Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday 4/22/08 4:15 am

Yesterday Will's heart starting beating too fast. For the last 24 hours is was between 150-160 bpm (beats per minute). (60-90 bpm is normal) They took a bunch of tests to rule out really life-threatening problems. The drs. thought it might be because they took off too much fluid too fast, but when they put some fluid in to "give the heart a drink" it came right back off and it didn't change the rate at all. So we know that wasn't it. They did an EKG and it looked normal except beating too fast. They did an ultrasound and didn't find anything. So now they will do more tests this morning. They do have some ideas of what it could be, but they are keeping it to themselves. When I need to know what's going on, I ask the the sweet nurses that are on duty. They tell me all I need to know. I think I need to enlarge my house so when I go home I can take them with me. We had some nurses that helped Will down in Surgery intensive care unit and they floated up to this floor today. It was good to see them. They weren't too happy to see Will still here after 3 weeks with them and now 5 weeks with these nurses. But I told them that we're almost done playing around and now we are getting serious about getting out of here. :)

While this was happening they had to decide just to freeze everything where it was. He didn't have any exercises and no breathing treatments today or tonight. We went back up on the vent settings because they were worried that he was working too hard. When your heart beats that fast you get exhausted. Well, with him trying to get his breathing muscles working again, it taxes all your strength so they just put him back on support of the breathing machine instead of him trying to breathe on his own. So he's been asleep most of the day and night.

This morning was the morning they had planned to get him off the vent. The goal was just about there. His settings were showing that he was almost ready. So now I don't know if he has to go through all that slow weaning down again once they find what happened with his heart rate, or if he can just go right back to the settings he was on. We will find out when the drs. make their rounds this morning. This is just another little bump and his heart is already slowing way down to 120. So things are looking better.

I told him just now that he's done just laying around, he said okay. He's ready to run. So I heard it from him. Then I told God in my prayers today what Will said. So hopefully between them both we will be doing great things now. If we get any of the tests back today before I go home to sleep, I will post them for you. Pray for his heart to fix itself. Thank you
God bless


Carrie said...

Gosh, what a roller coaster you guys are on and so are all of us that read this every day. Each morning when I read this I pray before my first click that good news is awaiting me on the blog. Some days, while I read I feel tears coming on and other days I laugh out loud, but there is one thing I know that happens everyday, and that is that I smile. Terri you do such a great job letting us feel positive about each of your enteries. I know that must be hard day in and day out. Thanks for all of the great updates; I love hearing from you and I miss you guys. I can't wait until you are back in Hagerman.
Love Joe and Carrie

Jessica said...

I second that Carrie! Great to hear your voice via blog as well.
Hang in there Will! I'm sure the drs. will figure it all out soon. Hope your pain has subsided a some more!
Terri I'm sure those nurses were glad to see you too. I have no doubt that you put a smile on their face as you do ours each day!
Lots of love and prayers coming your way!
Will check your updates often to find out what prayers need to be said...
Love ya,

Toni Mendive said...

Hello all you Harbisons! I've been following the news daily since I found out about your blog a couple of weeks ago. There was a prayer request for you, Will, at the First Presbyterian Church in Elko, and then I called Marcus & Kelli and that's how I found out about the transplant.

My prayers are for all of you for healing, strength and courage and I know I'm not the only one sending up prayers.

Toni Mendive

Susan said...

Hey, Will! I wonder did the Celtics big win get your heart going? Did the docs factor that in?
Seriously, glad to hear that things are headed towards normalizing.
Like so many others we check in on you first business of the day. Our thoughts and prayers to you each day. Our best always, Roger and Susan

Brenda n Lance said...

Well, I couldn't help but notice what Carrie said on her entry today. That was all so true about the blog. I do the same thing befor I click on. We love you and hope to talk to you soon.
Love Brenda & Lance