Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday 4/24/08 4:30 am

Will was able to sit up in a chair today. Many people helped with it, but he was able to sit up. His back loved it. The drs. really haven't changed much for today. He's getting Lasiks and trying to get more fluid off. The drs. think that he has about 6 more liters to get off. They upped his tube feedings so he can get more nutrients.

I don't have much more to say this morning. I have still been working on Will's paper work that has been neglected.

Today marks the two month anniversary for Will's lungs. Yea!!! Happy anniversary for Will's lungs. We'll party later I think. While we pray for more strength today I would also like our praying friends to say a prayer for the donor's family. They are going through a hard day. I hope someday we can meet so they can see what a great gift of life they gave our son. Don't forget that April is Organ Donation Awareness Month. If you haven't already told your family your desire to become a donor, please do so before too much longer. It's amazing how much it can change some one's life. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at or look up the national center for organ donation. Thank you.
God bless


Erin said...

I'm praying for you all today and everyday! I love you.


P.S. Terri - it's spelled "Lasix". Sorry! My mom's a teacher! I couldn't help but correct you. At least I remember something from my Medical Assistant classes. : )

Coach said...

Will, it is going to be the Celtics and Lakers in June. Just like old times.(not really without Magic and Bird)
I have some news about home. You know how fast your Mom comes in your lane (65-70 mph). Since they have been working on the new subdivision next to you they have torn up your road and have two pretty deep dips. I can't wait to see your Mom hit those. Make sure you are NOT in the car with her !!!! I'll have Brent video her first trip in. It should be interesting.
Keep working those lungs so you can get off the vent. I have never known anyone that can set a goal and reach it like you can. Keep working at it because we have things to do and places to go. Nothing against Donna but it is so much more fun traveling with you. She doesn't even like ESPN radio. Can you believe it !!!
Have a good day and and lets get off the vent soon.
P.S. the sooner you get off the vent the sooner you get out of the hospital and get a break from your Mom and we all know how nice that is going to be for you and your Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Will, Terri, and Tom,
Just want you all to know I've been thinking about you! Of course after Mason got sick, it came around to me. Yuck! Made it through schools days, easier to do that then get a sub - remember what that is like Terri and Coach? Well, I should probably just say Terri, because men are the worst when they are sick. Sorry Coach!!! But it's true... Will this of course DOES NOT apply to you. I know you aren't wimpy like other men!
Well, I know my dad doesn't speed through that area, but how about Kim, Coach? She's got to be close to Terri's speed if not worse. lol Glad I'm not in high school anymore, I'd be in trouble!
Catch you in the a.m. Hope you all get a great rest tonight! Love you all!