Thursday, April 17, 2008

4/17/08 Thursday 5:15 am

I decided the pictures were a big, big hit. Will won't let me put the ones I have of him now so I will get even and put up these old ones. This first picture was when Will was in intensive care. Behind me was a isolet that he had to live in for a few months. We took this picture because we could hardly ever take him out of the isolet very often. He was six months old here and weighed six pounds, the same he did when he was born. The little poster we put up above his bed said "wanted-a brave cowboy" (Tom was still hoping for a rodeo rider :) This last picture was when Will's cousins came for Christmas and they always slept downstairs together on the floor. From left to right--Will, Billie, Missy, Joe-Joe, Angel and Christi. These were some of the best times. I don't think they slept too much on Christmas Eve. Family is everything to us. Going through something like this brings that forward more than anything else. And by family, I mean our family family, our church family, our family of friends, and our wonderful community where we are so lucky to live. If I find more pictures, I will share some.

What a great response to Will's birthday. I can't thank you enough for all your cards, blog comments, and emails. He was overwhelmed by all of them.
We even got a great "roll" of cards from all the kids at my school that was put together by Cyndi Wood. (You did a great job, Cyndi) The nurses and drs. all thought it was so cute. They read a few everytime they come into Will's room. Thanks friends. Can't wait to see you all.
We have some great memories.
Will's day was not what we were hoping. He didn't get off the vent. His blood gasses (co2) were still too high to take him off. Hopefully in the next day or so. As you can imagine, Will was very disappointed. He is just feeling so awful but we had a nurse that stood up for him and the drs. finally gave him a little dose of pain meds to see if that will help. It did, because he was able to sleep for a little and tonight he really was able to sleep some. This nurse (I never put the nurses' names in because I don't have their permission) is Will's guardian. After we got him to sleep, she met us at the door and told us not to let ANYONE in, even if it was the drs. She said if they have a problem with that-just to send them to her. She protects her patients with everything she has. I love her. But then there are not very many nurses after four weeks of being in here that I don't love.I thank God for all their care every night when I go to sleep. I hope you all don't think that we are upset at the drs. because of their decision to keep him off the pain meds. We do understand that it depresses his breathing and to get off the vent he can't have that. So they are right in what they are doing. I feel sorry for them because they don't like seeing him this way either. I think most of them have come to really care about Will, not just the patient.
Will did get his IV lines out of his legs today, so he will be able to move so much more. They might even try to sit him up a little bit in bed. It has been a long time since he has gotten off his back. It will feel good, I'm sure.
Will decided to wait to celebrate his birthday on the weekend when Angel and Aaron come up. So he will open his gifts that you sent him then. He just didn't feel like celebrating and I don't blame him. So I went home for my sleep time in the afternoon. When I started back up to the hospital, I called Tom to see how his afternoon went. Tom told me he was out in the hall talking because one of Will's favorite nurses brought him some lotion for his birthday and was giving him a massage. So, don't be feeling toooooo sorry for him. It was perfect and what a sweet gesture.
He's sleeping right now and I stop and stare at him when I am thinking of what to write. How lucky we all are to be able to celebrate this birthday with Will, even though he probably doesn't feel like that right now. I thank God for that and showing us His mercy and love for that special gift.
I want to say a special Happy Birthday to Hayley Rose White. She and Will share a birthday and have spent it together the last few years because they are our next door neighbors. She's in sixth grade now. Hayley, I hope your birthday was great and we will be together next year, okay?? Will wrote that out on his tablet to tell you. He remembered. And we love you.
Also Will's special friend Randy has a birthday today, the 17th. I think it's his 60th. (I could be wrong) So don't forget to do something special for him today also. Take him a rocking chair or a cane or somethng funny that 60 year-olds use. (Maybe depends) :) Usually Will and Coach spend the day together but that will have to wait. I know Coach wanted to come up to see him but Will just isn't up to company yet. It will happen soon though. Coach, Happy birthday from Will and us too. (Donna will probably have to read this to him, his eyesight is going , you know)
Well, friends and family, this seems to be a long blog. Hope you haven't fallen asleep reading it. Thank you all again for making Will feel special on his birthday. He feels very blessed to have you all in his life.
God bless


Coach said...

Will, I hope you had a good night that included some good sleep. It won't be long and the vent will be out and you will be up and around. I remember when a doctor said you couldn't play a basketball for a couple of weeks, but since it was the state tournament you found a way to play. The same thing will happen with your new lungs. You will find a way to get them going just like you always do.
About your Mother !!! I think she is taking some of that amnesia medicine. I am not even 50 yet as you know. She is losing it, but of course you and I have known that for sometime now.(I think that is why she and Donna are such good friends)
Will, relax and trust your new lungs. We have to have a party very soon.
I hope you have a great day.

Aaron & Angel said...

Those pictures are so funny. Will should wear his cowboy outfit to a game. Happy Birthday Coach!! I am sure Will would put Mom in her place for saying that stuff if he could talk. Will- Have a good day and I can't wait to come there TOMORROW!!! YA!!!

Katie Lardy said...

All of these pictures are ridiculously adorable!!! Thank you so much for posting them, Terri! They completely made my day.
I hope that all of you are having a great day.

Marcus and family said...

Terri your right the pictures are a wonderful addition to the blog. Happy birthday Will. I know we are a day late. I wanted Marcus to be here to add his wishes but he is non stop working. It is a little awful. There is not a night that he does not sit and read the up dates before he comes to bed. Last night he said Will has 49 comments for his birthday we want him to know we wish him a great birthday. I have not thought much for birthdays and have had an unhealthy attitude. I feel now that it is not old age or aging that we celebrate but LIFE and all of the blessings of life. To know all the people that you have touched and to have an insight to what you mean to all of us, as family, friend, son and brother. It is truly awesome.

Anonymous said...

Terri the pictures were AWESOME! Oh my does Angel look like you! And Will was so tiny... Very cool pics!
I love the one of Tom and Will. He made a pretty cute cowboy! I'm sure we can get him some cowboy attire for a game Angel. I'll pitch in on that one, but I'll have to make sure I can make the game too. lol
Happy Birthday Coach! It's okay to admit your age, 60's not a bad thing, you still have 40+ to go! My father-in-law turned 80 in October and just sold his plumbing business here Florida. He's pretty amazing!
Hopefully you have my sister a hug for her birthday!
Love to all of you in UT and ID! Sending sunshine your way, hopefully to clear out that snow and cold weather for good.
Will I'm really proud of you! Keep up the great work, I keep telling everyone I'm not coming home this year but if you need a visitor I'll make an exception!

Bina said...

Hi Will, hi mom! I just wanted to write in real quick to say that christi should go back to that sweet hair-do she's rocking in the picture! Pass the word on to her when you get a chance. And oh my goodness Will you were the cutest little cowboy ever! That picture is priceless!! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Mom you are doing an awesome job with the blogs and keeping us updated. Thanks so much. Will I hope you get off the vent again soon so you can spoil yourself with pepsi and birthday cake! Love you people more than you know! ~Bina