Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday 3/4/08 4:48 am

Morning to everyone.

Will had a good day. He set his goal to sit up in the chair yesterday. The therapists had thought they would save that for another day. Nope, not Will. He wanted to reach his goal today. So he sat up in the chair for an hour. He was wiped out afterwards but it was so good to see him in the chair. He is getting stronger and it won't be long before he is off the vent. A dr. came in around midnight and said he could take out his last chest tube. Will is really excited when the holes heal up then he will be able to get off his back and lay on his side. It's the little things that makes life wonderful, right?

Angel and Aaron will be here tonight after work. That will be so good to see them. Aaron is going to shave Will again. This is the longest his hair has been. I was thinking I should braid it when he's asleep and then take a picture of it. No, I won't do that, but I know a few of his cousins would do it in an instant. It hope everyone is looking forward to their weekend as we are. This crazy weather, a few days ago we woke up to snow and today was a beautiful spring day.

Will is looking so much better. I love to be able to have something so positive to say. I have tried to let everyone know what's happening. It feels so good to be able to just say good things. He does feel so much more positive also.
I say prayers every night for all of you that say prayers for Will. God hears every one. He has really been working on Will. God has such good plans for Will. Thank you for your love.
Hopefully the drs. will let us know the time line that they are looking at for the next few days.
God bless


Brenda said...

Great, great news. You have been so good to keep us all up to date. Thanks for sharing Kabina's e-mail. I'm sure everyone Will has coached feels the same way. While Angel is there, you need to go do something for you and Tom. Get away and enjoy the sunshine a little. We are all continuing our prayers and the little grandkids remember too.

Haneys said...

Hurray! I'm so excited for you and the weekend ahead! Please tell Angel "hi" for me and give her a great BIG hug. I hope the new relationships with Will's care providers is going well and can't wait to hear about the new progress they will bring to the table.

Mel said...

Many Kuddos for Will. Awesome. Just taking it as it comes will build a strong foundation on which to build. So glad to hear your strength is growing and growing each day. Do not get discouraged. You are a champion. You'll be celebrating your victorys with a large pepsi soon. Put a smile on your handsome face and revel in this great day. Prayers & luv & a fun weekend to all your family. - Culleys

Dixie said...

I'm so glad that Will is feeling better. It is good to hear. Go ahead Teri, braid Will's hair. Just tell him it was from the Peds nurses. I would do it if I was there for you. Call it pay back for all the tricks he's played on us.
Tell Angel hi.

Mindy Lou said...

Congrats Will on achieving your goals! Maybe it will help the rest of us realize that we can get back to our New Year Resolutions and meet our goals too! (You all know who you are....)

I'm glad that Angel & Aaron are going to make it down there. You have to take a picture of Will before Aaron shaves him though...blackmail for later!

Tom & Terri, listen to Brenda for once and go out, even if it is to the hospital cafeteria.

We love you sooo much and our prayers are with your entire family.

Love Mark, Mindy, & Bre

Somer Love said...

Yay!!! Congrats Will On achieving your goals!!!! That is the best news of the day!!!

I am glad that Angel and Aaron are able to make it down. Please tell them hi for me!

It is a beautiful day out today, I can't wait to see what new goals and achievements today brings you Will. I am praying that vent gets to come out soon and that you can soon lay on your side!!


Anonymous said...

A big SUNSHINE WHOOSH coming your way Will! That's one of the things we do in the classroom when a student does a great job. I think you deserve one!!! I'm sure your nursing staff and docs are proud.
Love you all and have an outstanding weekend with the whole family together!
(Terri and Tom go out!) Though I would do it after Aaron shaves Will, because you know Angel is going to be in on this whole blackmail thing with the cousins and close friends. I would if I were her!!! Love you Angel!

Brenda n Lance said...

We are in the Bahamas on our honeymoon thinking of Will. Hey guys, let us know if we can bring you anything back from the islands. We miss you all. See you on Sunday. So glad to hear that you are getting stronger. Love Brenda and Lance

Dave & Jane said...

Glad to hear you're doing better Will. Take it one day at a time and before you know it you'll be up and out of there. Kaits and Ryan say Hi.