Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday 3/15/08 Tax Day 6:00

So I am back with the internet. That makes it so much easier. I hope everyone has their taxes done and it's over with for another year. Now we can all sit back and wonder where all the money went?????

The stomach tube is working just fine. It's not just a normal tube, but it goes down into the second part of the small intestine. If Ryan (my nephew who is a nurse) was here, I'm sure he's got a name for it. Anyway this will guarantee no aspirating into the lungs. That's why the procedure was a little more painful because they had to take a wire and thread it down there and then take a tube down. That was done with just a little pain med. They put him back on the tube feeds within a few hours because he is very malnourished. He needs nutrients now.

Speaking of pain meds, Will is going to be taken off all pain meds today because his blood pressure is still unstable. They don't want to take any more chances. Then they want to take out the vent tube. This will be a very important day and I know he can use extra prayers because the pain is going to be a little intense. He can do it, but he's not going to like any of us. But hopefully, tomorrow, on his birthday, he will be vent free. I don't know then if they can get him back on some pain meds, because he will have to start moving as soon as possible. There is no other way to get the swelling down off his tissues. They are still watching his liver numbers but they haven't gotten any higher in the last few hours.

Like I said before, Dr. Cauhill is back and she is on a roll. Her main objective is getting Will moving and breathing with those new lungs. I will tell you now that Will is a little skeptical about the new lungs being able to breathe right, and who can blame him. He just needs to build confidence up and really be able to trust the lungs. Seriously, even with all the "hits" they have had, the lungs are strong--just like Will. God gave him a good match.
So today, please pray for the pain to be lessened and for Will to be strong. I will try to let you know later how it's going. Maybe say a prayer for Tom and I also. It's so hard to see your child. now matter what age, be in pain. We can do it because it's all going to be worth it.

Love to all and God bless

p.s. Juli-Thanks for the book, I love it, and all the comments. You know what to say because you've been there already, just what we need to hear.

One more day until his birthday. We are going to bring a big cake in here for the staff.


Mason & Suzy said...

We will definitely be praying for Will today. I can only imagine that it will be so needed. Will's strength and determination is above and beyond any I've seen or known. Thinking about you.....

linda said...

As i think of how hard it must be for you and Tom to watch Will be in so much pain,,,i think of how God must have felt when he watched His Son, Jesus Christ, as he died on the cross,,,,,,,,,yet He endured it so we all could live,,,,,,that is how i think of Will,,,,he must endure this in order to get his lungs back to good working order and his body to heal,,,,,,,,,,,,Bless him for what he must go thru at this time,,,and Bless you and Tom for what you are having to witness with you beloved son,,,,,,,,,,,,will be praying for all of you,,,,,,,,,,love linda and steve

Juli said...

Terri, Tom, Will, and Family... I know just what you are saying, as a parent,(or sister, right Angel!?!) you'd rather take any pain on yourself....life's most valuable lessons are usually the most painful...usually the most remembered...."No pain, No gain"...how many times have we all heard that one...? ( on the ball court/field...right coach??) We all also know how hard Will has fought and struggled for this moment, and these new lungs...I, like everyone, am in awe of Will's determination, and attitude...He's got what it takes to be successful in anything He puts his mind and heart into!! No doubt, his "34" (YAHOO!!) years are an example of just that!! Continued prayers are being sent your way...and hopes that any pain will soon dissipate into pure joy. As those new lungs fill with fresh air, I hope this year, number 34, is one of the most magical of all. Filled with God's love and all his wonder!! Hang in there Will! One moment at a time, one step at a time... sometimes we trudge, sometimes we run, we skip, and leap and dance through life...it will come to you Will!! I believe in you, and in God's gentle hand, guiding the way... With love, and peace...Juli and Family

Dixie said...

I can't believe Will is turning 34 tomorrow. What a big day. I'm glad they put the g-tube in (that's what the feeding tube in his stomache is called), they are great, leave it to a nurse to think so, right Teri. Now he can not worry about getting stuff in his lungs and work on getting them to breath right and start healing. I'm hate hearing he is in pain, but it will all be worth it when get gets home and is feeling so much better and breathing better.
Thinking of you all.
Dixie and James

Mel said...

We will pray that you will get the strength you all need to withstand todays journey. Your Dr Cauhill sounds like a awesome Doctor & maybe the conference will have given new information (from so many minds together )that some new knowledge might be beneficial to Will. Like Dr. House on tv the way they go about things may not seem right or fair but the outcome they always manage to find the right solution to get the person well. We will pray that the pain will not be too bad or too long and each day gets better & better.- Mary & Norm

Anonymous said...

Will, Terri, and Tom,
We are definitely saying extra prayers for you today! I am home with Mason, who has had a rough go the last week and a half. Allergy and breathing treatments (know you know about those Terri), double ear infection, then he got the hives (we think strawberries but not sure) and now he's got a stomach bug. His hives were terrible Terri, covered almost 90% of his body. It was awful and of course I was calling Aunt Karen non-stop. In the mist, she was becoming a grandma again!!! Very exciting... Danna had a boy!
Well, I have to say my mom said it all quite well. We are all with you in spirit and cheering you along Will. Terri and Tom give each other another squeeze from me! Love you lots,

Cyndi said...

May your birthday bring
you as much happiness
as you give to everyone
who knows you. . .

Happy Birthday
Cyndi & Family

Brenda n Lance said...

I love you all so much and wish I could do something. We are keeping up with some extra prayers for all of you today. Lance and I did pick up a few things from Paradise Island we thought you might enjoy. I mailed a package that will arrive on Will's Birthday "tomorrow" around 4:00pm. Keep up the strength, positive thoughts and determination. We love you very much and miss you! Brenda & Lance

Somer Love said...

Ok its finally here I stayed up so I could be the first one to sing to you...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to my super hero Will... Happy Birthday to you!!!!

YAY!!!!! 34 WOW! Amazing! This is going to be the best year ever!!

Lots of thoughts and prayers for you on this special day!! I am so proud f you and all your accomplishments Will. These lil bumps in the road will all be so worth it when you are running down that dirt road into Hagerman :)