Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday April 12 12:36 am

Ok people, sometimes I say I'm going to let you know more and then I don't. I apologize. But there is a reason. Earlier we didn't have much to write about because they were not coming in with anything new. Except they decided to hold Will's pain medication to a bare minimum. This is very hard for us to take because no one likes to see Will in pain especially Tom, Angel and I. The doctor has been in several times because he knows we are upset. But again we have to have faith in Will's care team.
This is how they explained it to us in a nut shell. If they give him pain meds he gets weaker, his breathing is compromised then he's not strong enough to get off the vent, then he's prone to a bad vent infection, then he gets worse, he spends more time in the ICU and less time at home. This has also affected his kidneys and liver to an extent. Now when they explain it like that I can understand, but when Will is saying he is in too much pain none of it makes sense. I think right now I just have a bad attitude. We can handle most things except seeing him in so much pain. They did decide to compromise and give him some to let him sleep tonight. Hopefully that will help him tomorrow. Right now he's sleeping very comfortably.

Now tomorrow they are going to put in a feeding tube into his belly. This is done surgically and it will help put nutrients where they belong. Most of the samples that they took out of his lungs a couple days ago during the bronch has shown tube feeds. So what that is saying is that Will has coughed so hard or gagged so hard that he brought this tube feed up into his lungs. It's called aspirate. So the main dr. thinks this could have caused the last lung distress that put him back on the vent. They decided to put this other feeding tube in because it will have a port that will drain anything out of his stomach so he can't do this again. This is a good thing. They did do an ultrasound of his liver and I don't have the results yet. I think the dr. was too afraid to come into Will's room. Angel gets kind of hot when Will is feeling so much pain. She kind of jumped the dr. but he is doing what is best for Will. A bit of pain right now is better than weeks still in the hospital. So again we need to make an attitude adjustment. Pray for us, please.

I will try to post tomorrow. I am sure tomorrow will be a better day because of the sleep Will is getting tonight. We don't have the time that they are going to do that procedure. They just come up when they can. I am going to find passages in the Bible that will help me. Many of you have sent me great passages and I'm sure they are what I need right now. I can find comfort in His word. I just have to ask Him and then I have to listen to what He tells me. He can heal all. God is that awesome!
Thank you all for caring, loving, and praying for Will and his family. We appreciate it so much.
Will's birthday is in 4 days. I need to start warming up my singing voice.
God bless


Dixie said...

Hi everyone,
I'm glad that Will is feeling a little better. Good for Angel, jumping on the doc, they need it every once in a while. It is a good thing they are going to put in a g-tube. That should help, plus he gets that darn tube out of his nose. Hopefully now his lungs will dry out and he will start getting better, so he can get the heck out of that small room and move into the suite by his birthday.
I can't believe he is going to be 34, I still remember his big 30 party. What a milestone for him to make the big 34.
Good luck Will, we all are praying for you. Angel, Teri and Tom, keep those doctors on their toes.

Dixie and James

Lthsldy said...

Maybe the "Daily Word" ( passage today can give you some strength. I find comfort in the Ephesians quote at the end--"the mystery of his will"

Daily Word — Saturday, April 12, 2008

Divine Order
The indwelling Christ is leading me to my highest good.
Change is such an integral part of everyday life, yet I may find that at times even a simple change may be challenging. I can, however, make adjustments, overcome any anxiety, and function fully by turning to the Christ Presence within me.
With this affirmative approach, I clear my mind of anxiety and worry. I am prepared to see the good that is already present and to know that even more good lies ahead.
The guiding wisdom of the Christ Presence never fails to lead me to my highest good. As I look to the Christ, the perfect order that is always present comes into view. The circumstances of life may be ever-changing, but the Christ Presence is my source of constant, changeless order. I trust in the indwelling Christ to keep my life in balance.
“He has made known to us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure that he set forth in Christ.”—Ephesians 1:9

Blessings and prayers sent your way,