Monday, April 14, 2008

4/14/08 Monday 2:20 pm

Still no internet in the rooms so I dashed down here to post what's happening so far. Usually it takes me about an hour to do the posting but I don't have much time so I will be quick and then write more later.

They have ran more tests today on his liver. We should get those back later tonight or tomorrow. Some of his blood has come back with odd numbers for his liver so they need to stay on top of it.
Dr Cauhill (his main Dr. and the one he loves the most) just came back from a week in Boston at a transplant convention. She wasn't too pleased to see Will back on the vent although she knew about it already because she calls and checks on him two or three times a day. Now that she's back, watch how fast Will gets off the vent.

They are getting ready to put in the stomach feeding tube. I will give you the details on that later. This is going to help everything. When the samples from Will's bronch last week came back it showed tube feedings had aspirated into his lungs. This could have been a terrible thing if infection had set in. Again, God had Will's hand and didn't allow that. But for the grace of God, right? He was spared that. So now we shouldn't have any problem with tube feedings.

Please keep Will in your prayers (I know you do already) and I will get away later and post more.

God bless


Mindy Lou said...

Hey Harbison Family...

We love you guys and are praying for ya Will. Know that you have the best team of doctors, nurses, family members, Hagermanites, J-Towners, and Blogites on your side. We are your offensive and defensive teams behind the lines. (just go with the team analogy... LOL)

Love Mindy

Julie Z said...

Hi to all of you, Will and Family!

Please know that Janell, Afton and I are keeping you all in our prayers. We continue to follow your blogs and feeling the anxiousness along with everyone else about the next blog you will write. Thank you so much for being so giving of your time and keeping everyone almost moment-by-moment posted on what is going on. What a tribute it is to Will by how many people are reading these blogs and sending prayers your way! There IS Power in Prayer, and we are ALL right there with you.

Love you so much,
Julie Z