Tuesday, April 29, 2008

update 4/29/08 Tuesday 5:42 pm

Can't believe what a few days make. We have Will sitting up on the edge of the bed last night. Thought it was such a fabulous progress report. Then this morning he wanted to stand for a while. He stood the first time for almost a minute. Then he wanted to try again. So he rested and he tried again. He stood for 5 1/2 minutes.
Then he took a short nap and he woke up and wanted to try to walk a few steps. He walked the six-seven steps to the door. Touched the door and came back. He was hurting pretty good by then but it made him feel sooooooo good.
We still don't know about the swallow test. They want to do a different kind of test where they make you drink this dye and then follow it down your throat to make sure it's all going where it should. This is probably because last time Will aspirated into his lungs. But that wasn't the stuff he was drinking. It was from the feeding tube. But still they would rather be safe than sorry. He told them it would be okay but he really wanted it to happen today. So they were going to try. I will give you an update when I write this morning. I am going to sleep now for a few hours.

FUTURE ATTRACTIONS; You all need to come back and make sure you view the picture that I am posting in the morning. You don't want to miss it.

Take care and God bless


BreathinSteven said...

Hey Will!!!

I'm so freakin' proud of you -- and happy for you!!! And happy for your Mom too...

Like your Mom does -- I can't help but believe that this is finally the road to where you want to go... And I'm so happy you're finally on it!

To so many, standing and taking a couple steps might not seem like much -- but I've learned enough about you, and I know myself, that it's truly a wonderful feat... And there will be so many more to follow...

I'm looking forward to hearing that you're drinking your Pepsi -- and trucking around the halls -- and getting the heck out of there!!! (But let's deal with it step by step...)

I'm proud of you... Godspeed...



Jessica said...

Steve said it best!
One step at a time Will! Your high expectations will make things move along I know.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Every step along the way!!!!!

Terri, can't wait to see what pictures you have for us!
Love you lots! Give Tom a squeeze from me.

Kabina said...

Hey Coach!

You know you never cease to amaze me! ;) This is great news!~ I love being able to check your progress and hear about the many miracles you are performing...it's been a long road but you just keep on trucking coach because you are doing awesome and it is going to get better I just know it! You are a wonderful person and an outstanding role model to those around you! I love you coach keep up the good work! ;)

Love Always and Forever!
BeAn ;)