Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Sunday to Everyone!!!

Above is our little girl who has decided to melt our hearts more than she already does because now she can smile. This isn't one of the best, but if I put one of her big smiles on here, everyone will be wanting to go play with her. I have a hard enough time trying to get her to myself as it is.

Below is a picture of her trying to understand why Uncle Will has her doing exercises already.

These are the exercises that she has to do. Uncle Will is such a slave driver.

But she would do anything for Uncle Will.

Below is a picture of Carson and Candace with their bird house that they made. Angel took them down to the Museum in town and they invited the kids in town to make bird houses. They look like they like each other, don't they?

On Sunday, Will was going to spend the day watching all the games even though Dallas doesn't play until Monday night this week. I decided to go with Angel, Carson, Candace and Kayli to watch Aaron race his bike. It was somewhere in the desert by Boise, out in the middle of nowhere. I was very nervous at first but Aaron is a good rider----in fact, he won a first place trophy for his class. Yea!!!!!!!
Here is the trophy and a proud Dad holding his two girls

Here is the number one winner with his number one family.
I'm glad that this was the weekend that Candace was down so she could watch her daddy.

Here he is on the course.

It proved to be a very fun day. I was really praying that I didn't watch any wrecks and God answered. No one was hurt, YEA!!!

So now about Will, we still haven't heard anything from anyone. I am going to start calling docs tomorrow morning and see if I can get anywhere. I will let everyone know when I know something. Will hasn't been doing much lately, just hanging around and going to dialysis. Angel is back to work part time last week and Will and Grandpa got to watch Kayli last week. Will really loved that and I think Grandpa did too. They both did really well. They will be watching her a lot but not on dialysis time. That would be too hard on Kayli. She doesn't like to see Uncle Will poked.
Have a great week, the weather is going to be cooling off some.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday night in Salt Lake City

Well, I don't know what happened. We got down here yesterday evening. Dr. Cahill wanted to see Will before the biopsy so we snuck into a clinic and Tauni and Dr. Cahill came and saw him. She cleared the way to do the procedure but she did say "All this will go away if we just get the blankety-blank kidney." and I agree.

So to make a long story even longer, Will came into the hospital at 9:00 this morning. They took him into same day surgery. He was all preped (or is it spelled prepped???) and Dr. Hutsen, a great liver doctor, started to stick the first needle into his side and Will just started spurting. Dr. Hutsen said that he wouldn't be able to do the biopsy. There is something just underneath his skin that caused his bleeding , don't quite understand it all. It isn't the aspirin because he's been off it for ten days now. They just don't know what happened or why.

They sent us back to the hotel and told us to wait. He said he might be able to do the biopsy another way. Dr. Hutsen said he needed to talk it over with Dr. Cahill what might be the next step. Tonight Tauni called and said they had a long meeting and they decided that they can't figure out what to do. So they told us to go on home because we needed to set up dialysis. So we will be coming home on Wednesday. We know nothing besides what I told you all. What this means for the kidney transplant--we don't know.

After we left the surgery room, we visited some people from the hospital. One of the them was our Sumer Love. She was in the hospital for a two week clean-up. She gets out tomorrow and she looks probably better than I have seen her in years. So Will and she were able to visit a little.
Then we went to the fourth floor, where we spent the biggest part of our time last year. Some of our favorite people were working in ICU. Caroline (you all might remember her as Mama Bear) and everyone. I took pictures and I will put them up here when I get home in the next day or two. We will be glad to be going home without going into the hospital for a few days.
So God protected Will once again, there must have been a very good reason not to do the biopsy. God had his arms around Will for sure, as always.
We will blog when we know anything else. Thanks for the prayers.
God listened.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday night

I know that I said on the blog yesterday that I wouldn't blog until after the procedure on Tuesday ,but these pictures were too cute to wait.
The first was Kayli's first Cowboy game with her Uncle Will.
She was getting "lessons" on what was going wrong in the game. Will was also telling her about the new Cowboys' Stadium, the Stadium's first game was tonight. That thing is massive!!! The loss was very hard to take so Kayli had to go home. It was hard on Uncle Will too. Next week, right Dallas?

Below: Here is our Kayli's good friend, Riann, born just two weeks apart. Megan Osborne brought little Riann back to Hagerman to meet all her hometown people. Trying to get the pictures were so funny. (Kayli is on the right).

Here is Megan (right) and Angel (on the left) with their new additions. We really miss these friends Megan and Curt, but they are doing so well in California. They are happy there but I think they would be happy anywhere.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

So we get up early tomorrow morning and on to SLC. We know God has Will in His hands.
I pray that God blesses you all this week.

early Sunday morning

We did hear from SLC late Friday evening and the liver doctor wants to do the liver biopsy on Tuesday. We have to go down on Monday to get tests run. Then they will start about 9 Tuesday morning. We don't know if Will will be admitted in the hospital or just same day. We will have to just wait and see. So finally we will get things going again. I will blog on Tuesday when we know anything. I take the computer with me in the hospital so hopefully you all will know as soon as possible.
We went to see our baby tonight for a few minutes. Grandpa was holding her and she was just so awake. I think they were having a very good talk. sweet. She's looking so much older, isn't she?

Please pray for some good news about the liver tests. We continue PRAYING for God's perfect timing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a very fast update

Tauni (our friend and transplant coordinator) called this morning and told us the doctor wants one more set of blood draws to check on how things are clearing out. Our home health nurse, Heather, is coming 10:30 tomorrow morning to do that. Then she gets it to SLC and then they make us wait some more. No, that sounded bitter but really I am not. That's just the way these things go. So I will let everyone know when we know.

Will didn't have a great day today. He was having lots of trouble breathing. They had to take 4.7 liters off and he's hurting so much tonight. It should be lots better in the morning. He goes back in to dialysis tomorrow.

I want to shout out (isn't that what the kids are all saying???) to Tanya, our CF buddy from SLC. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She is celebrating her one year anniversary of her new lungs today. She is just the sweetest lady and we were all were praying for her last year at this time. She's is just doing great and she wants us to pray for the donor family, because, once again we might be having a celebration but that family is having their own anniversary to get through.

So we get the blood drawn and we wait.

P.S. For all those that said it couldn't be done---It is possible to do the blog and not post a picture of our sweet baby. tadaaa (but, it won't happen often.)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I know that this is being a little bit ridiculous, but really I can't help myself. Here she is again-Kayli Mae. She's looking so alert and almost old already (did I mention how smart she is?)

and that's Kayli with her main guy--Uncle Will. She's trying to hide her face, you would think that she doesn't like her picture taken all the time, but she told me it's okay.

Below: Angel took these with her phone and sent them to us while they were in Boise visiting her other grandparents (Aaron's mom and stepdad)
Ya-Ya (that's what Kayli calls her) loved having her for the weekend and she kept up the "Grandma spoiling" that I have found so enjoyable. Kaylie got to meet lots of family that she hasn't seen before. I hope I can get some pictures of them up here soon.

Angel didn't tell me what she was looking at, but it sure was interesting.
her button nose is so cute.
okay, enough already---on to Will.....
We got a message on Friday that they have recieved the results of the blood work and they have given them to the doctor. Kelly said that we should hear from them probably by the first of the week. Oops, Kelly forgot to say which week, silly lady. Anyway, I hope we hear something from the liver doctor about when we can come down and do the biopsy. I will let you know.
Will went to a football game in Boise with Coach and Tyson, his son, on Friday night. It was one of the few times Will has got to go somewhere that didn't have to do with doctors or dialysis in forever. He really enjoyed himself and before any of you ask, no, I didn't follow them up there and spy on them. But the truth be known, I was tempted. I knew he was in good hands. Hopefully he will be able to do that again soon.
We have a good CF friend in SLC that has just had to go into the hospital after being out for over 18 months. Her name is Sumer Love and we have her blog on our site if any of you want to check it out. Anyway, I know she could use prayers and if any of you want to leave her a message on her blog, she would love it. Go on her blog site and look at what she does with her hospital room. Every time she goes into the "joint" her mom and friends decorate the room in a theme. It is so awesome how they do it. So would you all say a prayer for her speedy recovery and another 18 months out of the hospital. Thanks.
I was sent an email by a good friend of mine that just had a song on it. It lets you see the words as the guys sings. It's a beautiful song and I thought I would like to share it with you all. It moved me and said a lot that I wish I could say. I could really drink from my saucer. Please open the link and enjoy the song.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Here is Kayli trying out her swing at Grandma's house. She's still making up her mind if she likes it or not. I think she does.

Below: Here is Kayli just hanging (literally hanging) out with Grandpa tonight. She is so alert, but I think she's really wondering when Grandpa is going to take her out to see the horse.

This will be just a quick update to keep you all in the know about what's with Will.

Will had dialysis yesterday, Monday, and today, Tuesday. They drew blood both days for different tests. I talked to Tauni (our transplant coordinator and friend) about when we might be going back to SLC for the liver biopsy. She told me that when (that's the big ?????) they get the results of the two blood tests, they will take them to the docs and decided when. So we won't know probably for a few days anyway. As soon as we know, we will let you know.

Will is very happy to be and little Kayli came over tonight just to lay in Uncle Will's arms (maybe ours too ). That little one is sure something special.

I know I keep saying this over and over, but thanks so much for all your prayers and good thoughts. They help SO MUCH!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday night ---not in SLC

Continuing saga of the life of Will

Well, we have changed our plans again.
First, we are back home tonight. As I told you last night, I came home to get my class ready for a sub for a couple of weeks. I stayed at the school very late and then got up early to go see our baby before I left. Then I got the call from Will saying he's coming home.

This is what happened. He was up for the liver biopsy on Tuesday afternoon.They wanted to keep Will there until the biopsy. One of the docs figured out that Will has had aspirin every day for a long while. They don't want to do any procedure until that has a chance to get out of his system. It works as a type of blood thinner. So we might be waiting for another week or two before they can do that. There was no way that Will was going to wait all that time in the hospital so he advised the docs that he was going home. Dr. Cahill said she couldn't see why not. So I left Hagerman around noon and went back up to the the big city and we drove home tonight. We don't know what day we will have to go back yet. I will put it on this blog when they let us know.

ABOVE: Will was letting her know what those docs did to him.
Kayli wasn't happy about that. Those doctors better watch out.
Just kidding---we have the best doctors ever!

Will was trying to put Kayli to sleep. She's had a busy day....

because it's her first month birthday. Yup, she's one month old today.
She got to dress up for church this morning but she wasn't ready to say goodbye to Grandma because I was leaving to go back to SLC. She let everyone know that she wanted to go with me. Mom doesn't listen too well. I tried to explain it to Angel but---no go.

Here's the happy family getting her in her little front back pack. I wonder what it's called. Anyway, they walk to church on these pretty days. Aren't they a great looking family? Maybe I'm prejudice just a little.

Below: On the way home we stopped by and saw Sarah and her two kids in Tremonton. Will and Sarah didn't get to visit at all at the hospital. They had a good visit. We had lunch at Wendy's. Nothing but the best to celebrate Will's release from the hospital.
We also stopped by Danny and AnnMarie's on the way home. We couldn't stay there too long, for one reason Will needed to get home to his baby; the other reason is because those two are still in the yucky, sweet lovey, dovey honeymoon stage. It was a little toooo much for us but we are happy that those two are so happy.

So once again we wait until they let us know. Waiting isn't what I'm good at but what can you do??? I have all my classroom stuff done for a couple of weeks so I have it easy at school this week. We should know on Tuesday when we go back to Salt Lake. I will let you know.
God has His perfect time for all this to happen. We know He's got everything taken care of for Will.
It was a great Sunday to drive around and Will was very, very happy to crawl into his bed tonight. He'll sleep well for sure.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

update early Sunday morning

Will is still in the hospital. I came home to Idaho so I could get all my stuff ready for a sub for next week. Tom stayed with Will in SLC. The docs want Will to stay in the hospital until it's time to do a liver biopsy Tuesday afternoon. This way they can watch his numbers and not put him at risk for anything. I don't know what "anything" is but I'm glad they are being careful. Will sure isn't. He's not happy about being in there at all. They aren't "doing" anything and it's very hard to justify staying in that place for, as Will puts it, "nothing." The doctors say the soonest he could be going home would be the later part of next week. They will have answers about his liver then.

I will go back this morning some time and then maybe we can sneak him out for a drive or something. If any doctors are reading this---I'm only kidding, I would never take him out without permission. wink, wink.

He had dialysis today and they were able to take more off than yesterday so that's good. They gave him another dose of antibiotics with dialysis and then they will give him another on Monday when he has dialysis again.

I will blog tomorrow night and let you know how his day went.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and they do something special. Summer is almost over for all of us, don't waste it. God put this special day just for you. :)


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday update from SLC

I said that we would probably have a quiet day and we did. Will slept on and off until about 3 this afternoon. His arm is feeling so much better so the meds are working on that. The liver docs are still doing more testing and we probably won't know anything until the first of the week. Will slept through most of Danny (his cousin who just got married) and AnnMarie's visit. They said they would come back tomorrow when he might be able to stay awake more. I don't know when he's going to go down to dialysis tomorrow, but he will get another dose of antibiotics then.

His level of prograf (the anti-rejection med) is slowly coming down so that is good news. We had another good visit with Sarah just before her mom took her home to Tremonton. We might be able to see her on our way home, hopefully. Will and Sarah didn't get to visit at all while she was in the hospital because he wasn't feeling well then.

Kayli called Uncle Will a couple of times to tell him that she's missing him a lot. When I talked to her she cried so I think she misses me the most, just don't tell Will.

We know God is hearing all your prayers and we want to thank you for them. I will blog tomorrow night again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

update from SLC

Even just being gone from our little girl for a few days is killing me.
Angel knows that, so she sends Uncle Will, Grandma and Grandpa little pictures on the phone. We love getting them so much. She just has a way of brightening our day. I will share a few with you all. Isn't she the sweetest thing?

Below is her loving her little pink bathtub. She's going to be a fish, I think.
(I know the coloring is bad but it's good enough to get the picture.)

So on to Uncle Will's day, I mean Will's day. He had an ultrasound done of his spleen and liver this morning first thing. Then we tried to make our appt. with the liver doctor. They couldn't see Will because he's now an inpatient. How silly that is. But it did work out well because the special doctor that we needed to see just happened to be the one that's for the hospital patients this week. God just works great things all the time. So he had some tests run and then he came in and saw us tonight after six sometime. He told us a few things that they are looking at and testing for. We don't need to get into all that but they really don't have any definite answers yet about what is causing his liver and spleen to act up. They are going to run a whole bunch of blood work in the morning and that will rule out a lot. Some of the tests results won't be back for a few days so we don't know if we will know anything before they kick us out of here. We really, really like the liver doc. Will and he just hit it off and he's very intelligent. Knows his stuff and we are comfortable with him. Praise God.
His infection in the arm is looking a little better we think, so the antibiotics might be kicking in already. They did do an ultrasound of the arm this afternoon, I know what you're asking yourself (it's the same thing we did)---why didn't they do the two ultrasounds together?? But anyway we did get some good news. There is no blood clot in the arm. YEA!!! It's still really sore and swollen.
Dr Cahill came up and visited a little. I think she misses Will a little. So she says that once we know that his infection is going away we should be able to finish the meds at home. This just might be one of our shorter stays. She said maybe even by Sunday. We have seen a few of our old friends. We miss them but I wish we could see them somewhere else.
We really don't know how the infection got in there and to what extent the damage is but we will by the time everyone is finished with him.
One of his anti-rejection med levels are really high so they are watching that closely also. He didn't have a good day and it could be caused by the med level, the jaundice, the infection, or all the testing that they are doing. Plus he had dialysis today, so he hasn't been able to keep anything down. He didn't even watch the BSU game, but he did TIVO it so he can watch it when we get home.
I know tomorrow will be a much better day. I am so glad this happened on a three day weekend. Besides the blood draws, there shouldn't be that much commotion in Will's room tomorrow. He will have some rest time.
All his old doctors are the ones that are the "floor" doctors this week. How great is that. It's nice not to have to train new doctors.
By the way, Sarah, our transplant friend that you all helped pray for right before Will got his lungs, well, she's on the same floor just two doors down from Will. She had a little pneumonia but she will be going home tomorrow, Thank the good Lord. We have had some good visiting time.
I will post more tomorrow night and let you how much better Will is feeling.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday in SLC

Well, we had to come down to SLC earlier than we expected. Will's left arm got an infection in it and they tried a few days on oral antibiotics. It didn't seem to work and he was getting worse so the dialysis center suggested we take him into the ER. We called Dr. Cahill's office and they told us to get down to SLC asap. We left after dialysis and after I got my class ready for a sub. Then we left and got up here around 2 in the morning. We got up early to get in to see the good doc. She told Will that he was going to have a "sleep-over" so everyone can find out what's going on. Will had lots of doctor visits and lab draws and xrays today and we don't know anything yet. He is still going to try and get to his liver specialist tomorrow (Thurs.) morning for his appt. Hopefully we can still get things done at that appt. But, who knows? They have Will on IV antibiotics and I think it's already starting to work. We will let everyone know when they tell us anything. I will for sure blog tomorrow night to tell everyone how that appt. went.

Coach called and told me to remind Will that they have a date to watch the BSU game tomorrow night so he better get home in time.

Please, Will needs prayers for his infection to clear up and for his liver appt. We want them to find something really easy to fix and then on to transplant. AMEN