Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday 4/23/08 4:50 am

I didn't get back to the blog today for two reasons. The first was that there was no tests results back when I went to back to the apt. to sleep. The second was that there were no tests needed because for no reason, his heart went back to almost normal and they didn't want to do any of the "heavier" testing if they don't need to. Now I should not have said for "no reason" his heart went back to normal. We do have a reason. THE POWER OF PRAYERS. When we have so many people praying for his heart to be normal again, why shouldn't we hope that God would show his mercy and do just that. Thank you all for praying so hard for Will, again and again. They are still being very careful because they don't know what caused it. He seemed to tolerate a little exercise yesterday and they were able to start doing his breathing treatments again. Today they will do a little more, and try to lower his vent settings. The drs. are still hoping within a few days the vent will be out.

His nurse just came in and said that they need to give him a couple of units of blood this morning because his count was too low. I know I explained this before but for anyone that hadn't read that blog, the reason they gave me was that he's not bleeding out anywhere but when you are critical for a long period of time and laying down, your body doesn't want to make as many cells as it needs to. That's why they do blood workups every morning. They stay on top of things like this. I should have known that he was getting low because he wanted blankets on him. He's never cold, in fact we usually have to bathe him in cold water or ice water all the time. This will help warm his blood right up. Probably give him a lot more energy too. I'm hoping he will stay awake for longer periods of time today.

He asked today if I had heard about his "girls" lately. (That's his basketball girls team) Keri Peterson has been keeping up informed about what's in the paper about their other sports. But if any of you know anything else, let us know so I can share with Will. Thanks.

My prayer request today is to help Will lower his vent settings and make his breathing muscles stronger. Also another request. Please thank our good Lord for putting Will's heart back to where it was needing to go. Again, all the praise goes to Him. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, our God is an awesome God.

We'll keep working on his strengthening exercises and it won't be long before he is walking the halls again.
God bless


karrie & jeff said...

I can't imagine going through life without a faith in our awesome God! He is so good. So many prayers are being sent His way and I know they are being answered. We are so happy Will's heartbeat has returned to a more normal range. We'll keep praying it stays there. Will, you will be glad to know you are avoiding the fence building going on at our neighborhood White house! I am trying to keep busy so I don't have to help! It sure looks beautiful, though. Like a regular horse ranch! Makes the neighborhood look good. Of course they have their little piggies in the pen again! So we'll look good, but the smell???!! :) We miss you and we're ready for you to come home!! Keep getting stronger. Terri, you are missing out on the crazy, crazy last month of school! My school calendar is so packed with activities that I get overwhelmed just looking at it. Actually, tonight we have our boys playing volleyball (for our entertainment and fun). Next month we will have our girls playing powder puff football. The girls said that the boys are really pretty good. Maybe we have a new boys' sport at Hagerman High??! Love from Karrie and Jeff

Jen Holtzen said...

I love having specific things to pray about Teri, so please keep posting what we need to request! I am glad to hear Will's ticker is back to normal, and I just know you are getting closer to being off the vent. Hope the energy level is increased today, I'm looking forward to reading about all the exercise Will did tomorrow morning! Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk and Dax

Dave & Jane said...

Hi Will,
Sure was good to see you the other day. I couldn't believe how up to date you are with current events. There are still people that don't know about the Delta-Northwest merger. Had a fantastic dinner with your Mom & Dad. They sure are great people. Keep working hard and getting better.