Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday 3/8/08 4:15 am

Today we celebrate two weeks with the new lungs. It hasn't been as easy as we thought but it's such a gift. We have come a long way with God's help with still a ways to go.

Will's right lung is so strong now, it's fully inflated. His left lower and middle lobes are still plugged but hopefully today they will open. He had to go to a small surgery Friday to place some more chest tubes in. He still has so much excess fluid and it's starting to put too much pressure on his lungs. So they went in and drained a bunch off and then put a tiny tube in so it will keep draining. It's called a pig tail. He had a cat scan too. Busy day. His renal test showed some damage trying to get all this fluid off but it doesn't look like it will be long term. That's good news. The blood clot in his neck is quite large and the drs. think that maybe some small ones "showered" off and went to the lungs. This is being taken care of with the heparin drip.

We were hoping that by the time that Angel and Aaron got here we would be able to have moved to the other intensive care unit where it's not so strict. They are very strict here on only having two visitors at a time. This makes it hard when Angel and Aaron come up because we don't get to be all together, but maybe next time. He is where he needs to be and they know their stuff.

He's still very weak and swollen. He says that when he takes a walk, he feels like he's walking on water balloons. Now that's a picture. This morning when I was helping him stand up I told him he was doing good and he said he was looking good too. (His sense of humor is slowly coming back) I probably should have told him then that the back of his gown was open. Tooooo funny. (My sense of humor is back too).

Today our goal is to get that left lung opened up and take a few more steps in his walk. We will work on that and then visit with Angel and Aaron.
A few days ago our good friends, the Drapers, had triplets. They are all doing well and everyone is happy they are here finally. Our prayers will continue for them as they get stronger. God's blessing on you all.


Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

Good morning -- Great wedding pictures. We had a wonderful time with Richard, Kim, Haley, Riley, and new puppies. Arizona sun is super and wish Willie could soak some in. It makes us feel so good. Some day you will all have to come visit and stay in our quest house.Love you all and keep getting strong.

Scott & Melissa said...


Melissa was just telling me a story about Chancy, Will, Melissa, and some others that were down at the boat docks lighting bottle rockets and watching them go into the water. Evidently one went down Will's back and burned him pretty good. The things you remember as I had never heard the story until now.

The babies are doing GREAT! Mary and Jason were here to see them last night. Jason is such a big teddy bear. You could see the amazement in his eyes but he would not touch them. Mary got a kick out of it.

The kids have graduated from c-paps to regular nasal canulas. Melissa is doing great and may even be discharged today.

Our prayers are with you. Keep up the good work and thanks for allowing us to stay informed.


The Drapers (ALL SIX OF US!)

Bina said...

"pig tails" and "cat scans"? What, are they running some kind of barnyard down there? Oh this is great entertainment, mom. Keep the blogs coming, I can't wait to hear what's next:) Willy, you just let me know if they're not treating you humane. I know lots of great farmers in Utah, I'm sure we can work something out. Ok, enough comedian from me. Love you all! Especially you big brother! Keep getting better! Love always, Bina

Somer Love said...

Happy 2 week anniv!!! Hope you are enjoying your thin mints! I am going to try and find you some tap shoes so when you have to walk you can make some noise :) Keep on Keeping on!! You are doing GREAT!