Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday-What a great day 3/6/08

This is me doing a happy dance while I sing this little song. Now that is a picture for you all. Sorry.
So yesterday Will got the vent removed but he is still so skeptical that he didn't want me to blog it last night because he doesn't want to "disappoint" everyone if he had to go right back on it. But, now that time has gone by, he feels he is able to share the good news. I wanted to share it with you all last night, but after all, this is Will's blog. I go by what he says, :) (Most of the time)

These last few have been crazy. After two weeks on a vent, he's off and he took a walk in the hallway. This will amuse the people that know Will well. The dr. (resident) that doesn't know Will got to pull his vent out. He came right back in and lectured Will about not letting him down. Since he is off the vent, he needs to be working hard, not staying in bed. :) Seriously, that's what he said. Okay, enough laughter--then Dr. Cayhill (his long-time doctor) came in and lectured him about doing too much now that he's off the vent. He needs to let his body rest some. So the physical therapists came in this morning and asked Will is he wants to walk to the wall and back, he said no, he wants to take a walk in the hall, and he did. It was a long walk. It takes five people to walk him and the nurses would come out of their rooms and cheer him. It was like a victory lap. The nurses helping him walk kept telling him he could turn around any time--not Will. Then as they were getting him into bed, he wanted to know if they could come back in and walk him again in the afternoon. It sure feels great to have Will back again.

Some of you remember the goal that Will set last week, I posted it in the blog. Anyway, he said he wanted to be well enough to sit up and be drinking a Pepsi while watching the final four. I was out with Aaron this afternoon and when we got back, there was Will sitting up, drinking a Pepsi. While I was out, the lady that does the infamous "swallow test" came by and Will asked if he could try it. He passed on the first try!!!! He was sooooooooooooooooooo happy. Things have definitely turned the corner. OH, HAPPY DAY. Now that's me, singing another happy song. It won't be long until we are out of ICU.

Angel was telling me the night before she came down, she was having a hard time because she hadn't heard her brother's voice in so long and she missed him terribly. So when Aaron and she walked in, Will said in his croaky voice "hi". She didn't know he got off the vent. She cried for a long time (of course, happy tears). He likes to do these little surprises. It's his entertainment, I think. Today is the big shave and haircut day. Thank goodness.

What great changes we have seen this last week. Thank you, God. I feel the need to praise Him for all these wonderful improvements happening with Will. You all have prayed and prayed for this and He heard (in His time). All the glory goes to Him. God is awesome.

I have pictures of Will but he told me I can't put them up because of his long hair. Maybe later, a before and after.

HAVE A WONDERFUL SUNDAY, I KNOW WE WILL. Now I have to get back to my happy dance and my happy song. Love you all so much.
God bless


whitehouse said...

Praise God, your church family will be so happy to hear all the wonderful news. So many prayers have been answered.

"And whatever things you ask in prayers, believing, you will receive." Matt. 21:22

Dave & Jane said...

Way to go Will!!! Fantastic news. We're happy things are getting better. I'm heading to Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River to go fishing. Next year you should come. Hello to everyone. I can't believe UCLA lost!

Karen Atwood said...

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!!! I can't wait to go to our choir this morning to tell everyone the great news! They have all been praying faithfully, and I can't wait to tell them to send big thanks up along with continued prayers for recovery. Will, Will, Will, you are truly an inspiration. Terri, why don't you have Angel record your happy dance! We can put it on YouTube!

Susan said...



and I am pretty sure almost everyone is crying some too...

Stephenson said...

Congratulations Will! That is so great! I knew that you would accomplish your goal! Hope that you have another great day! Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Best news we've heard! Go Will!!!
Angel give him a big hug and kiss from me. Glad you were able to make it for this awesome step forward. Keep up the great work! We know that you will not disappoint us.
Lots and lots of love!
Jess and Family

*Terri and Family please say a little prayer for Mason, he took a pretty good tumble last night which of course we did not see, but he's got a left black eye, poor little guy!

linda said...

We are so happy and just praising the Lord too, that Will is doing so much better,,,,,,,,it is like we have lost 50 lbs at least just hearing the good news,,,,,,,,,,,you keep up the good work Will,,,and you tom, and terri,,soak in the better days ahead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,funny story about the new dr. that didn't know he didn't have to tell Will what to do huh??? Again ,,,so happy and thankful for you all,,,,,,,,,,,,love to you all too,,,,,,,,linda and steve,,,(aaron's folks)

karrie & jeff said...

Terri, you deserve to do a big "happy dance!" We have had all of you on our minds and in our hearts. What a joy to hear such good news. Will, enjoy your Pepsi and basketball games. If you have to be laid up, this is a good time. Lots of good, exciting games to watch. Will, keep persisting! God is so awesome!

Adarose said...

Hey, Superman! Do you have a phone booth where you put on your cape before those long walks?! And congratulations on the Pepsi! We have waited a long time for you to ask for Pepsi again! You made my day, and I think I speak for many people. I am sure you will find a happy medium between your 2 Drs.

Terri, Tom, Angel, Aaren - so many of us dance and sing with you! We appreciate your updates. (Can you believe the hits on this blog?!)

Ada Rose