Saturday, March 22, 2008

3/22/08 Sat, 6:00 pm

I told you all that I had a little surprise today. I am going to be on the news either tonight or tomorrow. This is how it happened. Someone who has been touched by Will's story told someone else and then they told the news show. They wanted to do a story on how the blog can connect all these people together. They were very inspired by Will and how he has been doing in the hospital. They couldn't believe the many, many people that check on Will everyday. See how special you all are. Everyone that cares for Will has made this happen. Thanks

Anyway they wanted to do a human interest story on that but I told them I needed to plug organ donation also and they said it would be okay. So I was able to do that and the producers wanted to have Will a part of it. The cameras wanted to shoot him but they aren't allowed in ICU. So they just shot me. I know you all think that I'm not shy, but I really was. I hadn't had any good sleep the last 30 hours and I was tired. I told them they had better take anything out that made me seem like a babbling idiot. I don't know what all they put in the segment. I will see when it comes on the TV. Will's friend told us they could get a tape of it so when I get home I will share with you all, or if there is a website I can tell you what link it is.

One of the hardest questions they asked me was what made my son so special that hundreds of people checked up on him every day? I told them they didn't have enough tape on their machine for me to list all of the qualities. They said they might want to do a follow-up on Will later when he gets out of ICU and see if people are still blogging to check up on him

Will is having another quiet day. The drs. said that it must have worked something right because his lungs are a little better today. They want to keep doing that for a few more days. Just letting Will walk as much as he is able and start eating. He needs to eat about 3200 calories a day. They give him 1500 in the feeding tubes and they want him to eat the rest. He gets in about 300 calories right now. So he has a way to go. It just boggles my mind that people "have to" put on calories. I don't seem to have any trouble at all. :(

He's taken two walks today and he will take one more when I get back up to the hospital.

Tomorrow's Easter!!!!! YEA


Denise and Lonnie Waltrip said...

WOW!!! Terri that is just awesome!!! Do you know what channel you will be on????? We get Salt Lake on satellite here and they get it on cable in Elko too so we are anxious to see you!!! I can't believe how well you are doing Will. But - stay in that ICU as long as you can because they take such good care of you there and once you get on the floor it has been our experience that you don't get their undivided attention like you deserve! Keep chugging along! We are so proud of you all!

Julie Z said...

Well, You are all so Special to us in all that you have been through and have overcome, YOU are ALL Celebrities already! I pray that you will feel calm and share as much with the rest of TV land that you have shared with us, Terri, on these blogs!
They should have NO doubt in their minds when they are finished how much we love Will. He is ONE OF A KIND and has touched each one of our hearts!

We Love you and wish each one of you a very Happy Easter tomorrow.

Dixie said...

Wow, Terri the movie star. How exciting. Do you know if they are planning on showing it here in Idaho? I hope they do. We would love to see it.
Keep up the good work Will. Remember walking, but not to much, does good for those new lungs. Resetting is good to Will.
Thanks for all the great up dates Terri, I love to check on Will, espically when I'm working nights on PEDS. It gives me a good laugh knowing I'm not they only nurse Will gives a hard time to.

Take care and keep up the good work.

Dixie and James

Judy said...

Terri on TV - That is great and I would love to see it. This blog is something else - once we all remember our username and passwords. It is so neat to all be in touch with you guys and also to see what everyone else all over the U.S. is up to. Will, I am so glad to are doing better. I saw Angel today and she said you looked so much better. It was good to see her smile as she said that. You guys take care and have a Very Blessed Easter. Love, Layne and Judy

Mason & Suzy said...

Happy Easter tomorrow Will and family!
I'm excited to see the turn out of the news clip. Blogging really is the greatest thing this decade! And Will really does deserve to be recognized...on the news as well as by those that truly care about him. Such a great opportunity! Terri, you are always prepared with the best to say. Just look at your blogs!
Oh, and Will, I'll hand over some of my calories just because I care that much! Deal?

osbornefamilyof4 said...

Will, Terri, and Tom, Happy Easter! We hope you have a great Easter Sunday. Just know we will be missing you come 7:30 in the morning at the Easter Service:) You are in our thoughts and Prayers everyday and can't wait for you to come back to our little town of Hagerman. We miss you and love you all lots, The Osbornes

Tanya said...

I am for sure going to watch the news!! Will deserves to be known for his inspiration he gives people and the strength he holds on his shoulders that amazes us all so much..

Karen Atwood said...

WOW, Terri, that is fabulous! It makes me remember the time Will was just a little kid and he had his picture taken with the race car driver (I don't remember who it was), but it was a big deal. You, Will, have always been an inspiration to all who know you, and now your story will go even further. I do hope you get a tape or that it is on a channel we can see. As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this early Easter, I am so happy that you are doing better and I know that God understands the pain that you, Terri and Tom, have gone through as you watch Will struggle and overcome so many hurdles put in his way. Your faithfullness to God in believing this is all in His hands and in letting others know how much you all rely on Him is a testimony to hundreds of people. My prayer is that each day will be a better day for Will and for all of your family and that you will all be surrounded by His love even more. I love you all and can't wait until you are all home again. Hopefully you, Will, will have a new cousin soon!

Jessica said...

I have to say I am not surprised at all! We were privileged to grow up so close to your family and especially to be inspired by Will. Although he is older than us, like a brother more than an adult figure, we never wanted to disappoint him. (You don't know how bad I have wanted to come and toilet paper and fork his hospital room lol) I can't remember the number of times we were out late doing that at your house on Bell Rapids Rd.
He taught us all many things, more than can be listed but most of all respect and to never give up!

Keep up the hard work Will! We can't wait to see you out of ICU! HAPPY EASTER!