Sunday, April 20, 2008

4/20/08 Sunday 4:40 am

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I really miss my Sundays back home. I miss my little church. I wonder what everyone is up to and if everyone is okay. I miss the feeling of family and fellowship. I miss holding the little babies. But every night when I pray, I pray for my church family and I know they are praying for us up here. I feel in touch through prayer, isn't that wonderful how that works?? I hope everyone spends the day with their loved ones, enjoying just being together.

Will had a better day today. He stayed sitting up on his bed about 20 minutes with his sister egging him on the whole way. When we do the exercises with him, he's pushing against my hand a little bit harder. So his strength is returning. It won't be long now.
He got over two liters of fluid out of his system in the last 24 hours but the drs. said that might be a little too fast, so we are going to try just to get one liter a day. Dr. Cauhill said he has about 7 liters extra on his body. His kidneys are working overtime but they are still in good shape.

Willie's Uncle Dave came up on is way to Cancun (he's a Delta pilot) and he stopped and took Tom and me to dinner. It's been a while since we ate together. We had a good visit. It was a nice meal and Angel and Aaron stayed with Will. Their visits go by so fast. They will be leaving tomorrow earlier than normal because it's supposed to snow in the afternoon. ????? Where's spring?

We will just keep doing what we have been doing, trying to get his strength up. Will's working really hard and it shows. Thank you for the good thoughts and prayers.
Love to you all
God bless


Haneys said...

Glad you got a minute with Uncle Tom and got to visit. I want you to know that although you miss your church at home, you have in many ways become my church! You have given me the principles to follow and inspiration like no other. This is my sunday morning ritual now...reading about Will and praying for all of you and then thanking the good Lord for all that I have to be thankful for. I will spend today with Ruston. We are going to bake banana bread and read books. He is doing so well with the sign language...please tell Will! He says "shoe" and "please" and "food" (although this one looks like he's about to poke his eye out:) and "thank you" and "bath" and we are working on "help"...what a GREAT help you all were with this and we can't tell you how much fun and relief it is! I just went online to and found that show we watched...they had a link to the ASA and we can just type in the word we want to teach him, vu`ala!
Love you all and am thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Will, Angel, Aunt Terri, and Uncle Tom! Cheers and prayers to you and your family. Happy late birthday Will! I can't believe we are 34! You are 34, right? I will never forget our funny days together. I had so much fun with you and your family during those teenage-anst years. You are the best.

Ashley Mayes

Coach said...

Will,I looked up your therapists Dad and his name is Fred Sanford (I didn't make that up) and he pitched for the Yankees from 1949-51. He even played with Mickey Mantle. (greatest player ever)
Thanks for having Angel call with the info about him. Brent, Brenda and I were very impressed. Talk him out of one of his Dad's World Series rings before you leave. If anyone can do it you can.
I hope you have a good day. Keep working and trusting those new lungs. We need you home ASAP !!!!

Christi said...

Ashley found you. That is awesome. All this time and all I had to do was get some new lungs if I wanted her to shoot me an email or something? Good to know. FYI - You are one day older than she is - so you are both OLD and I am.......well, slightly less old. :-) Did you know she is an English teacher too? Thats right, all the cool people are doin it now.

Shannon and Amanda said...

Jack had another game yesterday and let me tell you about this one. The wind was blowing hard and it was cold here. Jack had to play near his goalie to help him protect it, when a tumble weed came down the field and stuck in the soccer net. Well, Jack believing that this did not belong there went and yanked the tumble weed off the net, letting the wind carry it off away from the field and the game that was still happening. Jacks coach sees this and yells at him to get back to the game however, Jack cannot let the weed go off alone so he starts to pursue the weed off the field at a fast rate while the game is still going and the coach is yelling for him to return. Luckily the other team did not score and after a hundred yards later Jack figured out he wasn't going to catch the tumble weed. They ending up losing and we ended up going to Pizza Hut. Doesn't seem like a bad deal to me. Take care.