Monday, April 7, 2008


These first two pictures of our Will's walk. He looks so strong.

This picture is of Will being shaved (finally) by his brother-in-law Aaron.
This last picture is of our new home. Look at all that light. We are so lucky.


Brant & Leslie said...
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Brant & Leslie said...

I love seeing pictures of you Will!! You look great! I was thinking about you last night and wondering if you were watching the Kansas vs. Memphis game. It was a pretty good game. I had memphis to take it all the way. So, who was your team that you had picked to win? Well, I LOVE seeing pictures of you and SO GLAD to hear all of the progress that your making. Keep it up!!

Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

We are cheering as we are looking at pictures of Will walking. What a wonderful sight!!! That sunshine coming in the window looks great too.

Katie Lardy said...

Thank you so much for posting the pictures. I have been envisioning Will up and walking and this makes me so happy to see. Great room, too!
Will, last night I was reflecting on the power of setting a goal and how rewarding it can be when it finally pays off. I'll bet you experienced that feeling last night watching the game. What a game it was!
I hope you're feeling well today. Keep setting your goals and you'll be out of there before you know it.
I send my best to you all,

Somer Love said...

Wow!! Your room is amazing!!! Its like a palace!! Its Fit for a King!

Thanks for posting pics, I did a happy dance when I saw them, With the tap shoes of course!!! You are doing such a great job Will keep it up..

Kansas Won What a game!!! It was close but they pulled it out!!

Anonymous said...

Will you look great! Keep up the walking... I'm sure you feel stronger each time. So I'm curious, what is your next goal?
Terri thanks for posting the pics! Angel and Aaron you look good too. Guess Kim taught you a little about hair styling huh Aaron? lol
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Mason & Suzy said...

i agree with everyone, it's so great to see pics of you will! you do look really strong! and congratulations on moving into your presidential suite! what a terrific change of atmosphere i'm sure!
love to all of you....

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Wow you do look so strong and I can see that determination in you.. Great job on those walks, i bet they are going to get easier everyday and soon you will be walking right out of this joint..
And for the new bright room, wow do you have the hilton or what.. That is the best room in the hospital that I know about.. Talking about 5 star or something..
You just keep drinking that ice cold pepsi and I am excited to see the new and improved HERO WILL!!

gina said...

Will, you are looking so good! Keep up the good work buddy. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers :)

Kabina said...

Way to go coach! I love hearing about the great progress you're making but getting to actually see it makes it a million times better! ;) Those pics made my day, no week! I'm floating on cloud nine now! I love you very much and keep up the good work! You are so amazing and the greatest ever! Thanks coach's mom for all the updates and pics! It really helps to be able to check in and see how he is doing! You are such a wonderful woman and mother! Love you to all of the Fam!