Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday April 2, 2008 5:30 am

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Sorry, I was just a little frustrated yesterday. Too much change with the hospital staff and not enough change with Will so my first thought was this prayer. I need to remind myself that there is nothing I can do with all of it but give it over to God. God has taken such good care of Will for over 33 years and He will continue. God has been putting the right people in front of Will during this journey and I am sure these new drs. will also be good for Will and his recovery.
We are now trying to get Will to move a little more, not that he doesn't want to. It's just very hard when you are this weak. The fluid needs to leave his body. The way you do that is to move around. He can't move around because the fluid in his body. You see where I'm coming from???
He did stand up yesterday afternoon with lots of help for almost two minutes. He didn't like it so well. I think it's because he's standing there but with assistance. He wants to be able to do it on his own. Soon, he will be. His kidneys are still improving.
I need another prayer going. My mother, Will's grandmother Eileen, is down in Reno with her sister, my Aunt Charlotte. She has cancer and is in the final stage. It is so hard to watch someone you love so much go through something like that. I wish for your prayers for her to find peace and comfort at this time. Also prayers for my Auntie that she doesn't go through too much pain. She is loved so much and she is a special lady. What a terrible, rotten thing to happen to such a wonderful woman. God will pour out his mercy on them, I'm sure.
Will's birthday is coming up on April 16th. He will be 34 yrs. old. Wow, an old man. Anyway, I am sure it's not going to be too much of a party but if you would like to send him a card you can send it to our address here. 762 W. Sunny River Rd. #1511 Taylorsville, UT 84123
I pray that one day we can take all the love and prayers that you are giving to us and give them back to you tenfold. Thank you, thank you, thank you
God bless


Somer Love said...

The count down is on!!!! 14 more days!!

I think a Birthday Bash is in order.... I will start brainstorming for some ideas. Will it's going to be your best Bday yet!

I am so proud of you!! Standing and moving around. It sounds like things are getting better for you. You are so STRONG Keep up the Great work! Lots and Lots of prayers are coming your way each and every day!


whitehouse said...

Terri you are one tuff women. Your day of frustration only helps the rest of us women realize you are human and there is a chance that we could possibly one day be a tenth of a person that you are. You have inspired the rest of us with strength and determination and the assurance that we to can get through trials. So thank you. As for the new doctors, we must be reminded they are merrily instruments being used in this great plan of Gods. He is in complete control. Remember: "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus". Phil 1:6
We love you all :)

Brant & Leslie said...

I totally know your frustrations! When I was in the hospital with my little ones, it was the most frustrating thing to keep getting a nurse that didn't know my girls at all. Like you said, you have to re-train them to do it how you'd like. You definitely know best of how things are to be done. I cried several nights out of frustration and I HATED it! I'm on here all the time reading all the updates and thinking about Will all the time. Keep up the strength because we all know how much Will appreciates his family and all the support that he receives.

Haneys said...

Auntie, Will and Unc, it was so cleansing for us to be able to visit with you yesterday. This blog is wonderful, but it doesn't compare to hugs:)
The trials that you have surpassed thus far will strengthen you for the rest of this journey. You are right, God is in complete control, and he will make certain to care for Will. We will be praying for the new staff that they be just what Will has needed, and for you while you help them reach their full potential.
We just realized that Arron's brother, Jeremy, shares a birthday with Will. We will be wishing we could be there, and will have a celebration in our hearts!
Lots of love!
P.S. we'll also be praying for G. Aunt Charlette, and Grandma may the pain and suffering be minimal.

Judy said...

Dear Will, Tom and Terri, Just wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Even though I don't write on a daily basis I check your blog on an hourly basis. So THANK YOU so much for writing such a wonderful and inspirational blog. Sure hope you have a good day today Will. LOVE YOU LOTS. Love, Layne and Judy

JKDK said...

Terri - stay strong and try to be patient. As I remember it - you were always going, never stopping for anything. If that has not changed, then times like this will be very frustrating. It is obvious by reading all of the comments that Will will do things in his own time. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Regarding your comment about giving back to all of those who are with you now, I know first hand how you and your family have been there for people in the community. It is your turn.


mike_babbel said...

I think Will got two tough genes also!!
I am looking forward to this weekend if it is a good time.

Your new friend
Mike Babbel