Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3/18/08 Tuesday 5:50 am

Happy morning to you all
This is going to be a great day. Will had fun yesterday drinking and eating soft food. The herd of drs. came in about 10:30 am and was congratulating him on passing his swallow test. Then they said they only wanted him to drink 5 of those water bottles (the little ones) in 24 hours because he still has so fluid in his body. Well, he had already had 4 by then. Whoops. That didn't even count his Pepsi. He did enjoy his pudding also. So it's now all about getting the fluid off and getting his strength back. I really think Will is his own worse coach. He thinks he should be doing all this and more and then the drs. come and and tell him to slow it down and rest. He doesn't like just resting. He even tries to do leg circles in bed when he is supposed to be resting.

Speaking of coaching, Will's friend and high school coach, is coming up to see him today. Yes, he can still drive, they don't have an age limit yet. They will probably spend the time discussing Will's picks for March madness and then I will let all of you know. Will is excited.

The drs. will make their rounds and decide if Will can get one of his chest tubes out. We will see.
Today he should be able to eat more solid food. I think I need to go find an artichoke. Angel might be coming up to spend a couple of days. She's on spring break.
Hope the warm weather is coming soon. It snowed here yesterday and put about 5 inches down. It did melt by the time I left last night.

We miss all of you and love to hear from you.
Talk care and God bless


Pam said...

What great news. You'll be walking out that place in no time! I've never meet a man with such determination as you have, Will. I had no doubts that you and Randy would be hooking up for the NCAA picks. What a memory that was. Hugs to all.
Pam (Wallace) McDonald

Andy said...

Well since you've been out of the loop I'll go ahead and make some for sure pics for you. Boise State might as well not get on the plane and Duke is a fluffy pick they'll go down in the Sweet 16 or Elite 8. Other than that I'll let you hash out the rest. Hang in there and let me know when you can get some visitors because I have vacation at the beginning of next month so I would love to come down and see how well you are doing.

Andy Stephenson

Stephenson said...

Hey Will! Sounds like you had a great day yesterday! I am sure today is going to be even better! But hey, take a rest ounce in a while will ya? You don't have to show off ALL the time! =)
Love ya!


Tyson said...

It's great to hear all of your progress, Will! I don't know if my dad has ever been this excited to see anyone. He might even drive over 70 on the freeway to get there, he is so excited. Thanks for all of the updates, Terri. It's amazing how many people I see on here every day that I haven't talked to in a long time. That's the power of Will. Bringing so many people together from so many different places. Best wishes to all of you (especially those of you in SLC) from windy southern idaho.

Juli said...

Hey Gang...Congrats on all the good news being reported by your Mom!!! The long road is behind you, and now sunny skies ahead :)... I want you to listen carefully to all those Docs...they know their stuff...Think of it this way...THEY are the Teachers, and now YOU are the Student....a hard one, I know... I grew up surrounded by Teachers, both Grandmoms, my Mother, and now Jess....they are a stubborn lot (Ha-ha!!) You just hang in there, and pay attention...:) We (Maags and I) are so relieved that your off that vent, and glad to hear your enjoying a pepsi now and then...Keep up the good work, we're pulling for you!!! Hope today is another really GREAT day!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news Will! I am SO proud of you. Sure Randy was glad to see you!
Terri just want to remind you again about how AWESOME you are! Thanks for always thinking of us (your extended family). Know dad and Kim have been there for you, wish I could be too. Been thinking about Aaron and Angel a lot.
I agree with Tyson, I love reading the comments from everyone else encouraging and supporting you.
Okay I can't believe it but my other screensaver just popped up a picture of Will holding Jesalyn when she was just a few months old. Do you remember that?! She was so tiny holding on to your finger. : )
I know I'm way behind on pics, I'll try to get some sent your way. I have one that was taken special for you a few days before you went into surgery. Can't tell you what it looks like though. lol

Marcus and family said...

We have been trying to send massages. I have finally given up and am using Minettes e-mail to get a new password. Marcus has been anxious to write so I hope this is right now. We are all thinking and praying for all of you daily. Lots of love the Mendives

Jen Holtzen said...

Hey Will,glad to hear you got your pepsi, maybe when you feel a little better they could just start a pepsi I.V.?? Hope you had a good time with Coach today, I imagine that him (excuse me, he and your Mom, Scott's correcting my english) and your mom kept you entertained. I have to disagree with Andy, Duke is not a fluffy pick. Okay, talk to you later.
Scott (the english genius), Jen, Trajan, Ryker, and Daxin

Stacy Hensley said...

Hello Harbison Family!
Oh my gosh! I am so glad to hear things are going much better! Will, you are a true hero! Stay strong! Congrats to Angel on her wedding! Terry, I love your blogs! Just wanted you all to know that the Mushlitz/Hensley family's are keeping you all in our prayers.

Stacy (Mushlitz) Hensley

Judi and Buck said...

A herd of doctors. What a great description. it took the whole herd to check up on one cowboy! MMMM..Sounds like Pepsi time to me!
Good to hear from you so often and be part of the other herds! Thought you would like that Terri.
Saw Grandma Cherie today and she had great news about Will too. I hope the teams you pick go the distance Will, but like you, we know they will try darned hard.
God Bless.

Dave & Jane said...

Hi Willie, Hope you're feeling better. Hopefully we can spend Thanksgiving together this year.
Love Kaitlyn & Ryan

Tanya said...

yeah for March Madness!!! I know your pickens will be good this year..