Monday, April 7, 2008

update 3/7/08 Monday 1:00 pm

Good news people!!! After six weeks and two days in ICU, we are in a regular room. Yippee.. We are not just in a regular room but the suite. It is humongous. I think it's bigger than our apt. Really!! I am going to get the pictures of it up on computer hopefully tonight. We don't have to call before they let us in his room. There's a couch and dresser and desk for the computer and everything. And a bathroom, you don't appreciate the little things until you don't have them. Our old cf wing brought us up a small fridge so Will can keep his drinks cold. He can't have ice anymore. The room has a big window and it is so good to be able to see the outside world. There's a little area to throw a barn dance and everything. Oh yea, we brought Will with us too.

Right now, he's getting another ultra sound done on his arms and neck, they just want to keep making sure the clot in his neck hasn't traveled or that he hasn't developed any more. His arms and face are still swollen and they are trying to figure out why.

We are trying to get his appetite started again, but so far nothing has sounded good to him. Maybe tomorrow. Uncle Al and Auntie are still here but they might be leaving tomorrow. They have helped Will so much. The game is still a go for tonight, if he can stay awake.

I will post more tonight. CELEBRATION TIME . Moving forward now.


T*A*N*Y*A* said...

I did like 3 happy dances just now!!! i cant wait to see the pics;)
I'm really glad they brought the fridge up for Will.. That will be so nice.. The little things are what matter most..
Loves & Congrats on the progress

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will!
This is fantastic news. And I'm overjoyed to hear it.
I will join you in the happy dance, Terri!
Keep up the great work and I look forward to more great updates.
Will, enjoy the game and your new room!!! I continue to think about you and pray for your healthy recovery every day.

Mecale said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! That is great! Do you need some rice-a-roni Will? Or some chocolate pudding? I will be happy to send you some? Its great to hear about the continuing progression.
Love the Dunn's

Anonymous said...

Hip, Hip, HOORAY!
You have made our day!
Will it sounds like you are well on your WAY...
(I planning on writing some Dr. Seuss. What do you think?!? lol)
I'm am overwhelmed with joy and happiness for you Will! And of course for you too, Terri, Tom, and family.
So is there a DVD player in the room? I know how much Will likes his movies.
Let me know, because I think "Enchanted" would be a great one for his birthday! LOL
XOXO all around
Hope you enjoy the game,

Karen Atwood said...

I am so excited I just don't even know how to express it. Now, Terri, you know that it is very rare that I am at a loss for words! Enjoy it while you can. All I can think about is the first big birthday bash we had for Willie (he was Willie then)in Elko. Wasn't that his first birthday? Will, they said you wouldn't make it to the next birthday so we all celebrated that birthday. Now it is over 30 years later, and soon we'll be able to celebrate another birthday. WOW. Terri, you never quit, and Will never quits. I'm not sure who has a stronger will. This is just fabulous!!!!!!!!! I'd do a happy dance, but those of you who have seen me dance know that wouldn't be a good idea, so I'll just sing a song of thanks and praise! I can't wait to come see you as you walk down the hall. You look great!

Juli said...

Thanks for sharing the pics...this is just what we have been waiting for!! We are so happy, and relieved...many prayers have been answered!!! Hurray!!! Continued prayers for all the good things to come... :) Juli and Family