Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3/4/08 Tuesday 5:30 a.m.

I'm glad yesterday is behind us. The docs told us there would be days like that but whew! Don't want anymore like that. Just a little update. His heart was going way too fast so they had to give him medicines for that. Then the medicines they gave him for that made his capillaries constrict so they didn't move air very well. He got a plug in the lower lobe and it collapsed. Yesterday they worked on opening it back up. Many people were working on him so it made for a crazy day with lots of tests.
The doctors had to put him back on 100% oxygen which made Will upset. He doesn't like taking backward steps. He still has a way to go before he is back to where he was but at least we have him going in the right direction.
By the way----the big news------drum roll, please. He got a pepsi today!

There now you have it. bad news, good news.
He's working hard, a lot harder than anyone I know could. He amazes me still after all these years. God sure made one tough guy when he was making Will. I only wish I was half as tough.
Continue prayers as he works his way through this set back.
He is now staying awake longer periods of time. So for entertainment, I am reading him your comments. So if you have something to say, please do so.
Thanks for all the words of encourgement.


karrie & jeff said...

Will, Last night at bible study, we all prayed for you. There are so many people praying. I just know God will lead you through all this; don't get discouraged. Pepsi! Yuck! I would have asked for chocolate milk! We're ready for you to come home; the neighborhood is pretty quiet lately. Hang in there! Love from Karrie and Jeff

Coach said...

Will, Sorry to hear about your set back. I know you will get through it though because you always do. I am subing for Brent and I am charging everyone a dollar to get info about you. You can use it at the spots book when we go to Jackpot. Everyone I see ask about you so you are making some good money. I appreciate the calls from you, Tom and Terri.I know you will get through this because you have alot of basketball to coach next year.I'll see you soon. Coach

VON said...

Tom and Teri,I just got back Friday from Mexico. Debbie gave me the news about the transplant before I got home. Our Family has been in prayer mode for Will. It is good to hear of the progress he is making.Our thought and prayers are with you all.--Von,Deb & Shaneal

jo said...

Hi, Sorry to hear about your set back but I know you are strong enough to fight and make it thru this. I think a Pepsi is great!! That is what I would want. Dr. Geist called me and I told him to get on the blog...he is not sure how to leave a message but was going to try to figure it out...we are thinking about you every day.. Love, Jo and the Hawkins family

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will,
(and Coach)

Jackpot might work. But I think that Coach needs to bring you to Lincoln City (Oregon coast) when you're up and feeling good. He knows the spots: the ocean and Spirit Mountain right next to each other.
A very relaxing and spiritual location for some recuperation. Think about it.

I'm thinking about you every day. Be strong and know that we all love you! You've always been an inspiration to me and you continue to be.


KP said...

Will, keep fighting! We are cheering for you every step of the way. Keeli has something to say to you... "Will, I hope you have happy lungs today. I want to play basketball with you."
I know what you need Will...some good Fletch quotes. Here ya go...
Chief Karlin: So, what's your name?
Fletch: Fletch.
Chief Karlin: Full name?
Fletch: Fletch F. Fletch.
Chief Karlin: I see, And what do you do for a living, Mr. Fletch?
Fletch: I'm a shepherd.
"In case you haven't guessed yet, there's been a lot of drug traffic on the beach. And I'm not talking about Robitussin and No-Doze. I'm talking about the hard stuff, and a lot of it. I've been trying to find out who's behind it. It hasn't been easy. I don't shower much."

If you need anymore Fletch quotes, just let me know. We here in the Peterson household, hope you have a good today filled with progress & Pepsi. We love ya! Thank you for the updates Terri!
The four KP's

Karen Atwood said...

WOW, Will, God must know how tough you are because he says he won't give us more than we can bare. I know you just want to show the rest of us wimps up!

I agree on the "Pepsi! Yuck!" thing. Coke, coffee--anything but Pepsi! Hurry up and get better so we can all come down and go out for those awesome shakes again.

I love you and I'm praying for you, Will, and of course, for Terri, Tom, Willie, and everyone else close to you. You are my hero.

Stacy said...

Will, sorry to hear about your set back. We are all praying for you and your family.

The other night at dinner, it was Gage's turn to say the blessing. The first thing out of his mouth was, "Please bless Will and make him better soon." See, he has another side to him other than showing his bare butt to the camera. Lol

Be strong and hang in there Will!

With much love and blessings, Stacy Burnham

Afton said...

Hi Will, It's so good to hear you're doing better. I figured since Teri (Hi Teri and Tom!)is reading all of these to you for entertainment I'd update you on my life since I havn't seen you guys forever. As you probably know I have been happily married for about 7 months now. I graduated in December with a degree in Biology and hope to work as a wildlife or conservation biologist soon. I also just became a new puppy mommy to the cutest Mini Aussi ever. For the last two years I've been working as a fish biologist, which has been really fun. In May, Taylor and I are moving to Denver so he can get his masters in Hydrology. I'm pretty nervous to be that far away from the fam-damly, but excited to go exploring!
I'm so glad to see that you have so many people to love, care, and support you Will, you've always been an inspiration to so many. I don't know anyone stronger. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. I love you all and miss you too!

Coby Culley said...

Will, Sorry I haven't written before, its been a long time partner. I think the last time we were able to hang out was when we went fishing at that Dam and you caught that big Catfish on the line. That thing was bigger than the both of us combined! That was a fun trip.
Wow, time has really flown by. When you get back home, get in touch with me and maybe we can set up a fishing trip so that we can catch up. Tell your Mom and Dad hello for me!

Gary Krumm said...

Hey Will. Hope the progress is getting bigger and better. I think the weather is waiting on you, so let's get with it. I'm sick of cold, freezing, windy days! I know you're doing all you can so warm baseball games and track meets can begin. You stay strong Will. You too Terri.
God continues to bless!
Gary Krumm

Mindy Lou said...

Will, continue to be strong, we all know you have it in you. I'm really glad that you've had your Pepsi. Now all you need is some Rice-A-Roni along with your pizza of course!

We miss you all and can't wait to read your first blog Will!! We love you and continue to pray for.

Oh yeah, the other day Megan said that you'd be coaching the Hagerman boys, which would include Tyler, but Breanna has other plans, you're coaching the girls. Just thought I'd let you know!

Love you guys!

Jessica said...

I have to agree with Mindy, Will. Girls are better, oh I forgot you already know that.LOL
Jesalyn can't wait, guess there should be a move in the future. Who knows what crazy plans God has, right Will?
Continue to be strong! We could always get the good old Hagerman Cheerleaders to come cheer you on... right Angel? LOL (that would be scary)
I'm thinking of you often. My Aunt Renee sent her love and prayers. She just found out today, guess I need to get on the ball.
Love you lots,

Bina said...

Hey #1 booster brother! So everyday, at least once a day I get on your website and read the news about you. It's so exciting and I'm so happy you got your new lungs! Get better so I can come visit and remind you how skilled I am at pushing your wheel chair! I think about you everyday! Love you lots! ~Bina

Scott & Melissa said...

I had a Pepsi at Nine Beans today and thought of you! Hopefully you were enjoying yours about the same time.

Basketball is over for yet another year and I have to still hold true to what I told you once. With all the teams that I have escorted to their locker rooms, YOUR TEAM, The Jerome Lady Tigers, have still been the most courteous and loving by far. Truly a testament to you and your example. I feel that way now more than ever reading all the comments from friends and family.

Keep up the good fight as we and our Heavenly Father will continue to be with you in Spirit.

Love, Melissa, Scott, Taylor, Ayden, Breagan, and Carmen (From now on we'll just use The Draper's as it is shorter!)

Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

I like this new fangled way of communicating. No more hunting for envelopes and stamps HA HA.
I am still amazed how God creates us and how all the organs work. Then He allows man to replace or exchange them to sustain the precious life that He has given us.
Will, I have a friend whose brother had a lung transplant also and he is leading a regular life now so keep fighting. Our prayers are for your full recovery. Love in Christ-Dan and Evelyn

Erin said...

Hey Will ~ Pepsi is the best medicine right? Well, Grandma Georgia would argue with ya and say Coke is. : ) Things are really slow in the ER right now. It's about 1 am and I've got 6 hours to go. Hope I can stay awake! Think I may need a Pepsi soon myself. Tonya wanted me to let you that her offer still stands - she can drop the 4 little girls off anytime if you want company! : ) Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Mecale said...

Hey Will, I'm glad you got your Pepsi. I was thinking of ways I could send a six pack your way but figured all options would end in disaster. It's great to hear that things are progressing. All these offers for you to coach...why haven't you told anybody that you are planning on coming up here to coach when you get released??? :)
Our thoughs and prayers are with you and the family-The Dunn's