Monday, March 3, 2008

update 3:57 a.m.

Will has had an eventful day. He has sat up in bed and he tolerated it very well. It felt really good to be off his back. The drs. did a swallow test and he was allowed to have liquids, then pudding. That really felt good. He doesn't like apple juice normally but today he loved it. Angel and Aaron went back to Hagerman to begin their life as a happily married couple. Before they left, Aaron gave Will a good foot massage, Will said it was the best. Angel scratched his head with those long nails. He was pretty happy, getting terribly spoiled.
It seems the days go by really fast. Because this is a teaching hospital, there are always people in and out. Yesterday the physical therapists got Will up and sat him in a chair. He wasn't able to do that today because his heart was going too fast. This doesn't concern anyone. The drs. say it happens and then tomorrow his heart will tolerate moving around just fine. Will is hoping today that he will be eating pizza. Nothing wrong with hoping, but I think they are going to try for broth first.
The first thing he asked for when they said he could have liquids was PEPSI. What else??? His voice is still raspy from the vent but it is stronger. He still rests a lot and he is off all but six iv's. He's moving along.
Well, better get back to doing what I do best, watching his lungs breathe. Still amazes me. God is great.


Brant & Leslie said...

Will, it sounds like you are doing great. About good enough for a needing little KY on you drinking mug or syran wrap over the toilet (or maybe that one would get your dad at this point)haha! I seriously can say you were THE MOST FUN patient I have ever had. I hope those nurses are being good to you! Sending lots of Love Leslie

Aunt Pam said...

My sideline companion and friend, Will:
What an adventure you are having. God truly is an awesome God and you a wonderful minister to all. I hold you very close in my thoughts and always in my prayers. I look forward to the day that you can talk about your experiences. I have a teens in my youth group that could benefit greatly from your story. What better way to serve the Lord than to tell of the many miracles that you have been blessed with. We'll even have Pepsi and pizza if you come: )

Congrats to Angel and Aaron. May they find happiness together.

Tom and Terri: Take good care of each other. Here is a virtual hug!

Love and blessings
Pam (Miss Wallace) McDonald

Steph T. said...

Teri, your last years class asks about you every day and they are very interested in how Will is doing. We had quite a discussion about you and Will this morning. They are so happy for Will, and they miss their favorite teacher of all time. They asked me what I miss the most about you, and I told them I missed your laughter. We could all hear it down the hall and it always made me smile.
You are a tough cookie! We love you and miss you here at school! Hang in there!
Love, Stephanie and the 5th grade gang

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading this blog morning and night... the only time teachers have for themselves. : )
We took Jesalyn and Mason to SeaWorld yesterday and I was reading your mom's blog to the family as we walked in (literally). Tears streamed down my face with joy of the news that your vent was out. I cannot put in words how I have felt the past two weeks being so far from home. Knowing that all I can do either place is pray... how I wish I could have been there to support all of you through this amazing adventure. Terri I hope you and Tom are eating well. Will it sounds like you will be soon!
Angel and Aaron, heard your wedding was beautiful. Looked for tickets but it was too short of notice and school days have been event filled lately. So congratulations and I will get something in the mail soon.
Will I agree with Pam, you have already touched so many and there are so many more for your future. Florida is a great vacation spot! You are welcome any time in our home and I'll even provide the Pepsi! This is going to sound really corny, but every time I have a Pepsi I think of you and justify drinking it because you always did! (Hate to admit, but true story) Will I can't recall you without a pepsi in your hand. In fact, when I heard you went into surgery I wondered if they had your Pepsi IV ready.
Terri and Tom you are welcome too!
Love you all lots,

Tanya said...

Great choice on the PEPSI!!!
Happy drinking to you my friend..

Erin said...

Pepsi huh? You and my dad are so much alike it's scary! I have to tell you that I sent an email to my entire department at work (which consists of approx 35 - 40 people) asking for prayers for you. I received an email back from all but a few who were out of the office. The power of prayer is AMAZING! Love you all and still praying for you everyday.

lihiatt said...

hi will and terri,,,,am so glad that you are doing better will,,,,i am looking so forward to getting to know you,,,aaron has told me what a fighter and what a wonderful person you are,,,,,,,,,,he loves his new brother in law,,,,and of course his new mother and father inlaw,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we will continue to pray for you all,,,,,,,,the wedding was spectacular,,,,i didn't get a chance that night to thank you and tell you how lovely it was,,,,,,,,,,,we had a wonderful time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thank you for it all,,,,,,,,love linda ( aaron's mom)