Monday, March 24, 2008

3/24/08 Monday 2:07 pm

This is just a quick update. We probably won't be doing a cat scan until a lot later tonight or tomorrow. They need to get him more stable before trying to move him to the lab to have the scan. So for now, we will be praying for his numbers to get to where they need to be. He is finally resting comfortably. He was in a lot of pain throughout the night. They decided that his pain medication would be alright to give as long as his blood pressure doesn't drop too low. So far, so good. Nobody likes to see him in pain. I still can't say enough about these wonderful people that are taking care of Will. I will let you know of his progress as the day goes by. Thank you for the continued prayers.
God bless
PS Andy and Curt, I can't tell you what your comments meant to all of us. Andy you are a writer because you said what was in your heart. Thank you so much. I can't wait to share with Will when he gets better. (You both made me cry, but then I seem to be a cry baby these last couple of days.) I enjoy everyones comments so much, just knowing how Will has affected everyone. Keep them coming, they inspire us. Some of the ones that are coming to my personal email are very, very touching. I wish I could share them with you all. Remember if you don't want to post them here, email them to me at and I will see that I read them to Will as soon as he wakes up.


coach connor said...

First time on your blog. Remarkable posts and comments. Had a nice visit with your mom last week. As you know, she is an incredible woman.
Watched some great games in Anaheim with Bus and Jake. Sad to see Trent Johnson get ejected..glad they won. UCLA was fortunate to win...glad they won as I have them in my bracket to win it all. How about the cinderall team, Davidson College, beating the odds and advancing to the Sweet 16. You are our Davidson College...beating odds, no quit, keep fighting! Get to the next round Will. My thoughts and silent prayers are with you often.

Juli said...

Terri, Hang in the there! SO many extra prayers going out right now...I was thinking and wondering how many States prayers are coming from...Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, California(?).... Amazing Grace...thats what it is!!Sending LOTS of Love to ALL...Terri, Tom, Will, Angel and Aaron We are all holding you close in our hearts and minds...BIG HUGS all around!!

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will!

Since Coach Connor posted, I have to share one of my favorite "reflective" stories with you now.

I recall being in elementary school; maybe 3rd or 4th grade. I know it was just when little league b-ball was beginning for my age.
You stopped me in the hall near the library and asked me "why aren't you signed up for the Connor Shooting Camp?".

At the time, I wasn't quite sure "why" I wasn't signed up. But I do recall that after our conversation, I signed up and attended that year. . . and the year after. . .etc. The rest is history. And I, of course, can't thank you enough for being a source of encouragement and for caring enough to always urge me to do better because you knew I had it in me.

So today I encourage you to keep doing better and get well soon because I know that you have it in you.
All of my prayers go out to you for strength and health.

All my best,

LindsayChoules said...

Oh the memories!!!!! Its so funny to hear Katie talk about Connor Camp, how many years in a row did we all go to that :)...I don't remember too many times that we all weren't in the gym and Will not being right there with us! I was so excited to see Davidson beat Georgetown (especially because I don't have the hoyas in my final four) but Coach Connor is right Keep Fighting Will!....And thanks Teri for keeping this I'm not bugging Tyson and Randy everyday with phone calls its amazing how strong you all are! Love you!!