Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday 4/27/08 5:00 am

Well, once again, we just got Will back to bed. He sat up for 22 minutes and then he had his treatment and now we can sleep a few hours. He has been trying to exercise his lung muscles and he has to take these deep breaths and then blow it out as long as he can to see how much "volume" he has. On Thursday he blew a 764. On Friday his top number out of three tries was 981. Right before his treatment he blew a 1205!!! How's that for improvement. I just feel we are real close to getting his vent taken out. It will be sooooo good to hear his voice again and not have to rely on signs or him writing everything out. He really gets frustrated with us at times.

We are just going to do more of the same tomorrow--blowing those high numbers and trying to open all those little areas that haven't had much air through them.. Sitting up and maybe standing up again. He's getting better and better. It is so good to see.

My mom has been making me good food and tonight she made Tom his favorite chicken fried rice. It is so much better than hospital food. Mom will stay for a while longer. She wants to see Will off the vent. I haven't forgot about some more pictures but I haven't had the time, and sometimes when I get to the apt. I just feel like sitting and not doing anything. Then I fall asleep. But I will get them up real soon. Maybe tonight.

It was a little warmer in good old SLC today and I think maybe we will have some more tomorrow (or it might snow again) I hope everyone takes the day of rest and does something fun. Don't forget to tell someone you love them. That just makes the day perfect.

God bless and sing extra loud at church for us.


Judy said...

It was so good to start out our Sunday by hearing such encouraging updates about Will. We are all praying that it keeps up and he will be off the vent soon and up and out of SLC and back to Hagerman. Everyone take care and we will keep the prayers coming. Sure LOVE you lots and miss you. Love, Layne and Judy

Anonymous said...

Nothing like home cooked food for sure! Especially from your mom!!!
Will you are doing great! Keep it up....
Terri I know that I have some pictures to email you because I see them on my screensaver all the time, but it's just been a little busy so I'll get on that soon too.
Have a great Sunday! We love you,
Evans Family

Katie Lardy said...

We love you, Harbisons!
Sending you all our love and prayers,

Katie and Paul

Toni Mendive said...

Good morning, Harbison Family...It's wonderful to hear of Will's progress and I'm still praying for all of you and marveling at the power of faith and prayer!