weekend!
Love and blessings being sent to all of you reading,

Anonymous said...

By the way, what is Coach drinking in the picture? Is that the habit that Kim has been concerned about? She may have a valid point.