Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday morning 4/21/08 4:50 am

It has been a somewhat quiet time in the good old ICU, at least in Will's room. Well, I should say it's quiet until Will's cousin, Danny, comes in. Then all that quiet changes. He is the cousin that lives near here and he comes to visit a lot. So while he was here this afternoon, we decided to sit Will up on the edge of the bed and let him visit. So Angel and Aaron helped with the front of Will and Danny and Antonio, one of Will's favorite nurses, helped with the back. (That just left me in the room-but you know someone had to be the coordinator) Anyway the whole episode was very funny and it was just so good to hear laughter coming from this room. Will stayed up for 22 minutes. Every time it gets longer. The drs. are still trying to wean Will off the vent real soon. His numbers are coming down so I hope it will be soon.
Angel and Aaron are back in Hagerman now and we miss them already. They did have some quality time with Will. Hopefully when they come back up here in a couple of weeks, Will will be so much better and able to talk to them.

I came across this quote, don't know who wrote it but it really fits Will, don't you think?
Tough times don't last.... Tough people do. I think I will put it on a t-shirt and he can wear it when he gets out of the hospital. That's going to be our new motto, besides Will's quote as "It's all going to be worth it."

I have some more pictures to put on the blog from yesteryear. Some of them are funny. But I need to upload them at home because the university guest Internet is way too slow, it just won't upload pictures. If any of you have any pictures of Will from a while ago, send them to my email I will ask Will if we can put them on the blog.
This is the beginning of a whole new week with great possibilities and expectations. God has it all under control, but when I was talking to Him last night, I asked Him maybe this could be the week that things turn around for Will. I know it's His perfect timing, but it doesn't hurt to ask. God listens to all prayers.
I hope all of you have a great week also. Lots of prayers coming your way.
God bless you all.


Denise and Lonnie Waltrip said...

Hi Harbison family - so glad it was a good weekend for Will. Everyone here in Elko is still checking in at least once or twice a day to see how our favorite patient is doing. I was thinking (which is pretty hard for me to do sometimes - :-) ) that maybe the reason it is taking awhile for Will to get back on his feet is because he is just meant to touch so many lives and through this blog he has you know! My gosh,almost 30,000 hits on this blog shows just how much Will has touched so many lives. Anyway, just wanted you ALL to know how much we are thinking of you. I love your new motto, as well as the old one, Will. We are all praying that this will be a really good week for you.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hello Harbison Family,
Been checking your blog daily, but trying to catch up on house work, lesson plans, etc. so didn't get time to blog. Sounds like all is well. Glad Angel and Aaron were able to make it. Wish we could have seen and heard your laughter, I could just imagine!!!
We are on the count down till the end of school (7 weeks or 33 days). I can't believe it!
Mason is finally on the upswing too. Has not had a breathing treatment in 5 days and off antibiotic today! YEAH!
Thursday is "Bring your Child to Work Day" so Jesalyn will have fun with that, me too!
Bobby and Chandra are headed this way Saturday so hopefully we will be able to get together. They are only staying an hour from here. Really excited about that! Then our friend Matt called and he is coming from ID in June so that will be great too.
Will I'm still holding your ticket! Got a great room with ocean view held for you! In fact, I could probably get a three bedroom if you wanted to bring the family. How does that sound Terri?
Guess I should do lesson plans... Love and miss you tons!
Keep up the great work Will! I'll pray too Terri!

Bridget said...

Terri, Will and family,

Each time I catch up on your blog entries, I marvel at your faith and strength. Last night, the message at church was Listen, Look, Love and Never Fear, God is with you. During the entire lesson, the only thing I could think of was your family and your faith in God. You are my inspiration to go after my dreams. My prayers are with you each and every day.

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Yes, it is great to hear that you are getting stronger and that you are able to sit up longer each time.. Terri I so love the quote you came across . It really does fit Will.. That would be the perfect shirt to wear leaving that place.. Tell Tom thanks again for my coffee at Bucks.. I enjoyed every sip of it;)
Much love and prayers sent your way
Love T