Thursday, April 30, 2009

April30, 2009

Everything is still going great. Not much has been happening here. Will is still trying to exercise as much as he can. The weather is still crummy and we want to go out in our boat so we are pouting right now. I hear the weather will be changing next week for the better though. So, watch out fish---here we come.

Nothing much has been happening here. Angel is getting bigger and bigger. She's not that happy with it, but I sure am. I will get an updated picture as soon as I can.

I hope your week is going well.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27, 2009

Again, I didn't do the blog when I said I would. So here it is on Monday. We had a busy weekend with company but we didn't really do anything special. We played on the Wii on Wii fit most of the time. That is so good for Will. Some people might not know what it is but it's a "game" for the TV but it's an interactive game so you can't just sit and play. Well, my nephew, Danny, has found a way to do it but that's another story. The Wii fit is just for exercising and it has great exercises for Will to build up his core strength and it's really working. So we play it a lot and when company comes over we play it.

The weather was lousy over the weekend so it was good that we just stayed in. Will is feeling so good lately except for right before dialysis and right after. Things are really coming along. We go back to Salt Lake City for appointments at the end of May and I bet Will will surprise all our "people" there.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sorry I didn't post on Wednesday. It was just a slip up. Nothing is really happening this week. Will had dialysis and dialysis and dialysis. But he is feeling so much better and he is starting to eat sooooooooo well now. I think it's time to get rid of that feeding tube. We will see what our wonderful Dr. Cahill says about that when we go down next month. There were a few beautiful spring days and then then this morning I woke up to little bits of snow. Idaho weather????????
So we haven't been in the boat except for that first time. We will be going as soon as this latest storm goes by. I will post this weekend, I promise.

Monday, April 20, 2009


This is one of those priceless pictures.
Imagine where we were this time last year.

Here is us just cruisin' the river. We let Will drive(like we could have stopped him)
and he did pretty good. We just had to tell him which way to turn and things went so smoothly.

This is a picture of Will and Riley. The Whites (our neighbors) went with us and showed us lots of things we need to know about. We don't know much about boating but we are very eager to find out. There is so much we need to learn but we love it already. It's everything we thought it would be and then some.

Below: This is Will just chillin' Doesn't he look great?
When I said chillin' I really meant it. It had to be 30 degrees out there after the sun went down but finally Will was able to be cool. He's always too warm.

We didn't get started until 7:30 Sunday evening and we knew we only had less than an hour of daylight left. We just wanted to try it out and see how the boat felt. Well, it felt great.
There was a little bit of excitement right away to start with though.
We were just learning how to unload the boat and we saw a little boat capsize with five people in it. Then a lady fishing on the bank came running over and said there was a baby on board. Tom and Richard White got the boat in very fast and went to help them. They were very lucky to have capsized over a sand bar. The baby was on the shoulders of her mom. Anyway they would have been fine without us there, very cold but they would have made it. I was very nervous that this maiden voyage would not be starting out well, but everything was fine after they all got back to shore and Tom and Richard were able to go get their things out of the river. Then we just got on our boat and took off. Needless to say, I was really angry at this mother that would put her three month old with five other people on a boat that holds 3 people and get this....without a life vest on. I really thank God that He sent an angel to watch over that little baby.
Anyway...after that bit of excitement, the boat ride was very relaxing. It was so fantastic to see Will's face because he was having a great time on the water. I'm sure we will be putting lots more pictures on here of the boat trips.

I can't put into words how blessed we feel right now. Lots and lots of good things happening to our family and we know to thank God and praise Him for them all.


April 20, 2009


What a beautiful spring day today! We had a wonderful day with good food and good family. Will was feeling really, really good today and he sat on the patio for most of the afternoon. We had our Boise family down for dinner. My dad and step mom Cherie, Christi (Will's cousin), Ryan (Christi's fiancee) Noah and Elliott (Christi's boys), Billie (Will's cousin and Christi's sister), Matt, Billie's husband with their two children, Sadie Kaye and Coby. Arron and Megan (also Will's cousin and Christi and Billie's sister) with their cutie Rustin. We had a houseful and I loved it!

Above: Elliott holding little Coby for his first ride on our horse, Honey.

Above: Noah holding Sadie and Coby for a little ride. I'm not really sure that Coby is liking this horse ride too much.

Above: Here is Rustin on Honey also

Above: Rustin and Sadie eating Will's birthday cake

Above: Willhas his back to the camera but everyone is singing Happy Birthday.

Here is Will just helping Sadie dish up the ice cream.

As you can tell we had a full day. Will had a great time and doesn't he look great. We were all commenting on how this time last year we weren't really celebrating his birthday too much. I have some more good pictures but I'm going to upload them to the blog tomorrow because I need to get to bed now. Don't miss them though, they are stupendous!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16th Will's birthday update

We had such a great day HOME with Will.
Here is Will with our neighbor, Hayley, who also has a birthday today.
She turned 13 today.

Here is another picture of the birthday gang.
Hayley, Will, and Coach (whose birthday is tomorrow)
I had the cake say all three names.

Now for the birthday present of all birthday presents...

Yup, we got a boat. It's not really Will's present. We just happened
to get it now. It's a 24 ft.Pontoon boat that seats 12 comfortably.
He got an Ipod and some games for his Wii.

This is the first time Will got into the boat. We had to help him down but he's
so psyched to get it into the water. I think he was out looking for fishing worms after he got off the boat. I know my pole is ready.

We are going to have to replace the carpeting(it's an older boat) and a few other touches but
I can see us on the water every chance we get.
Will did have dialysis today and they still took a couple of liters of fluid off anyway. So we came home and had a nice dinner. Of course, artichokes (Will's favorite food) was served. Then we just had a few people over. My mom, the Whites, Coach and Donna Clark, Brent and Stacee, Sylvan, and our other neighbors, Victoria and Jax. Will really had a great time.

I didn't want to write a book today but I forgot that I haven't told everyone what happened in SLC. Will went into his normal appt. after doing his xray, PFT's (that's how well the lungs are functioning) and blood work. Well, some of the numbers were not looking good and the xrays showed that his lungs were really "wet" so Dr. Cahill put him in for a few more tests and three days of dialysis. It worked because his numbers were up and his lungs looked better. So we got to go home. She was afraid that it might be pneumonia again. She was being very protective and cautious but still Will was not happy to be in there. But he's home now and doing very well.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes to Will


YEA! We got him home just in time for his birthday. So happy birthday to Will and I think that was Dr. Cahill's present to Will. He got his wish and we will celebrate his day at his home his way with just a couple of friends over for cake and ice cream. We probably will have a family dinner/celebration on Sunday so it doesn't interfere with dialysis. Of course all the pictures will follow. We are so happy it wasn't a long stay and he is home.

It's been a long day/night so I will blog later today and fill you in with what all has been going on with the continuing soap opera, Days Of Will's Life, starring Will, Dr. Cahill and all the supporting staff with guest appearance by Tom Harbison AKA the best dad in the world. (you can tell I'm a little bit tired when I start writing this way)

By the way-Aaron (Angel's husband) felt the baby kick him tonight. It's really happening.

If you all want to leave a quick birthday message for Will-I will read them to him tonight.

Thanks for the prayers so we could get out of there and God Bless

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday update

Will had to go in to the hospital yesterday after some testing. Some of his numbers from tests they did on Monday were not good, so Dr. Cahill wanted to err of the side of caution and put him in until she could run more tests. She said he has gone sour so many times and so quickly that she just doesn't want to take any chances and we understand that, even though the hospital was the last place we expected to be because Will is doing so great. He feels better than he has since surgery. You just never know. It was really hard to leave Tom and Will back there but I had to get back and get ready for the sub and pay the taxes. Uncle Sam doesn't take any excuses, ya know?

Most of the tests have come back so what needs to be done may be able to be done at home. It looks like I might be able to go back to Salt Lake after school tomorrow and pick my guys up and bring them home, just in time for Will's birthday. The last two years Will hasn't been able to spend his birthday at home and he was really looking forward to it this year. So when he got slammed in the "joint" (I'm using the word like our good friend Sumer) he was really, really, really upset (and that's putting the term nicely). So he must have paid off Dr. Cahill to let him go home in time for his birthday. I don't care how he did it, just that he did do it.

So this is good news, there is one hitch. There is one more test that we are waiting for the results. They will be back about 11:00 tomorrow morning. If those are okay, and I'm sure they will be, he will be home by midnight tomorrow night.

As always, I will keep all you wonderful friends and family informed of his doings. Please pray they his body is just fine and that Will can come home tomorrow.


April 14th Tuesday

Just got back from Salt Lake. I will blog later in the day with all the news from there. Right after school for sure.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009


The Harbison Family wants to wish everyone a joyous Easter.

This is how we spent Easter morning. Our sweet niece, Brenda and her husband, Lance, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Easter morning at 1:30 a.m. He weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. and his name is Cooper Ray Kolbet. Will, Tom and I were able to be at the hospital to visit with our newest member of the family. He is so sweet, I even got to change his diaper, yea!!!!

We were already in Pocatello because Tom was going to the Rodeo-Dodge Circuit. So everything worked out really well. We stayed at their house while they were doing all the work at the hospital. We couldn't have timed it any better.

The next picture was such a surprise. Will's birthday is Thursday and Will got a present from Lance and Brenda-well, mainly from Lance when we were up at the hospital. If you look at the picture up close, you will see what it is. Try, then I will tell you what it is.


All of you know that Will is a huge Cowboy fan. This was so amazing. It's in its own case but I think we need to get a locked box or something. I do know we will now have to list it with our insurance company. Will was struck speechless. I think maybe he even had a tear or two.
I will try to put a better picture on the blog soon after we get home from Salt Lake.

Will is handling the trip well. We will spend the whole day tomorrow with the doctors and all the tests. I will share with you all when we get home tomorrow night. It will probably be late.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009 Thursday

I was looking back at the pictures that I put on the blog last time and I was just amazed how well Will is looking. He is doing so much better. Thank you all for coming in and just checking on him still after all this time. Will is very lucky to have all of you praying and thinking about him.

On Monday night Will went to Coach's to watch the championship NCAA playoffs. They weren't as exciting as some of the other games that led to this night, but Will sure enjoyed watching with Coach.
Tuesday was dialysis and nothing much goes on those days. They said his phosphorus is very high so that means Will is cheating a little tooooo much on his diet. We will have to make him start following orders better.
Will has been using his Wii fit for his exercises and it seems to be helping him a lot. Then he challenges his dad to some of the games. It's been well worth the money. I will try to get them on a video so you all can laugh.

We are planning a road trip for this weekend by going up to see family (Cousin Brenda and Lance who are expecting a baby yesterday) and a rodeo in Pocatello this Saturday night then going on to Salt Lake on Sunday, Easter Day, and have dinner with Danny and AnnMarie and kids. The we will go to Will's appt. on Monday where he will see all his doctors (well, not all, we would never get through them all) and then we will come home Monday night. I am just hoping that it won't be too hard on Will but he's looking forward to it.

I will have more news later, if I can I will blog over the weekend so you all know where we are at and what we are doing.
During this week I get more and more in awe of our sweet Lord (and it happens every year). What a price to pay for our sins. I think I will go and listen to my favorite song before I go to bed. 'Amazing Grace" has such great lyrics and it can pertain to most everybody. If you don't have a copy, just type it into and it will bring it up.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Here are a couple of cute pictures of our newest member of the family.
Roxie has only been in our family for a couple of weeks but
we really love her already. She's made a conquest of Will too,
and Tom too, but he won't admit it.

Will has had a couple of really good days. It might be the weather or just the final days of March madness. We had friends over to play our new special game. We bought the Wii game and the Wii fit. It is so funny when we all get together and do the silly games. Will had to turn his oxygen up because he was laughing so hard. I had to take Will's oxygen away from him and use it because I was laughing so hard. The Wii fit is going to work really well for Will because it builds the core strength and that's what Will needs. He did the exercises tonight and it was a real workout.

Saturday was dialysis and then as soon as that was done Will went to Coach's house to watch the game. Coach had it all set up with Will's chair close to the TV and Will's favorite "little smokies" for a snack. He stayed all through both games and had a great time.

Sunday was a beautiful day except for a cold wind. When I got back from church, Will was on the front porch, in the shade of course because he can't be in the sun at all. It was neat to see. We had a lot of visitors and didn't take pictures of anyone- what's the matter with me anyway? Will didn't get as tired as he used to when he had so many visitors. That shows he's doing better and better. Angel and Aaron came over tonight and Will and Aaron played golf on the Wii. They enjoyed that a lot.

As we go into the most holiest of weeks, I remember where we were last year at this time and where we are now. What a miracle God has done for us. Our God is so awesome and as we celebrate the death and His resurrection, we need to humble ourselves and remember He sent his Son to die for all of us so that we may have everlasting life. WOW! It should humble us all.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2, 2009 Thursday

If you haven't read the previous blog entry, then please go do it now. It's got some pretty important news on there. The second piece of amazing news is that yesterday was April Fool's Day and Will did not play one prank on anybody. I waited all day and nothing... For all of you that know him well, you know that's just not him. Maybe he's saving it up for next year.

Will is doing okay. It seems that he's coughing more the last couple of days. Maybe he's getting the junk from the pneumonia out and that's good. Tom's been sick with a bad cold so he's staying away from Will as much as possible.

Today is dialysis and hopefully they will get more off than last time. Will started cramping so they had to stop pulling fluid off but they had more to get off. They said they will catch up today. This dialysis is crazy business and the diet is worse. He did walk on the treadmill yesterday and stayed out and visited with company for a long while.

There has been some crazy, crazy sicknesses going around-really different things. So please pray for our friends and family and let's get these bugs under control, with God's help of course. Tom's brother, Jack, is out of the hospital, Thank God. That pneumonia is hard on everybody.

We were going to go to the Jerome Lady Tiger's banquet tonight but Will just wasn't feeling well. He slept most of the afternoon. Today will be better, specially after dialysis.

Our good friends, The Whites, have been gone on vacation in Arizona for the last couple of weeks. Visit their blog (you can find it on our main page). They have been doing fun, fun stuff. Then they found a boyfriend already for our new little dog, Roxie. It's a must see. They will be home tomorrow. We miss them. It will be very hard for them to come back to the cold weather that we have been having here in Idaho.

God bless and keep you healthy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

P.S. this is not really Angel's stomach

Okay, the secret is out. Angel's going to have a little girl. We were told last night and I'm still skipping around my room. Seriously! Will is really excited but he said Angel can't dress her in pink all the time. He thinks mustard yellow is a good color. :)