Tuesday, April 15, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 4/16/08 WED. 5:15 am


I had some pictures with me here in Salt Lake, I thought I would share them with you. The first is Will when he was four days old. (the picture with the other kids are his two cousins, Christi and the new baby, Billie) The rest of them, he is wearing red, I must have liked him in red. Except for the picture of him playing basketball. See the guy in orange #11--that's not Will. Will is the one right behind Tommy. How funny is that picture, I don't know what his coach was thinking at the time. :) Wasn't he just so cute!!! Okay, that's the mother in me, couldn't help it.

Will's blood gasses were not where the drs. wanted them, so they weren't able to wean him off the vent. But they are going to try early this morning. Still can't have any more pain meds. He didn't have a good day yesterday because of his pain. He slept for just a couple of hours tonight. We are going to read him all his cards and emails that have come in. Other than that, I think we will put off his birthday celebration until later. I will go and get a cake to share with all his caregivers today. Maybe by the time Angel and Aaron come up this weekend, he will feel like celebrating. If things happen today, I will let you all know.

It's hard to believe that 34 yrs ago I met my amazing son. It seems like yesterday. What a ride it has been, and what a privilege it is to be a mom. I thank God all the time for allowing me this blessing. So Tom and I will celebrate even if Will doesn't feel like it today.

By the way, I drove back to our apt. late this afternoon and it was a blizzard. Snow is still on the ground. Yesterday it was 80 degrees. What is with that??? Well, I hope everyone has a great day, snowy or sunny. Thanks for the prayers to get off the vent today. This next year is going to be so AMAZING for Will. What a change it will be.

God bless all of our friends and family.


Dixie said...

Happy Birthday. Can't believe your 34. Great pictures Teri. I hope Will's blood gasses will be good so that he can get off the vent for his big day.
You and Tom deserve a big celebration. Will was lucky to be born to some great parents. He would not have made it this far without your support and love and Angels to.
Give he a great big high five or 34 spankings, from all of us here on PEDS.

Dixie and James

P.S. The Peds gang (nurses) say hi and Happy Birthday

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Will! You're in my prayers! I love you all.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Willie!!!
So I prefer people to have a month long birthday, that is why my cards are always late! LOL Sorry Will, I truly am thinking about you EVERY DAY and you would think with last week being our Spring Break I would have been able to get at least a card in the mail. Just didn't happen with all the sickness around here. I'll wait a week so that we do not share our germs! My brothers and sisters would be really jealous if you got your card on time and they didn't!!!
We will say a lot of prayers today (the kids and I are home again) that you're pain will subside! Hope you have an awesome day. I loved the pictures, Terri! You're amazing!!!
XOXO all around,

Scott & Melissa said...


Keep up the good work, you are doing awesome! We love you and pray for you continually. Thanks for everything Terri, we appreciate your updates and the early pictures of Will!


The Drapers (Melissa, Scott, Taylor, Ayden, Breagan, and Carmen)

Shayne said...

Hi Will: Sending very happy birthday wishes your way. I hope you are feeling better, that the pain subsides, and you are able to enjoy your day a little. Here's to a great year with new lungs. Keeping you in our thoughts, Shayne, Garrick, and Makenna

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday and we will all be praying for the vent to come out today. You are amazing to me.

Coach said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Will.Being 34 means you are that much closer to getting the senior discount at Pete's.(ask your Mom about that)
I did not send your present because I want to hand deliver it.We will have our usual celebration when you get home.I hope you have a better day today.
It could be the Lakers and Celtics in the finals. Just like old times.

bug said...

Happy Birthday Will! Hope you have a good day and get that vent out. We are all thinking of you on your special day. Don't let your mom eat that cake in front of you.

Cali says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uncle Will, hope you get better soon so I can come see you. So have a good Birthday!"

linda said...

Happy Birthday Will,,,,we are looking forward to getting to know you and getting to know your mom and dad better,,,my daughter inlaw, lori's, birthday is today too,,,,,we are praying for you,,,,,,,love,,linda and steve

Elisa Hope said...

Happy Birthday Will!! I hope all goes well today! You are so awesome and always in my thoughts and prayers! I look forward to seeing you soon!


Karen Atwood said...

Happy Birthday, Will. I know there are things you'd rather do than spend your day in the hospital, but just think of the late birthday party we all plan to have for you when you get home! It's hard to believe that your little second cousin was born almost 34 years after you were born. I remember those early days where you and Christi were toddling around and then when Billie came along to run after you. You amazed me then and you amaze me still. Terri and Tom, I know life has been tough on you as you watch Will struggle, but God knew what He was doing when He blessed your home with Will. He knew that He had given Will to parents who would never give up. Will got that from you. Angel, I know it's been tough on you not being able to be there with Will all the time, but I'm glad you'll be able to see him again this weekend. You are another blessing to your mom and dad. I love all of you and I thought I knew how to pray, but I have learned a lot about praying since you received your new lungs, Will. My prayers are with all of you on this fabulous day. Happy birthday!

Denise and Lonnie Waltrip said...

Well I wrote you a wordy little note and "it" (the blog) said it didn't recognize my password so I seem to have lost that one. If we end up with two comments on here, please disregard this one.
Just want you to know all of us here in Elko are thinking about you and sending lots of prayers and good thoughts to you. Sure hope you have a good birthday and what better way than to get that vent out!
Take care!
Denise and Lonnie

Denise and Lonnie Waltrip said...

We are all thinking of you on your day. Everyone here in Elko is/are (I've forgotten my grammer - yikes!) thinking of you and sending lots of prayers and good thoughts to you and your wonderful family. Have a wonderful birthday - and what better way than to get off that vent.
Take care!
Denise and Lonnie

Haneys said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Willie Ben, Happy Birthday to you! (Hope I can sing vicariously through your mom and dad:). We want you to know that we love you and we consider this day a blessed holiday!! It marks the day God sent us an amazing gift. Will, you are on the minds and in the hearts of SO many people and I hope that today, when reading cards and emails, you are able to take all of the messages and be selfish with them. You deserve it!! Use the words of the people who love you for whatever you need to feel today. My mom always had a saying taped to her bathroom mirror when I was a kid: "Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life" You are the reason this phrase was coined! May this day mark the beginning of a new blessed chapter of your life and may God's smile beaming down on you be felt in every way, now and always! Hap, Hap, Happy Birthday, Cuz:)

Dave & Jane said...

Happy Birthday Will! Hope you can have that vent taken out for your Birthday present. Love Ya

Christine said...

Hey!! Heard it was your birthday so I jumped on here! And I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY love those pictures!!!! :) They are so adorable!! :) Have a good birthday! I'm thinking and praying for you! Lots of love

Lthsldy said...

Happy Birthday, Will. May all your wishes come true. Hugs.

LindsayChoules said...

Happy BIRTHDAY WILL!!!! Whoo HOOOOO 34 years!! Wow....You know that means tomorrow Coach Clark or Uncle Randy to me is a lot closer to the BIG 6-0!!!! Ha Ha!! Thanks for putting the pictures up Terri they are awesome! Hope you all have a better day than yesterday!! Love you!!!

Mindy Lou said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE!!!! What a man, what a man, what a mighty mighty man... :D

Hope your next year is an amazing one!! We love you!

Love Mark, Mindy, & Bre

Somer Love said...

They say its your Bday...... na na na na na na!!!!

Happy Birthday Will!! I am praying that vent cmes out today! Loved those baby pics. You gotta love memory lane :)

I hope all your bday wishes come true! 34 will be the best year yet!


Katie Lardy said...

Happy Birthday, Will!!
If I could throw a party for you, your room would be decorated with red vines and there would pepsi fountains flowing freely.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. And even if you don't get to enjoy the party flavors today, it's no problem. I believe it will only be a matter of time. They keep fresh. :)

I wish you a wonderful 34th birthday!
Love you to and your family.

Hugs and prayers,
Katie and Paul

steph said...

Will, the fifth graders in Bliss wish you a very happy birthday. We hope you start feeling better soon. We hope you get lots of presents and get to have some fun soon.

It is your birthday shout, “Hooray!"
We want to sing to you today!
One year older and wiser too.
Happy Birthday, to you!
(Can you tell that we are singing to you? )

Take care and God bless you all!

Sincerely, the Fifth Grade Gang!

Jen Holtzen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL! Boy, 34 seems so old. Glad I'm much younger than you! Hope that you get your b-day wish and the vent is removed for good this time! I'm praying that you will feel well enough to have one heck of a party this weekend with Angel and Aaron. And as Traj and Ryk would say "Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one to!"
Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk, and Dax

Cathy said...

Happy 34th Birthday Will!!! This will be the best year ever! Great pictures Terri. I can still remember what a sweet little guy Will was...not that he isn't still sweet, because he is. Praying that your days get easier and pain free! Hugs and kisses to all of you! Love ya!

jo said...

I am sure that everyone wishes they could sing it to you but...maybe next year!! I hope you have good GASES and are able to get off the vent today..That would be a great present!! The Hawkins family think of you everyday and Teri, we can hardly wait to see you, Tom and Angel so you can pick on me..LOL With love, Jo

mickey.martinez said...

Happy Birthday Will!!!
34 is so young now (to me and your mom)Especially your dad!lol. I do hope the vent will come out today, but if it doesn't, please try to be patient. (I know it was silly when it came out.) The pictures do bring back memories!!! I have quite a few of them when you were little. When you were turning 2, I asked you what you were going to do for your birthday. and you said " I'm goin to raise hell"! I know your DAD taught you that, but it was soooo cute. So were you!!!

Aunt Mickey, Eileen and Jeffrey

K Ruby said...

Hi Teri - Hope you remember me. I've been reading along for several days and just had to say what an inspiration you are as a mom! Will, I've never met you, but I know your mom and you must be one incredible guy to have such a great mom! Good Luck with everything. Take it one day at a time and sometimes you may even have to take it one minute at a time - but you WILL get there.
My prayers are with all of you. Kristine Ruby - via Bliss High School but now teaching at Shoshone High School

whitehouse said...

Happy Birthday Will. Remember all great basketball players, (Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, Will Harbison, and Hayley White) were born on this day. Have a great day. We miss you! We will celebrate our day when you get home.


Aaron & Angel said...

Happy Birthday!!! We made it another year! I am so excited because this transplant is giving us many many more years. Have faith. We love you and can't wait to come up there this weekend. Have faith in your new lungs, they have already proved to be fighters. They are in the right body. We love you lots!!!
Aaron, Angel, Candace, Bella, Mama, Max, Duke, Honey, and all of the fishes. We are living in a flippin zoo!

P.S. Candace was so excited that it was her new uncles birthday. She can't wait to meet you! She will have you wrapped around her finger like everyone else in no time!

Mecale said...


We hope this day is filled with many great memories for you.

Love The Dunn's

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Will! If I would have known that we were sharing pictures I would have pulled some out that we could all get a good laugh at. Will in high school. Will coaching Katie, Jelinda, Jessica, and I at the 3 on 3 tournaments. Will and his dog. I could go on and on. I can't wait to see all of you again. I miss having the Harbisons in Hagerman. I hope you guys have a great day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Again, Happy Birthday! Love ya!
Joe and Carrie Chizum

emi_star13 said...

(Sung in the fashion of those crazy birthday songs at TGI Fridays...Where of course they embarass you in front of the whole place!!)

Happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday!
Happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday to you!
Today is your birthday, it's your birthday all day long
Today is your birthday, so you get to hear this song.
OOOOHHHHH, happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday
Tooooooo yououououou!!!

Sorry I can't sing this to you in person. But being a fellow Aries I'm sure you can imagine it in your mind :) Of course I would be dancing as well ;)
Emily - 2E peep

emi_star13 said...

(Sung in the fashion of those crazy birthday songs at TGI Fridays...Where of course they embarass you in front of the whole place!!)

Happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday!
Happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday to you!
Today is your birthday, it's your birthday all day long
Today is your birthday, so you get to hear this song.
OOOOHHHHH, happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday
Tooooooo yououououou!!!

Sorry I can't sing this to you in person. But being a fellow Aries I'm sure you can imagine it in your mind :) Of course I would be dancing as well ;)
Emily - 2E peep

coach connor said...

HAPPY 34TH BDAY WILL - Hope you can celebrate with family soon. Thinking of you often. Let's get that vent out! Go Celtics.

Andy said...

Happy B-Day.

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but those short-shorts. Holy crap! I bet those would make John Stockton blush.

Take Care,


Judy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL, Hope today is great day for you. It will be super when we can all party together, eat cake, drink pepsi and look over all the old pictures we that we all have. All of us are hoping that is real soon. Sure LOVE ALL THE HARBISON'S LOTS and look forward to that party. Love, Layne and Judy

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Happy birthday Will my buddy!! I was going to bring your card up today but I was a lil short of breath so I though friday would be better.. Plus I read that you would prolly be more up for your birthday wishes in a few days.. So I will save mine for friday.. Get feeling better.. Love you all

Grandpa and Grammy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Will!

The picture of you when you were only four days old confirms what we have always believed...you were the most beautiful baby in the world! And now you are 34 and what an amazing young man you are. You have brought so much love and joy into our lives. Thirty-four years ago we were anticipating the birth of another grandchild and this year we are anticipating the removal of the vent and your road to complete recovery. All our love and prayers are with you on this day and every day of the year.

Peace, love and faith,
Grandpa and Grandma

srmedley said...

***Happy Birthday Will!!***

You are such an amazing man. I feel so privileged to have been able to get to know you your family and care for you on good old 2 East.
The Harbison's are a wonderful group of people and I look up to each and everyone of you.
I love you and think of you daily. You and your family are always in my prayers.
You are such a strong man and I know you can handle anything thrown your way. You are proving it day after day.
Stay tough and stay true. These new lungs will know their new position soon.
Keep that handsome smile on your face, even though I know it has to be hard.

xo Shelly

marywarr said...

Happy Birthday Will......... I look at the picture of you playing basketball and realized that Tommy had a beard at that age. Talk to you soon.

The Warrs

JKDK said...

Happy Birthday Will! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you continue making progress. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Jason and Marti Dettman-Kruse

Cyndi said...

On your birthday Willie, We wish you much pleasure and joy;
We hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!
God Bless :)
Cyndi and Family

BreathinSteven said...

Happy Birthday, Will!!!

I'm glad you're alive... I'm glad I stumbled across you... You've got an amazing family and amazing friends -- and you're on an amazing journey...

You're on a tough little part of this journey -- I can't wait to hear how you celebrate your 35th birthday!!!

You take care, buckaroo -- you've got life to live and teams to coach and so much ahead of you. And, it will wait for you until you're ready...



Stacy Hensley said...


Hope you have a wonderful day with much healing and much less pain. Keep fighting and you will enjoy your long life ahead of you. Just think, if you can go through this, you can do anything! You are a true inspiration. Hang in there and "it will all be worth it!"
Much love,
The Hensley and Mushlitz Family!

Juli said...

Happy Birthday Will!!! Thinking of all of you on this day...Hope tomorrow is a peaceful day for all of you...sending prayers and birthday wishes!!! Juli and family

Bina said...

Hey Willie! Happy Happy Birthday you old man:) I hope all your birthday wishes come true. Keep getting better! You are in all my prayers and I'm sending you all my positive thoughts and energy. Love you all so much! Take care. Love, Bina

osbornefamilyof4 said...

You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you have a great day and get that vent out really soon. Keep up the awesome work, you are a true inspiration to everybody. We miss and love you guys. Many birthday blessings.
In His Hands,
The Osbornes

Shauna said...

Hey Will, Happy Birthday! We are always thinking of you.

Shauna and Darren

Mason & Suzy said...

If I could sing to you I would. Actually that's a lie. You're in enough pain it sounds like. Wishing you the best on such a monumental day. I can't believe how many posts you've had today. You have so much support and the prayers I know are endless. Keep pushing and keep the faith. I love what Angel said "your lungs are in the right body". I believe that! Happy Birthday...
Oodles of balloons and cake to come...

Christi said...

I have a couple things to say...Get ready. First of all - you have always been so happy to remind me that you are older than me (nevermind that it is only by a month) but as we get older I am starting to like that. It used to make you cooler than me, but now it just makes you OLDER than me and older isnt quite as cool after 30. So there. Now I get to gloat when I say - haha, I am younger than you. :-) Second of all, that picture of you playing basketball along with your mom's hilarious comment about the big guy not being you cracked me up! Third (more a question than a comment)...You really left Angel in charge of the farm? Fourth (and perhaps most important) Grandma says "you were the most beautiful baby in the world" to all of us so dont let it go to your head. I love you Will. Your favorite cousin in the world (if you are thinking "Shannon" we are SO finished)- Chris