Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2 Friday 2:55 am

Sweet family and friends,

Not again.
Let me just say that Will is resting comfortably right now. Will had a rough day today and tonight May 1st about 10:30 pm they needed to put the vent tube back down his throat. He wasn't able to maintain his breathing. I know how many of you that are so shocked and upset that we had to do this once more (fifth time). Tom and I were very upset. Why does this keep happening? Why don’t they have any answers on how to get the fluid off and stay off? We just don’t know and the doctors are trying everything they can think of to fix it. We do know that we are in very, very good hands. What’s more important is that God is working through Will. What miracles we have seen through all this. So tonight I was praying with my friend, Kim, and she prayed for God to help us to understand His will. Well, we probably won’t be able to do that right now, but something better came over me, a peaceful feeling. Instead of feeling discouraged about today, I said a prayer for the last two days thanking God for them.

My family calls me “Pollyanna” because I’m always trying to find the positive from any situation. Most the time it isn’t a compliment, I drive them nuts. This time I think they will like what I have figured out. It will make this so much easier to handle this new “bump.’ So this is it:
God knew how frustrated and tired Will is of all this the last three weeks since he had to be on the vent again. So God, being the merciful God that He is, decided to give Will a break. He gave Will two days of being off the vent. The first day was a good day to see lots of friends from the hospital staff and to just visit with us so we could remember his sweet voice. He got to talk to his sister and mess with her a little bit. The second day was a good day to spend some good time with his best friend, Coach, and his other best friend, Pepsi and talk to his sister again. These two days gave Will the reminder how good it will be when he finally gets off the vent for good. This will make him stronger to go on.

Doesn’t this make so much more sense? So instead of asking God why He had to put another “bump” in Will’s road to good health, I hope all of us can thank Him for giving Will those two days off the vent. God is so loving and He still continues to have his loving arms around Will. Tom and I both feel it.

I will fill everyone in on what happened today after we figure it all out and I get some sleep tonight. They do have Will on his sleepy med, pain med, and amnesia med because he’s hurting right now. This way, he won’t remember it. They are going to run a bunch of tests tonight and continue on through tomorrow. I promise to keep you all updated tomorrow as we get some answers.

As I close this blog tonight I am going to say a prayer for all those that read this today that you won’t be discouraged and you will find assurance of God’s love through all of this. He loves us all and especially Will. Have faith people, it won’t be long before we will be bringing him home to all of you. Please pray for the doctors that they can find out something that will break through these problems.

God bless all of you


karrie & jeff said...

I appreciate your positive attitude, Terri. God does have a plan for Will and I really believe it won't be long until he is off the vent for good. You are all in our prayers every day all day long. Keep looking up! Love Karrie and Jeff

whitehouse said...

Terri, I am so blessed to be your friend . . You are a true example of faith. To trust God fully means to trust him even when we don't understand why events occur as they do and my friend that is the wonderful women you are. Things come to you with greatness and vitality because everything is energized by God. Thank you for being such a great friend, mom, and of course wife (just for Tom).

Hebrews 11:1 says "Now faith is being sure of what what we hope for and certain of what we do not see,"

Haneys said...

We have faith, and we'll keep praying! We love you and wish we could give you all big hugs!

bug said...

Tom and Terri you guys are amazing. It's no wonder Will is the way he is, with parents like you he has no choice. I personally think it's the Pepsi, maybe he should change to coke and see if that helps :)

Our prayers are with you all!

whitehouse said...

Thank you Will, for helping me remeber how blessed I am for the small things like walking, talking, and breathing. I miss you all. Love Riley

Katie Lardy said...

I am staying 100% positive and continue to send those positive thoughts and prayers to you.
Terri, thank you for being so amazing and strong. Please take care of yourself and Tom and I send you all my love and hugs.

All my best!