Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I know if Will was here right now he would be wishing his dad a very happy Father's Day. So I am doing it for him. Happy Father's Day, Tom. Will knew he had the best dad on earth. Just imagine who Will is celebrating father's day with today. WOW!
And to all you great fathers out there-take the day off and enjoy yourself. It's tough being a daddy.
I will get pictures up here from our Oregon trip asap.
My sister, two nieces, and Jeffery, my great-nephew are up from California visiting us for the week. Fun times ahead.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vacation time

School is out and summer is "supposed" to be here. Kids are very happy and some of the teacher too. lol

For those of you that know us, Tom and I haven't taken very many vacations. This is all new to us. But we are leaving tomorrow morning for the Oregon Coast, Lincoln, Oregon. We also get to take Aaron, Angel, our big sweetheart, Candace, and our little sweetheart, Kayli. What fun we will have!!!!!!
We rented a house for five nights. We will have a great time and I will put wonderful pictures on here to bore you with. We tried to do this vacation four different times the last four years before Will went to Salt Lake for his transplant. Something always came up-Will was either too sick or in the hospital. Wasn't meant to be. So now we are going and it will be good.
Pray for our travels and God bless you all.