Monday, March 17, 2008

3/17/08 Monday 5:48 am Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well, it's been over three weeks now with the new lungs. Happy Anniversary. Sorry I didn't get back to you all but I slept until 10 last night. Had a good 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep and figured nobody would still be up at that hour to read the blog anyway (except Kim who is trying to stay up for me).
Will's day was busy on our new floor. First he had to get a pic line in. I watched that and it was fascinating. They take a ultrasound and then just find a big vein to stick it in. It's all sterile and it's like a surgery, but it's not. Anyway, they went through all the fluid that is still on him and found a good vein. They put in a couple of ports for the IVS. Then they got to take out the two ports that were in his upper thigh. They really want him to get sitting up and moving. The drs. know that will drain the fluid off the chest cavity.
So they got that done and then they tried to take out one of his chest tubes on his left side but somehow it had gotten kinked with all the other lines running around on his side. When they unkinked it, it started to drain again so they decided to keep that one in for a little while.
Then the herd of drs. made their rounds and all fit into this tiny little room. The head one, Dr. Harris, asks a bunch of questions. It reminds me of that show "Scrubs" so when they all left, Will and I laughed at some of the guys' questions. We tried to put some names from the show and match them with those drs. This family is easily entertained.
Then came the swallow test. You have to pass this test in able for them to clear you so you can start drinking and eating. Willie flunked. If it wasn't so sad for him, I would have laughed at some of the questions he asked the dr about giving him a "redo" He said he would study more for it. I guess when you have been on a vent a long time you muscles get lazy and don't want to work. Will is so thirsty and he begged her just to stay there and let him drink while she was watching. He did everything he could but get down on his knees and beg, he probably would have done that if he could have gotten out of bed. But this was one dr. that was more stubborn than Will. They don't make very many of those. So this morning he should have another test and then he will be able to start drinking.
While I was sleeping, Tom got Will up and sat in the chair. He is weaker this week than last. So they had to pick him up and put him in the chair. He got to stay there for about 45 minutes. It felt good for him to be off him back. They also took one of his feeding tubes out. He is still on 30 % oxygen and that's good. We hope to move him around more today and get him drinking. His lungs are still "wet" so he needs to cough more. I never would have thought that we would have to remind Will to cough. What a difference.
So this was a good day, positive moves forward. In a couple more days, we will be back to where we were before Will had his "setback"
Thanks everyone for your help in getting Will ready for his March Madness picks. I will let you know when we get them going. Your page was a good one Susan and Roger, thanks.
Hope all of you wear green today and just thank God of all your good luck that He has been giving you. I know I do. The luck of the Irish and all that. I think we have found a pot at the end of the rainbow. I will let you know if he gets his Pepsi today or not. I think even if he doesn't pass, he's still going to drink some.
Take care and God bless you all


bug said...

Well Uncle Will, Cali says if you are not wearing green you need to be pinched. Make sure you get something green on or the Leprechauns will pinch you hard. She is pinching me now and she means business.
Hopefully you get that pepsi today that is what Cali asked the leprechauns to bring. She says they only visit those that are part irish, so hopefully you are.
Are prayers are with you
Curt, Jen and Cali

Somer Love said...

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!!!!!! I know the luck of the Irish will be on your side today!! Make sure they make you a green Pepsi ;) Sending lots of Irish blessings your way.

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will,

I'm sending you all of my love and prayers for another great day of progress.
Keep it up and I hope your new room is to your liking. :)

Terri, thank you again for posting this information. It is so wonderful to feel connected on a daily basis.

Please give Tom hugs for me, too.

Much love,


KP said...

Hola Guierllmo! I can't remember how to spell it! There were much easier names you could've chosen in Spanish class ya know, like Paco! I know it's St. Patty's Day and not Cinco de Mayo, but it's just fun to call you Guierllmo once in a while! Boy, Senora C sure knew how to have a good class party though, didn't she!!!

Hey, I wanted to let you know about the track meet on Friday in Emmett. Molly got second in the 100, first in the 200 and first in the long jump. Taryn got 1st in the 300 hurdles with Aubree getting second in that event and first in the triple jump. Tinley got first in the shot put. Go Lady Tigers!

I don't have any updates on the golfers and the softballers, but I will keep you posted!

Well, it's Spring Break here and do you know how we kicked it off this morning? Kara & Keeli made me breakfast in bed! We are talking the biggest mixing bowl they could find FULL of Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops. Along with a piece of burnt toast with an inch of peanut butter and a hint of honey. And they didn't leave my bed until it was ALL gone. It was delicious! They want to know when they can come make you breakfast in bed!

Well, I hope you have a good day today Will. No more flunking tests, ok! Love ya! And Terri, thank you for taking the time to inform us all. But, is it possible to get hourly updates? :) just kidding.
Love ya too!

-The Kps

Juli said...

HAPPY ST.PADDY'S DAY!!! Great news on all the progress, Will, keep up the good work!!! A Blessing for the Nearness of God As the sheep to the shepherd As the branch to the vine As the flower to stem As the bride to her groom As the fish to the water As the bird to the air As the star to the sky As the sun to the moon As the plant to its seed As the grass to the dew As a babe to its Mother May God be near You. We hope you have the best day yet!!We're sending all our irish blessings your way this year, as we celebrate our irish heritage...Love and prayers, The Lynch Family

Shelly said...

Happy Holiday! Thinking about you, especially with March Madness going on. Bryan bought a big TV for his clinic so at least he can watch basketball at work, since we don't have cable. We just bought the clinic that he left in October on Valentine's Day, so we are moving into town soon. Now you won't have to drive so far out in the boonies for our barbecue! I am expecting #4, and find it really hard to work out with all the morning sickness--BUT you are an inspiration to me. I will do my workout today in honor of you. Thoughts and prayers always with you.