Monday, April 7, 2008

4/7/08 Monday 4:53 am

April is National Transplant Month. I should have mentioned this at the first of the month.
If you have not talked to your family about becoming a donor, now is the time. Even if you don't have the back of your driver's license marked you can still become a donor. You just have to let your loved ones know of your wishes. Here are a few statistics:

Every year, approximately 28,000 lives are saved, 1,000,000 lives are improved and 46,000 gifts of sight are shared.

That's the power of organ and tissue donation.
More than 90,000 children and adults currently await lifesaving transplants
Every 12 minutes another name is added to the national transplant waiting list.
An average of 18 people die EVERY DAY due to a lack of available organs for transplant.

I have been composing a letter to Will's donor for a long time now. Still haven't got far. How can you thank someone for that gift. What words can describe how their gift of life has saved Will.
I need to remember every time we have a anniversary of getting new lungs, another family has to have a anniversary of death. I hope they someday they know of Will and their loved ones legacy. What other ways can we say thank you.

Will is doing better and better. He took another walk today around the nurses' desk. He still is eating pureed food, but that should change today after the drs. make their rounds. Also, he got the shave from Aaron. But I forgot my cord for my camera at home, I was going to put his picture on the blog. So I will try to get that up for you later today. I hated Angel and Aaron having to get back home. Angel does get to come back up on Wednesday because she is attending a math conference for her school up here in Salt Lake City. She will be here until Saturday afternoon. So we will see her in the evenings. I think Danny (Will's cousin) is coming over to watch the big game tonight with Will.
Hopefully we will have some news later today also. I might have an update when I put that picture on the blog.
God bless all of you that read this. I hope you recieve special blessings for a glorious Monday.


BreathinSteven said...

Hey Lady!!!

Thanks for the plug about National Donate Life Month... Will and I are alive because of some precious family -- and I have little doubt that neither Will nor I nor you nor our families will ever forget about that...

You take your time with that letter -- Judging you from the people surrounding you and Will... I have to imagine those letters will be incredibly beautiful, and so meaningful to the family who receives them... As you mentioned -- it's probably the most difficult letter we'll have to write in our lives... Whether we're a recipient, or a recipient's Mom...

Today is the day my donor, Kari, passed away... Eight years ago tomorrow is when she and her family saved my life... I posted a little note about her / to her today on Revive Hope

There are no words to describe how precious this gift is -- but you'll muddle through... There may not be enough words to ease the pain of the family who saved Will's life, and my life... But you'll thank them, and you'll let them know you will honor their gift, and the loved one they lost, for the rest of your life...

I get excited every time I read about Will's latest feat -- I'm so proud of him! Pureed food sucks -- however, I do remember my first dish of Jello -- it was the best Jello I'd ever eaten in my LIFE!!! It was orange...

And I remember the next day with another dish of orange Jello -- I was doing well and my wife and family went to the cafeteria for coffee and a bite and I couldn't resist the Jello on my table... About half way through I went into a little coughing fit and kinda lost all of the Jello I'd eaten... And because I couldn't reach the call button -- I had to sit in it until a nurse came along!!! She cleaned me up as my family walked in the door...

But the funnier part was the next day -- a nurse was giving me a sponge bath and we both got very confused at the orange gunk she was cleaning out of my belly-button... It took a few minutes to recall what had happened...

You take care of him...



Brenda said...

Keep up the great work Will, but not too much. We all know how you overdue it. Take it easy. I'm so excited that you get to watch the big game tonight.

Bina said...

Hey Will! Ok so I must confess to you this is the first time I've been on your website in about a week. Oh, not because I haven't tried... but because somehow I got it in my head that your website was under something else and smart 'ol me has been clicking on this BLANK website for about 7 days now (yes Mom, I know I'm special!) This whole time I just figured you were having some technical difficulties with your website. Today I finally decided to google you and well, obviously I'm back on board now!! Anyway, took me a little while to go back and read everything I missed and catch up. But sounds like you're having some wonderful improvements.... I'm so happy for you! I hope you enjoy another pepsi tonight as you watch the big game! Speaking of games, did you catch the Lady Vols game last night? Wow is all I can say about that one!
Will, I hope you know you are in my thoughts and prayers continuously and I think about you each and every day! Keep getting stronger! GO KANSAS!!! GO LADY VOLS!!!! Love you more than you know. ~Bina

Pam said...

Praise the Lord. Each Sunday I give my congregation members an update about you, Will. This week I was able to talk about you under the God sightings section as well as ask for continued prayer requests for your speedy recovery. They got a chuckle out of the Big Game and Pepsi goal.

In response to organ donation, go, Terri. Be the voice! This is such a worthy cause. One truly does not know the power of organ donation until it touches you personally. I think the family who lost their loved one in order to give Will his/her lungs could not have a better person to carry on the gift of life. Not only are they fortunate that Will was the recipient, but that the Harbison family will be there to help him experience that gift.

Keep up the great work, Will. Enjoy the big game!

Pam (Miss Wallace) McDonald

Mindy Lou said...

Will you really know how to achieve your goals! Way to go and enjoy the game!

Terri, here is the Idaho donor website.

One thing about being a donor that I learned is very important, TELL SOMEONE THAT YOU ARE A DONOR. The more people that know, the better off your wishes will be carried out.

Anyhow, we love you guys and continue to pray for you!

Love Mindy Lou & Family

Anonymous said...

When our dear friend, Mona Maag, went through this years ago I decided then that I would be a donor. As well as encourage my family to do the same!
Great to hear the news! Terri I know you will find the words because God will show you the way. It may have to wait until you get a little more peace and quiet! I bet Will and Tom could help you out as well.
Have a Marvelous Monday.
Love you all,

marywarr said...

Way to go Will! During family prayer last night, Peyton prayed that your lungs will keep growing. We knew what she meant. Keep up the good work.

Love, The Warr's