Monday, March 24, 2008

3/24/08 Monday 4:45 am

I hope everyone had a great Easter day.

Our day wasn't that great. Will is now back on the vent (the machine that breathes through a tube down his throat) It all started in the night when he was having to work too hard to breathe so they put him on the bi-pap machine (the machine that forces air down to help you breathe). He still couldn't get his sats (saturation of oxygen) up over 85% (acceptable is over 90%). He was working too hard and then he started going down hill fast. They decided to put the vent in rather quickly and I was amazed how well Will took the news. He must have been tired. Once the vent was in, he still wasn't able to get his sats up. The drs. worked most of the afternoon on him but finally they got them (the sats) up. They had to put all the tubes that they had before back in him. they put two new IV lines in and one just to take blood out of (arterial line). His blood pressure started to drop (68/29) and so they needed new medication to get that back up to acceptable numbers. That took a few hours to get that up. So all in all, it was a long, long day.

Will is holding his own now and they are keeping him sedated . They want to run a bunch of tests, including a ct scan to see what happened but they can't do it now because he is still unstable. Hopefully they will be able to do it later this morning. This is just another bump in the road. Will reminded me right before they had to put in the vent that it's all going to be worth it.

As I sat here tonight saying my prayers for His blessings on Will, I can't forget that there is a love more powerful than a parent's love and that is God's love for Will. He must have great things in the making for Will. The trials and little "bumps" that we are going through are all in God's great plan. The hard part is being able to give it ALL over to Him. I know how hard it is to read that Will has had a set back. I said a prayer for all of you to find some peace knowing God has his hand upon Will. I hope everyone will say a prayer for Will's speedy healing and finding out what caused this. Also if you could say a prayer for Angel, she is having such a tough time being so far away while all this is happening to him. My heart hurts for her too. I will post more as we know what's happening.
God bless you all


Andy said...

Any words of encouragement don't really see appropriate right now. Why? Because Will has totally changed the meaning of all the words I thought I once knew. I'm supposed to tell Will to 'stay strong' or 'keep fighting,' are you kidding me? Will has totally redefined what those words truly mean to me. Strength, determination, fight...he truly knows what those words mean. I wish I had just a fraction of what he has. One thing I'll never forget about Will is that I never heard him complain about anything and I'm pretty sure it would be hard to find someone that has. Will was a great role model for when he was my coach and now Will is a great role model for me in life.

Andy Stephenson

I hope it makes sense. I'm not the best writer in the world.

Megan said...

Hey Will this is Curt. For once I couldn't agree with Andy more:-) As I send my first blog message ever I can't believe how much we all take for granted as you fight for every breath. I just want you and your family to know that you are in my prayers. You have always been a great role model and you continue to be an awesome source of strength and humility for me. Can't wait to see you back in Hagerman. I keep trying to get Tyler to shoot the ball into the hoop you gave him but he is really struggling and I am kinda getting frustrated now I know how you must have felt coaching me.


Judi and Buck said...

Prayers for you are going up from Elko. Many here have been your silent partners over the years and ask me frequently, "How's Will?" I can always say, Will is tenacious and a kind man and appreciates each and everyone of you whether he has met you or not. We appreciate what you are going through and keep you in our prayers.
God Bless,

Pam said...

Fight, Will, fight! You are the most courageous man I have had the opportunity to meet. The life you have led and the fights you have won are all a testament to God's love of His children. I am confident that God has great plans for the man who has touched so many lives and will continue to touch more in the future. Terri, Tom, Angel, Aaron - I know how hard it is to turn it all over to Him, but your faith will give you the strength that you need. Know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Pam and Dave McDonald

Pam said...
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Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

It is so good to hear that Will still believes that all his ups and downs are worth it. God's testing of our faith is ultimately and always for our best even when the tests are grievious. Your testimonies to all who you come in contact with is very encouraging and uplifting. We try to find ways to keep you you up and every time I sign on this blog I get a reminder to contend for the faith. God is continually using you in a mighty way. We love you

Angel said...

Hi Will!! I wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. Get rest and remember just one breath at a time, you can do it. I can't wait til you come. I love you.