Thursday, April 10, 2008

4/10/08 Thursday 5:41 am

Well, we are back to where we started. Hopefully not for too long. Will's night was very long and he was getting very tired. So instead of going to the intermediate ICU we needed to come back to the ICU that we just left. In fact, we got our old room back. I asked how come they didn't change the wall paper or something. They had a couple of days.

There are a lot of reasons Will was getting worse so I won't go into them all. It just seems there are still so much fluid on board still and it looks like he has an infection starting.
He did have to go back on the vent to let the machine breathe for him for a while. His legs, which had gotten back to his skinny ol' self have swollen back up and his arms and face have gotten worse also.. I know everyone is asking why is there fluid still all over, well, they don't know. How about that?? His co2 was very high and it made him hallucinate, and he got very combative. I know, that just isn't Will, but he was sure the drs. were killing him. He wasn't very nice to them. Good thing they understood where that was coming from. Randy, you will enjoy this because Will told me to shut up and get out of his room. Sad thing was I wasn't saying anything at the time.

So today-well I guess it would have been yesterday, they put the tube back down his throat. Then they needed another central line, which is like a surgical procedure. They put it in the neck. After they put it in then they take a xray to see if it's positioned right. Well this wasn't, so they had to do another one. This time they put it high in his groin (Oh, Oh I used that word-groin-that Will doesn't like). That one worked. They needed a line where they could have more IV sites.
The drs. have since started all the antibiotics that he was on earlier. They think he might have an infection. His blood pressure has taken another drop so they started him on meds. to get that up. His sugars have been around 30 (hypoglycemic) so they probably will have to start a glucose drip. Tom would like that.
After they got the line in they wanted to do another bronch (a camera that looks down the lungs). This time they wanted to get some samples of the fluid and other things they find down there. They have been a little hesitant about that because of all the heparin he has been taken. The samples they took will take a little bit of time to get the results back.
Then they did an echo cardiogram to check to see if he has fluid around his heart. We should get the result from that this morning.
His kidneys are a little bit troubling but they already started the meds that helped last time so we should see positive results on that too.
They will have to start some more blood transfusions this morning also. So I will have to give more blood back to the bank some day.
His blood gas numbers are already looking so much better this morning than they did last night.
They have already lowered some of his numbers on the vent and he is doing just fine.
It's been a long day for everyone. They worked on him for about five hours, and out of those five hours, we spent three hours in the hall waiting. I'm sure there are things that I have forgotten about and if I remember I will put in our next blog.
Angel is up here for a math conference so she was here for the most of it then, she had to take off this evening for a meeting. She goes to the meetings from 8-4:30 then she will be up here.
Good news-he's back on the sedation and the amnesia medicine. He won't remember any of this.

I know after reading all of this, many of you are nervous. I will tell you that he is in good hands. Everything that has happened can be fixed.
This is where God makes sure that we can give it ALL over to Him. I love the poem "Footprints", I'm sure that all of you know it, but the end says when you only see one set of footprints, it's when God was carrying you. Well this is where God carries Will. He's with us all the way. Why he has to go through all this again, I don't know. I guess we aren't supposed to know. That's when the FAITH part comes in. Will is going to be just fine. As Will is always reminding us, "It will all be worth it." Please keep the faith and just continue with all your prayers.
This seems such a long blog. So sorry everyone. I will try to update you later this afternoon when we have some results back.
God bless


Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

We are praying for God's protective hand to continue making Will well. God knows all. Stay strong with God's help. We love you

Coach said...

Please give Will an extra Pepsi on me when he gets the vent out. Do you know how many times he and I have wanted to tell you that over the years !!! Especially in our coaches office, but we didn't because we are nice guys.
Will is going to get through this. With the parents and sister he has he will make it through this bump in the road. If Will can just get home he will not have to go back because I think Tom is almost a doctor now and he can handle things at home.

Anonymous said...

We love you guys and as always, lifting you up in our prayers daily and as we read the blog. Sometimes we don't understand the purposes of the things God does in our lives. But He asks us to trust Him and that is what we will continue to do.
2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.
But of course as we are all witnessing through you...."being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6

In His Hands,
Megan and Curt

Sumer said...

Hi Teri,
It is Sumer. I was going to bring Will some hot wings and find out how the new room was treating you so I got to read his blog. I am so sorry to hear about some of the set backs, but we will just take them one day at a time and get him feeling better again. Besides, I am sure that you didn't really like sleeping on the fold out couch as much as the reclining chair that we have in the MICU. We will have him back in that room by the time the weather is good enough to look out the window at! I am praying for him and I will see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about all of you ALL day! And of course praying too. Terri you are awesome and I thank you for being open and honest with us all. I'm sure it's difficult to type some of it because I know you want to be sharing great news. It seems that you are all in great hands there and God is at work! Please give Will a little squeeze from me. Wish I could be there to do it myself. Glad Angel is able to be with you this week. Give her a squeeze too.
We will continue to pray and ask for God's precious healing power.