Monday, April 14, 2008

update Monday 4//14/08 7:00 pm

I just ran home to get a few hours sleep and I thought I would let everyone know what's happening. They finally did the procedure and it went well. They weren't able to put Will all the way out because of his blood pressure going down, so he did most of it without sedation. Can anyone say "ouch" loud enough. I don't think I could have done that but then Will is one of a kind. They are talking about getting the tube out in the next day or two. How about that??? This time will be it, I just know it. He is very weak so it's going to be a long process of getting him back up and walking, but as Will says, "It's gonna be worth it." If any of you have sent an email, I haven't opened them today because the Internet it down, I will do that tomorrow.

Well, hopefully they have the Internet fixed and I can get back on my schedule and say more profound things. Thanks to God and the good drs., Will is done with the feeding tube out of his nose. It will be nice, it's been 7 weeks with that in. Great staff at this hospital. The nurses are out of this world. He does have his favorites though. Nothing makes him happier than when he gets one of those nurses. It's the little things in life that are special.

My mom made it home from Reno tonight. She has had a rough 8 months. Now she will be able to rest and Angel and Aaron will take good care of her. She does need some TLC after what she's been through. Welcome back, Mom.

The weather here was gorgeous. The wind was terrible, but it was so nice to see the sun shine.
Everybody enjoy the sun. Two days until Will's birthday. Maybe he will have the tube out by then.
God bless


mickey.martinez said...

Chicken Boy!! I finally figured out how to blog. It has only taken me 6 months!I am sooo sorry you weren't completely sedated, but then again, Will you are one of a kind, with alot of faith, determination and a loving family that is there with him every step of the way. You have always been such a miracle and when I have gotten down about my live, I think about you and try to have a better attitude. You have shown us your strength and I am a better person for knowing you. To Jeffrey you are his "chicken boy" He always giggles when he says it also. We look forward to the blogs everyday and we want you to know that we pray and think about you and your folks all day.

Your loving aunt ( in California)

Shauna said...

Thanks so much Terri for keeping us current with Will and your family. We love you guys so much! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. I hope Will has a good week.


Shauna, Darren and family

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Terri and Tom,
The wind was blowing here also. So I blew a kiss into it and sent it your way. Hey, I knew it would get there more quickly that way. I didn't; however, rely on the wind to get Will's bday card there. That should arrive separately.

Will, I also made a special request to have my prayers expedited to you. I'm thinking about you and praying that your pain is minimal. I'm very happy that you have your main doctor there now to help make great things happen.

Tonight is your birthday eve! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow; both in celebrating your special day as well as in making great progress towards becoming stronger.

Enjoy and know that you're in our thoughts and prayers.
Katie and Paul