Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday 4/19/08 1:00 am

So another weekend. The weather up here (or is it down here???) is finally acting like spring. It was 72 degrees today. How wonderful. Of course, someone had to tell us that because we don't get out in it except from our car to the hospital. It won't be long now and Will will be enjoying the weather outside with us. I can't wait.
Angel and Aaron got here tonight. It sure is great to see them and I know they are good for Will too. He's got to be so tired of just seeing us all the time.

Will is doing a little bit better. Because of the medicine they gave him yesterday, they took over a liter of fluid off of him. They decided they needed to do that again and they already have another liter of fluid. This morning they will check the labs and make sure we aren't making the kidneys angry because we are making them work so hard. He did sit up at the edge of the bed twice today. It takes so much out of him but he does it. It also takes four people to get him up there and hold him up. But everybody is so nice to him and it makes him feel likes he's accomplished something--which he has. He's handling the pain better and he is sleeping better at night now. Yea!!! We are still going through all his birthday cards from all of you.

Will has a little cousin, Billie's daughter, Sadie Kay, who has sent us voice messages to our phone. They are old but we keep playing them over and over. (hint-Billie, we need more of them) When he is sitting up we let him hear those because it makes him smile. She is such a little goof ball and everyone knows little two year olds are cuter than cute. He also has another cousin, Jack, who is in Kindergarten, and his parents tell us some of the craziest stories about him. We get to repeat them to Will often. It just cracks us all up. Kids are the best people ever!!

The weekend is here again and we will see what it brings for Will. Hopefully we get him up three times tomorrow and it won't take so much out of him. The drs. say the best medicine to get the fluid out of his body is by him moving. So we want to promote that whenever we can. So right now I am teaching him the cha-cha. Naw, just kidding. Everybody has been sending him some great emails and blog comments. Thanks so much again. They mean everything to him. The words of encouragement are what he needs, and the funny jokes are helping also.
Thank you God for letting all these people come into our lives. Amen

God bless


Brenda said...

Speaking of funny kid stories, I can tell you one about Cody that Andrea doesn't think is very funny. Last week at school he cut his own hair. He was just sitting at his desk playing with his scissors watching the hair fall. He has absolutely no bangs now. It's a very different look - they don't look like twins anymore. Keep up the good work Will. Randy needs a Jackpot partner - you know that he has temporarily taken over Tom's office down there.

Brenda n Lance said...

Aunt Terri look in the mail for a box on Tuesday. It is full of goodies for the Nurse's, esspecialy the one you mentioned in the blog. I have a funny to tell you guys about Mom. Mom and Dad were watching the world news and it said "The Pope will be speaking to the UN". Mom said "The uuuunnn?" What is that? Dad said that's the UN not the uuuunnn honey. We got a good laugh and thought Will would enjoy that one. We miss you and love you! I am at Mom and Dad's and they said to tell you they miss you and love you and wish they were there.


Aundi said...

Yeah Will, next time you need a nice looking hair cut, just call Cody! Let me tell you, you won't need another one for quite a while.

Talk to you soon!

Montana Mendive said...

Tom and Terry,
Greetings from Montana. I just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of all of you. I enjoyed reading your blog and some of the old pictures bring back some great memories. My best to Willie even if he has no idea who I am.