Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday night, already the end of August.

Here are the pictures I promised you on Friday. The first two are my favorites. It's hard to capture the "love" that surrounds those two so I will keep trying.

Below: Here is my little girl celebrating my birthday with me. What a present she is!!!!!

Here is Grandpa Tom getting piled on by Candace and Cali.

Curtis and Jen came down for the weekend and it was a great time. Will and Curtis are close and Jen just fits in so well with those two (Heaven help her).

Below: Kayli is telling Uncle Will a story, a story only Uncle Will can hear.

It must have been a funny story, it cracked her up.

And she's still laughing--well, really she's starting to cry, but to me it looked like she was laughing.

Below: Here is Aaron with his girls, no wait, not just girls-Carson stuck his head in at the last minute.

Below: Here is my step-mother, Cherie, helping me celebrate my birthday also. I can't find the picture I took of my dad. I must have deleted it, oops, sorry Dad.

Below: I am sitting outside on our back lawn and the kids, Candace, Cali (Curtis' girl), and Carson. We were watching the lightening show. Kids are so much fun with their imagination.

Below: Here is my little girl playing super"girl"

We had a fun weekend and Will is feeling okay, he feels the best when he's got his little love in his arms. We are going to SLC for a doctor's appt. on Thursday (see the blog before this one). I will blog when we get back from the appointment.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday August 28, 2009

Well, we got some news from Salt Lake. Ann, the kidney transplant coordinator called and said that the drs. reviewed Will's cat scan of his stomach and pelvic area. They found that Will's spleen is enlarged so they need to check it out. Ann said usually this is caused by something wrong with the liver. (just keep saying a little bump in the road) So a liver specialist (gastrointestinal doctor) is going to check things out next Thursday up in Salt Lake. So we are heading back to SLC on Wednesday night and we will be there bright and early Thursday morning. Then Will will have a dialysis treatment somewhere up there before we come home Thursday night.

So more prayers please.

We had a good week, it was my birthday on Tuesday and we had a little cake and ice cream with family and friends. But the best was that I got to hold Kayli for a long, long, long time. That was the best present, really when I could get her away from Uncle Will. God has blessed me with so many people with love in their hearts and it makes me sooo happy.

I will have more pictures on Sunday, hopefully. We are having a few people come through Hagerman this weekend and we are excited to see them.

I pray that God has blessed you all with a lot of love surrounding you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here's another Sunday

Will had his cat scan of his stomach and veins (two completely different ones) on Wednesday. They were a lot easier than he figured. The nurse said that they would have someone read them and send them on to the kidney transplant doctors by Thursday. The transplant team meets on Thursday so we were hoping that maybe, just maybe, we would hear something on Friday. NOPE. Anyway it was probably too early. They do meet every Thursday and decide cases so probably we won't hear now until next Friday whether he gets his okay for transplant. So please keep the prayers going. Thanks so much.

Will spent the waiting time with his new girl. Kayli came over on Sunday to visit Uncle Will (and us too), but mainly Uncle Will. He said he would watch her while I got some things done. The first picture is him watching her and he really is watching closely. So take a look.....

This next picture is how I found them a few minutes later. I don't know which one rocked the other to sleep, but.... how sweet!

Below is Kayli with her friends. She's not too sure about the croaking frog but she really likes the pink duck. She looks so much older. Today is her two week birthday.

Below is a picture of Angel trying to tease Kayli with her ice cream cone. Kayli didn't even care.

Below: I really think she was laughing at me in this picture.
We had a good time at a family patio party at Will's Aunt Karen's house on Saturday after dialysis. Will doesn't feel too good after dialysis but he really wanted to go and he wasn't sorry. Billie and Christi were there with their families along with my mom. Uncle Bill (my mom's brother) was there also and an old friend, Gwen was there too. We watched Sadie run and run and run and run and run. Yes, it did tire Will out just watching but she is so cute. Here are the Billie's two kids with their Aunt CeeCee (Christi).

Below is a picture of my mom and two of her great-grandchildren, Coby and Sadie. My mom had a birthday this week so we celebrated it at our house.
Happy Birthday, Mom

We probably will have some more pictures up during the week and, of course, if we hear anything I will post it on the blog.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday update

This morning, Monday, Ann (the kidney transplant coordinator) called and said Will's
blood work came back and he doesn't have any antibodies in his blood. I asked what that means and she said that was very good. With all of Will's transfusions that he would probably have some and they might prevent him from transplant. So he doesn't and that's great.

Now on to the next step, on Wednesday he will go into Twin and get a cat scan of his arteries and veins, and another one for his stomach and pelvic region. This will tell them of any reason that the kidney won't "fit" in there. This might be the last test before they allow the transplant, but I don't know how long it will take to get the results. So please continue to pray for Will's testing. We really, really appreciate it.



Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday August 15

So Will had dialysis today. He did okay...............
Enough about Will, did I tell you what a beautiful granddaughter I have? (I know, I am a bit prejudiced and a little obsessed.) Just look at the pictures below and see if I'm not right.

This is one of my favorites (well, they all are).
She's going to her first doctor checkup.
I think she's hoping that George has to go in instead of her.

Sweet dreams for a sweet princess.

Angel sent me this yesterday with a note that Kayli was missing her grandma. I think I might go out and buy her a gold mine.
What a pout, she has that "Atwood" pout for sure.

Below: See this isn't all about Kayli, here's Will holding Kayli.
He can't get enough of her. The way he looks at her sometimes brings tears to my eyes.

Below: Grandpa and his new girl, she's smiling. Now Grandpa is going out to buy her another gold mine.

Below: for some reason, I love ruffles on little girls' bum-bums (yes, that's what I call it). So this is the first outfit with ruffles so I had to take a picture. You would not believe this little one's closet--full of clothes.
Aaron changes her clothes three or four times a day just because she looks good in all her new clothes.
He's such a good dad and Angel's bouncing back so quickly. I don't think I have ever seen her this happy. They are making great parents.

Below: Here's our good friends, Coach and Donna Clark being introduced to the newest and best. It was funny because she cried when she saw Randy. Funny. So now I have to go out and buy her another gold mine. How many does that make anyway?

Here's that guy again----what was his name again? Oh yea, Uncle Will. Just teasing.
Coach brought over a Nike Basketball so Uncle Will can start working with her. All she wants is her binky right now, but Will said he will start working with her tomorrow right after lunch. I really don't know if he's teasing or not.

Tomorrow we are all going to try to go to church, even Will. So hopefully I will have some church pictures of her tomorrow night, maybe even with that guy that you all come into this blog to read about. HeeHee.
Life is so darn good. God has worked His best miracle yet.
I hope you all have a great Sunday.
GOD BLESS and keep you all safe.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Second day of Kayli's life

This is the second installment of Grandma's
little angel. I promised you more pictures and here
they are. I know I will be putting more of them on here, even though
this is Will's blog. But, as you can see from the first picture, she
might be the love of Will's life.

Below: Here she is posing with George the monkey before
she got to home from the hospital.

Below: Here is another set of grandparents. This is Buzz and Kay Beutler,
Buzz is Aaron's dad. They were at the hospital with us but we didn't
get any pictures of them with Kayli. They kind of think she's special too.
Angel and Aaron brought the little princess home around 2 this afternoon.
Angel is doing so good for just having a baby. They had lots of company and I took pictures of a few of them.

Below: Here is some good friends of Kayli's. Jeff and Charyl.
Jeff isn't very good at sharing babies. So Charyl will have to
come back when he's at work.
below: Here is Mindy and little Breanna meeting Kayli. Mindy
and Kristen came up to the hospital but Bre didn't get to meet
her until today. All she wanted to do was hold her, but she's a
little small for that. It was cute.

Below: Carson's mom brought him over to meet Kayli. He has been
really excited to meet her but then he got shy and didn't want anything to
do with her. So I took him in Kayli's room and let him be with her
with just me watching. It worked and then he didn't want to let
her go. We kept asking if we could take her and he kept saying "nope."

Below: I think she's just plain tired. I really wish you all could see her
in person. She is sooooo much cuter than photos can tell.

The family is doing fine and Will came over to Angel's house as soon as he got done with dialysis. He stayed for quite a while even though he was still cramping from dialysis. I guess when I move in they will just have to make a room for Uncle Will too.
Today they took the second blood sample to take the place of the one they lost last week and sent if off to Salt Lake hospital to get tested. We should hear something in about two weeks. Until then we will just keep on doing what we're doing, and praying for a kidney transplant. All your prayers are appreciated.
Will still has some really cute pics of the "Little Ray of Sunshine" on his phone, as soon as I figure out how to put them on here, I will.
Thanks and GOD BLESS

Sunday, August 9, 2009

SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!


BORN SUNDAY, AUGUST 9, 2009 AT 1:57 P.M.
p.s. Isn't she the most beautiful baby in the whole world!!!!!
Angel started her contractions on Saturday morning. She went into the hospital about noon and they sent her home because she wasn't progressing. She then went back in around ten Saturday night. She was having contractions all night. This might be too much information, so just skip this part if you would rather. About 6:30 am they finally gave her the epidural. An hour later they gave her something to speed the contractions up and then they broke her water. Kayli finally made her appearance into this world around 1:57 p.m. We were all pretty wiped out, but Angel did great and she's such a proud mama. Aaron was the man. He was fun to watch go through this. I guess it's not easy being the dad. Then there was me, the proud grandma! It was one of the most AWESOME experiences in my whole life. I thought the love I had for my kids would never be close to any other love I ever could imagine---WRONG. This little pink bundle did me in. Honestly. I think I'm going to love this thing called grandparenting.

Below: Here she is just a few minutes old, she wants to go back in.

Again, here she is after they cleaned her up somewhat. She just is so laid back. In fact, she didn't really cry to hard so they were having to rough her up a little. I almost had to slap someone.

Below: I was trying to exercise her "guns" a little. She almost looked like she was smiling. Maybe she was.

Below: Here's the proud daddy. Aaron was sooooo happy that his little girl was finally here. He was floating on cloud nine.

Below: Here is Nana, the great-grandma. She's beaming.

Below: Here's the sweetest picture. Aaron is introducing the sisters. Candace was suppose to go back to her mom's house today. Thankfully she got to stay until her little sister was born. She just couldn't quit touching her. So precious.

Below: ANNNNNNNND HERE'S GRANDPA. I don't think we will be able to wipe off our smiles for awhile. So I hope you all just put up with us.

Below: How's this for a picture??? Here's Uncle Will meeting his little princess. He had to wear his Cowboy hat so Kayli would see that as her first logo of any team. I think it's called imprinting. The little darling will be watching Dallas games before too long. Will couldn't quit staring at her.

I got home tonight, Sunday, about 10:00 pm and wanted to put this on the blog for everyone to see how blessed this family is. I have not had any sleep since yesterday morning so I am going to try to go to sleep now. I can't keep looking at the pictures. And speaking of pictures, I will have some more for you tomorrow night with more news. They do get to come home tomorrow early afternoon. Maybe I can have a video of that for you all. I can try. NO ONE can ever look at a new little life and not see God's love for us. I will be going on my knees thanking my God for this day. Also for allowing my whole family to share it. where we were last year at this time, and look at us now.
I want to thank all of you for your part in our lives.
Please feel free to leave Angel and Aaron comments on here. I will be sure to print them off for them to keep in Kayli's baby book.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday August 2, 2009

Here's a funny picture of Will. We bought little Kayli, soon-to-be-born granddaughter, a little crib for when she visits Grandma and Grandpa (I love that name already). Will was caught playing with the little monkeys on the top. I think he's excited too.

This weekend we were visited by two special little people, Sadie and Coby.
They are sitting on my mom's lap. They call her Nana-leen. Eileen is her name and they just stuck it after Nana (Nana is for great-grandma).

Here's how Angel babysits Coby, she puts him on her tummy and I think he's listening to Kayli whisper --maybe, you just don't know.. Or maybe, he just likes her "big pillow" to lay on.

Here is the three little munchkins getting dried off after being in Grandma's pool. Candace is on the left, then Carson who is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks, and Sadie. They just love hamming it up for the camera. I think they made me take 20 pictures of them in their towels.

Now this is a funny picture that Will pointed out to me last time we went to Salt Lake. For many of you that came up to visit Will in the hospital you might remember that the front was under a lot of construction. Well, it's finished now and it looks so good. Will saw this on the lobby wall and had to take a picture. You all know how much money Will spent there so he thought maybe this could have been true. The wall says that this lobby has been generously given by William H. So when you go visit next time, think of Will when you go through the lobby. (I better explain that we were being silly, Will didn't really donate the money. I'm afraid that we might have some gullible people reading this-you know who you are lol.)

Wow, it's August already. Can't believe it, but the thermometer doesn't lie. August is known for its hot, hot days and it's proving to be true. 102 the last few days. Too hot to go out in the boat and fish, darn it. So we didn't get to do that this weekend. Maybe it will cool down later this week. Will did get to go to Tyson's wedding and it was beautiful. Even Coach looked nice, kind of. Miss Gregg and Pam, you missed it-he was in a suit. I'm not lying, Donna made him.
I don't think we have any big plans this week. So I might not blog anything until next weekend. Unless something comes from Salt Lake, but it's too soon for that. So I hope you all have a great week and take care.