Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wednesday 4/30/08 3:50 am

Will's new look!!!

Okay this is the new Will. The bald head and the tubeless look. I will tell you how this happened.
Because of some of the anti-rejection medicine, Will's hair grows faster than normal. In the nine weeks he's been in the hospital his hair was longer than mine. He's had a bad, bad case of bed head. It's hard to find a barber to come to the hospital so one of the nurses offered to give Will a short haircut. We thought he would leave a few inches on his head. Nope, he shaved it bald. That was three days ago and look how much it has grown already. The big guy, Steve, in the picture is one of our older friends (respiratory therapist) from 2nd east (the cf wing). He also just had a bald cut to raise money for children's cancer and so I wanted to take a picture of the two bald friends. I am beginning to like the new look. Will still needs a shave but he's waiting again for his brother-in-law, Aaron to do that this weekend. What does everyone think of the new and improved look???
He's doing great and he didn't get the swallow test until this morning, they will take him down to xray and do that special test. The drs. just don't want to take any chances. So thanks for that. The Pepsi can wait for a few more hours. Everything is looking good and just gets better and better.

My mom went home today. It was sad she went home, not just because she was cooking for us, but because she's my mom and I love her. She's a good person and I'm glad she got to be here for when Will got off the vent. It made her day, maybe even her month. Thanks Mom

I hope everyone likes the picture of Will. I will have more later this week. Sarah, our friend that had the transplant before Will, is coming for a visit on Friday and I want to show everyone how well she's looking so I will get a picture of them. I also think his friend, Coach, (aka Randy) is also coming up tomorrow. He's stayed away a lot longer than I thought. He's only going to be here for a day but that's great.

Life is good, God is awesome
God bless


Haneys said...

Thanks for the picture! He's handsome any way you slice it:) Love and miss you all and we're so glad to be reading the wonderful news of late...keep it up! We're cheering for team Harbison:)

Cyndi said...

Tomorrow is another day :) Great things are heading your way. . . We are so excited to see and hear of your progress!
With Love and Prayers,
Cyndi & Family

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

looks so fabulous.. i think Will should keep this look.. I cant wait to see how handsome he is after Aaron gives him his weekend shave.. Very excited to see a pic of you buddy!!

Christine said...

I love love love that picture!!!! So awesome! :) He looks so handsome!! Keep up the good work Will! :) Lots of love!