Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day Tuesday 4:37 am

April Fool's Day is one that we dreaded around our house. Will always had some joke ready for all of us. He started when he was two, I think. He and his cousin were always trying to out do each other. It was scary. So I told him this morning he can play pranks when he gets home, but only on Angel (so sorry Angel).

Well, we waited for testing most of the day. I almost forgot what hospital time was all about. The tests that were coming didn't happen until after five when all the drs. went home. So now they will discuss the results this morning and then let us know. I will try to blog later today and tell you all what they decided.

Will was feeling better today. He sat on the side of the bed (with lots of help) for 12 minutes. Whoopee. It wore him out and he got a little touch of motion sickness. I guess that happens when you have been on your back so long and then try to move. So most of the afternoon he was kind of sick. But it was worth it. It felt good to get off his back. He still can't roll to his side because the tubes are still in. The drs. told him just to sit up for about five minutes, of course Will does it for 12 min.

A very nice man came and met me today. He has been on Will's blog, he's the one with the wife that has CF. Anyway, he wanted to give Will a basketball signed by a friend of his. I can't remember what his name is and it's too dark to look at it. Mike, thanks for that and the compassion you have shown. I hope to meet your wife this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday, be careful for April Fool's Day pranks. If anyone has any great ones to share, please leave a comment. Will might get some good ideas like that.
Our God is a awesome God, he's working overtime for Will.
God bless


Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will!
I hope you have a great day today!
Hello Terri and Tom!
I send you big hugs and many prayers for great progress.

Coach said...

Terri, You are the best Mother in the world and the best wife Tom could ever have. You are terrific.
Remember it is April Fool's day.

Anonymous said...

Terri thanks for the FIRST message on my new blog. Yes you were first. : ) (No April Fool's attached!)
So I read coach's comment and I got SO excited. YES he finally said something sweet. We know that's what is in your heart Randy! You don't have any of us fooled!!!
Will I am really proud of you! Glad you were able to get off your back. I'm sure it felt FANTASTIC! Hopeful mom gave you a little back scratching.
Praying for outstanding results to come your way.

Bridget said...

Hi Will and family. I was thinking of you all last night. Called and talked to Angel. It floors me that she is a married woman now. In my minds eye, she is still the 6-year old that I met the first time I worked on Peds. You are in my thoughts often and in my prayers always.