Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday 4/10/08 4:53 am

Will is resting comfortably throughout the night. The drs. were having a little trouble giving him enough pain medicine to keep his pain away. They were too worried about compromising his breathing. Well, our sweet, sweet nurses here know Will and they weren't going to let him hurt for too long. They took it up with the drs. and of course, they won. Now Will can have more when he needs it. Thank God for our nursing staff. I think I was probably ready to do physical harm to one of the many drs. that come in to his room (and I really didn't care which one). I can handle a lot of stuff, but seeing Will in pain isn't one of them.

His kidney functions are doing better. His heart didn't show any changes from last time, a few weeks ago. His lungs seem very "wet" but they are doing things to help that. They have already taken him off a few of the antibiotics because they have ruled out things with all their testings.
His blood gases are really good considering where they were yesterday. That means he's exchanging his oxygen better. They haven't had to give him anymore blood. They started him on some tube feedings again. I think that about covers everything that I know.

Things are just looking better for sure. When the drs. come around they will tell me more of what they are doing today. I will do a better job of posting this today. Angel spent the evening up here with her dad while I slept. She and I are going to hook up for lunch today in between her sessions. It was so good that she was here this week. It made it so much better for her not to be that far away when he had to be reintubated (spelling??) I just wish my sweet son-in-law was with her. But somebody in the family has to work.

The weather here is supposed to warm up considerably this weekend. I can't wait. It is always such a surprise when I go to get into my car and see snow. I keep thinking it's April and we should be having spring weather.

6 more days until Will's birthday. He has gotten a lot of cards so since we probably won't be having a party, I am going to save them all up and just read them to him that day. It will make things special.
So many of you are sending Will emails through me and I thank you for them. He will be enjoying them soon so don't quit. Keri-yours are so funny and upbeat.

God bless, hope everyone has a great Friday.

special note-Jester, that was just what I needed to hear. And you said it just right. Thanks


Jessica said...

Good Morning Terri,
Seems like we're on the upswing again. Don't like to hear that Will's in pain, but I'm not sure with all he's going through that he couldn't be. I think he has all of our laboring and pregnant stories beat.
Will check with you later.
Lots of love and hugs sent your way! Going to pray extra long and hard today that this is his last bump in the road and he can get home to Coach soon. I think Tom will be a great doc at home too.

Sumer said...

I am so glad to hear that they are finally getting a had on Will's pain, I am just sorry that it took so long. It is also so great to hear that he is actually getting some rest, probably not as much as he needs, but some is better than none. I am also glad to hear that they are taking steps in the right direction by getting rid of some of the antibiotics. Please tell Will that I said HI and that I am praying for him.