Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We have been surrounded by so much love this holiday season, so much love and so much laughter. When it got rough there were so many people around us that someone would grab hold of us and hang on until the bad times passed. HOW LUCKY ARE WE!!! We couldn't have made it through these days without all of you. THANKS.
Below: Here is Grandpa Tom with his favorite Christmas gift--time with his little girl.
p.s. look at Angel in the background-I love her laughing.

Here is the two "big" boys helping their little cousins set out the tray for Santa. Elliott (left) and Noah (right) thanks for the help. Santa loved the cookies.
Elliott is holding Kayli and Candace and Sadie are sitting in the chair.
They made these cookies with me.

Here is one of my favorites of all. This is the "cousins" cracking up when I'm trying to take a picture. I know Will is with them laughing just as hard. I really felt him then because that is just what he would have done. Couldn't hardly ever get a serious "cousin" picture.
How wonderful

Below: Here is another favorite. My two bestest girls in the Christmas moment. How cute are they??

We didn't go to SLC over the vacation. We will be down to see all our friends at the hospital soon. Promise. We do remember that we were with all of you last year at this time and you made Will's Christmas as good as it could be without us being home. I hope you remember him with good memories of last year's holiday season also. We loved all the cookies that made it to our room on the fifth floor. We will remember the good times.
We don't know what we will be doing for New Year's Eve yet but we hope to be watching little Kayli maybe.
I hope all of you have a fantastic New Year--2010. It's hard to believe.
Our God has great plans for us next year, I feel it so strongly.
Can't wait.
God Bless and stay safe.

Let the spirit of love fill your hearts and homes. In this most wonderful of seasons I hope you find many reasons for happiness.

There is no time more fitting to say "Thank You" and to wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I can't tell you all how much your emails to the family have helped us. These are a couple of wonderful ones that I wanted to share. I know without a doubt that it's not just "us" hurting right now. Maybe these will help other people as much as it has helped us. We appreciate all of them, and we do reread them often.

(Thank you for letting us use them on the blog.)


I know your days are extremely difficult without your son. I just still cannot imagine what you are going through.

Just think, this year Will is spending this Christmas with the Main Man. Wow, what a Christmas that is going to be! I am sure that Will is going to have some big surprises to share with him, most importantly the love that has surrounded him and his family. God will be proud and happy that Will spread the word while he was here on earth, touched so many lives, and humbled us all with his great spirit. What a wonderful Christmas gift he has given to all of us. I love you Terri,



You do not know me and neither did Will. My name is Katie. I worked at St. Lukes on the 4th floor for about 2 yrs until this summer. I just wanted to let you know that because of Dixie and Virginia I kept up with Wills blog. I think that you and Will are strong and amazing people and I am very touched with your story. After I moved I still kept up with Wills blog every couple of weeks and I am just finding out today about your loss. I guess I just wanted to let you know that Will touched the lives of people that he never met. When I turned 21 this summer I became a donor. Not just because of Will but I think that he might have had a little part of it.
God Bless. I hope your family is doing well.
Katie Davis
P.S. Your Granddaughter may be the cutest baby I have ever seen!!! I work in the NICU so I have seen my fair share of cute babies!!!

I pray nightly for blessings to be poured out on all our friends.
Thank you
PS Kayli rolled over yesterday. She's getting so big. She will be walking tomorrow probably.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Look at my two girls. Kayli's big sister, Candace, got to introduce her to the big jolly Santa this year.

Also a first this week, Kayli ate her first solid food-rice cereal and a little bit of applesauce. She loved it-well, whatever she got in her mouth, she loved.

Above: this is the first high chair experience. She's doing pretty good.

I tell you, she eats like her mom.
We had other firsts this week. I went into Will's room and was able to stay in there for a while. That was huge for me. Also, Tom and I finally were able to go through all the cards and letters that were sent to us. We know it has been over a month, but we did it when we were able to. THANK YOU ALL. Love and caring was shown through these cards and writings for all of us. We will cherish them for a long, long time. Will was loved by so many and we are very blessed to have been part of his family.
There are some people out there that do know what we are going through. You have let us know some of the approaches that have helped and there were many different things that helped different people. The one thing that everyone mentioned that has gone through this is that we need love from family and friends surrounding us. When we need solace and encouragement, we know how much we are loved by all of you and that's comforting. More importantly we have God's comforting arms around us. He will show us the way through this time of grieving.
We also made tentative plans for Christmas. After I get out for our break we will go down to Salt Lake and visit Danny and AnnMarie for a few days. We hope to see our friends at the hospital while we are there. Then we will have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Christi and Billie and their families in Boise. After that, we might go down to Reno to visit family. Now that's what we might be doing, but things happen and we could change all that.
We will post more pictures of our little girl. Next week, I wanted to share a few letters that were mailed to me. They touched us and maybe they will touch you all also. But in the meantime, take care and remember our God is so awesome. He can do anything, all we have to do is ask and then wait for the answer.