Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday 3/14/08 5:10 am

Hi everyone
Will's holding his own. All last night he worked out and exercised (all he can really move is his arms, hands and feet) but he wanted to be ready to get off the vent. He tried all day but he couldn't get his numbers up. His body was still too tired to breathe without help. Still for the rest of the day he worked and still he couldn't get off the vent. So tonight he just rested, and he thinks maybe that will work.
He was angry at himself and I reminded him that he only had surgery the day before and that sets your body back. All he told me was that he had a goal for the day and he didn't reach it. So he was dissapointed. I told him to cut himself some slack. He just wants off that vent. He hates having to tell us stuff by writing it out on a pillow. And he's ready for another pepsi. It seems like a long time ago when he had that one last week. His blood gases (that's how they check to see if he's oxygenating his blood-I think that's how they say it) are not where they should be to get off the vent today either but I'm not going to tell him. I'll let the drs. be the bad guys. Who knows, he might be able to do it later today.
The drs. did another bronchioscope to check to make sure they didn't damage the lungs yesterday during sugery and all looks well. They are going to work just fine when we get all this other stuff figured out. His new feeding tube that they placed in his intenstines yesterday clogged up so they had to put another one in today. That's not a very comfortable procedure.

He is waking up more and wanting to have us read the comments. That's the first thing he asks us for. He loves hearing from all of you. Yesterday, Molly wrote to us. She's from his basketball team. He loved hearing from her. Hopefully the other girls will start leaving messages too.
Right now he went back to sleep and he's listening to relaxation music with birds and ocean waves. It's pretty hypnotic, I keep finding myself drifting off to sleep too. I also get very reflective. I am just amazed that God made my son into the man he is. I keep learning and growing because of what Will has taught me. Parents are supposed to teach their children. Not in this case, I have learned so much about strength, perserverence and the willingness to do what you have to do to achieve your goal. His goal is to breathe. Pretty simple for you and I but he sure has to go through a lot to get that happening. He has never gotten depressed or discouraged. Just ticked off because he had to go back on the vent for a while.
God says He goes before us and makes a path to follow. Will's path might not be the one that we want for him, but it's the path that God wants for him.
Someone sent me an email today and it was a good one, I'll share--
God only gives three answers to prayers:
1) yes
2) not yet
3) I have something better in mind

How true is that. So keep sending prayers and see what answer we get. They are so powerful.
Hopefully I will be able to have some good news later. Will just told me he has a good, good feeling about today.


jo said...

Hi, Teri please tell Will that the healing takes time and not to get in too much of a hurry to get off the vent. If he tries to hurry and off too soon he may have to go back on so for once patience is good. Let the body rest for a little bit. Dr. Geist and I are planning to come and see him in a couple of weeks so stay strong and Teri, you and Tom are awesome and the family thinks of all of you everyday. We send hugs and kisses to all. Love, Jo, Jim, Megan and Alicia

Jen Holtzen said...

Hooray, I finally remembered my password!  Will, you are amazing, not that we expected anything less.  Keep up the good work, I'd lvoe to hear that you got yourself a pepsi!  Teri, thanks so much for the daily postings, it's nice being able to keep up-to-date on Will's progress.  Your whole fam is in our prayers.  Scott, Jen, Trajan, Ryker, and Daxin

Coach said...

Will, I realize you are a little busy but I need your picks by next Wed. I would give you extra time but Donna would say I was playing favorites. You know how she is !!!!
Don't help your Mom this year and let's see how she does on her own. (should be interesting)
Everyone keeps thanking your Mom for the updates and you and I know it is your Dad doing all of it. Make sure he gets a little credit for a change.
I can't wait for your OK so I can head to Salt Lake. I have some good Ty Jones stories for you along with a few about the Wendell Middle School AD.
I have always told everyone you are the toughest person I have coached and you prove everyday.
Let me know when you are ready for Pepsi and pizza and I'll have it there.
Keep exercising and I'll see you soon.
P.S. you have to get home because the White kids need a principal. Their teacher needs to be evaluated and soon !!!

Mecale said...

Hey guys, it's great to hear that everything is moving along. Thank you for taking the time to share this experience with everybody. I would have to add that I'm sure it will also save you from reapeating the story over and over and over. Terri in addition to you saying that you have learned a lot from Will, I must add that I can guarantee that Will has gained a lot of his strenght, drive, and who he is today from the strong and supportive parents and family that he has. There are many of us that not only have learned from Will but also from Tom and you.Take care, be strong, and get the rest you need. You are continually in our thoughts and prayers. Jeff, Mecale, and Brax

Laren said...

Hey guys,
I'm so glad to hear things are looking better. You've been in our prayers and thoughts nonstop! I was just wondering if I could get a copy of that relaxation music. I'd like to see if it has the same affect on my students. What do you think Terri, would it work? Miss ya a bunch- Keep up the good work Will. What an inspiration you are to all of us!

Stimulator said...

Will you are so strong! Keep it up. Thank you Aunt Terri for keeping us posted on what is happening with Will. It helps me so much with the details of why the doctors need to do each procedure. With there knowledge, Wills strength, God's will, and all the love, I think we are in great shape. Will, your going to love this. I laughed so hard the other day when I was looking through the comments I noticed that mine said it was said by stimulator. That word is my password because it is one of my favorite fly's to fish with and I thought I was useing it for the purpose of a password for the blog. I was so embarrassed when I saw it on the page. I will try it this time with my name but I think I am stuck with it. Love you guys. Brenda & Lance

Kim said...

You've been in our prayers constantly. Jessica and Sarah ask about you all the time and they are praying for you too. We miss seeing your smiling face at school and look forward to Will making a quick recovery so you can all come home. Love, Kim, Jessica, Sarah and the rest of the gang.

Steph T. said...

It's hard to be a good patient when all you want is to be better :) Give yourself time! You are all so inspirational and courageous. We all love you!

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will!
I'm with you that today is going to be a great day!
Did you know that my blood type is my personal motto? "B Positive".
Interesting, eh? I found out my blood type in college when I donated blood. And it's stuck with me ever since.
I can't give you my blood, but every day, I can pass along my motto. So I pass along my positive energy and positive thoughts.

I admire your goals and your strength of mind. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more news of good progress soon!

My best wishes and prayers keep coming to you, Teri, Tom, and the whole family.
Love, Katie (And Paul)
(On a side note, Paul's lacrosse season began and they had their first game Tuesday. Their first home game is tonight. Wish them luck)

Shayne said...

Hi Will and Family!

We've been checking the blog twice a day and thinking of you often. I've been trying to think of that perfect comment to leave. You know, something meaningful, maybe insightful and inspirational, possibly poetic, or maybe just something that would bring a smile to Will's face. But then again, Will knows me well enough to know that I'm none of the above! So just know we are thinking of you lots and sending our best thoughts for a speedy recovery.

On another note, this past holiday season, I thought a lot about Will and the Harbison's. Having an almost two-year old who loves to sing "Jingle Bells" I caught a bit of the holiday bug and began an exhaustive search of the Harbison holiday favorite song "I love those J-I-N-G-L-E B-E-L-L-S..." (You know the one, I think we listened to it on repeat forever in the station wagon driving home from some game!) I kept telling Garrick about this song and sang the lyrics (yes, be very afraid) and he searched every where online and no where could we find the version that you had. We finally gave up and Makenna just had to listen to me sing it. But even though we couldn't find the tune, it brought back many fond memories. Hang in there, get better soon, and I promise never to sing that song for you!

Shayne, Garrick, and Makenna

KP said...

Hey Will! I hope you are having a good day today!!! After reading Terri's comments about Molly, I just wanted to let you know that you would've been so proud of Molly & Jordan at the All-Star game. They worked hard putting on lots of pressure on D and then outscoring everyone on the offensive side. I was talking to a ref after the game and he said Molly & Jordan wore him out! I told him the Lady Tigers know how to work hard! But they had fun too. They were filled with smiles and high fives for their teammates. There was no ego or attitude. I love our Lady Tigers!!! Oh, and you would've been proud of Brent too. His game strategy of a ten second shot clock was excellent.

Ok, I think it's time for another Fletch quote!

Fletch: "Well, the traffic was murder, you know. One of those manure spreaders jackknifed on the Santa Ana. Terrible mess. You should see my shoes"

Will, the Peterson's love and miss ya. When you are ready for me to smuggle in some rice crispy treats, hot dogs, licorice, orange slices or whatever, just let me know! We look forward to you coming home SOON. Thank you Terri for keeping us posted. You're awesome!
-The four KP's

Anonymous said...

Hey Harbison Family,
You are ALL amazing! An inspiration to us here in Florida... Terri I don't know how you do it! Jesalyn hit her head last week and still has the knot to prove it. Martin almost threw up when he saw it and I had to take a deep breathe, then tell him to calm down so he didn't scare her. But the really weird thing was four days later her eyes were black and blue. So yes for her birthday we are putting a tattoo on her forehead to cover it up the best we can! (No not on her eyes, they are a little better LOL)
Will you are awesome! Remember athletes need their rest too! It' s not good to over due it.
Have to decorate Jesalyn's Tinkerbell Cake! Yes I'm making it myself, scary huh?
I'll send another note soon.
Speaking of evaluation Coach, mine's next week, do you have any pointers? I'm sure you're a pro by now!

whit clark said...

Hey Will, Tom, and Terri! Hope you're doing a little better today Will. I've enjoyed reading about ya everyday so thanks Terri! I think I check this thing about 20 times a day to see if there's a new update. And I also call my dad about as many times to see if he has heard anything new.
I think Erin told you a couple weeks ago, but against Evergreen in our playoff game I ended the game with 33 points - yep I know what you're thinkin cuz I thought the same thing - Larry Bird's number! So I figured I had to stop on that for you! Our season ended 2games after that at Southern Oregon. I want you to know that I would've never got this far if it wasn't for you! We were so good my senior year because of you and all the time and effort you put in with us during AAU! I never doubted you on the bball court and don't doubt you now! You are so strong and you are an inspiration to me!
Just wanted to let you guys know that I've been thinking about ya everyday and can't wait til I can come down and visit you guys in a couple weeks hopefully! And just so you know, Will, I'm expecting you back around the first of June if not before because I'm going to need help with camp! You know I can't do it on my own! Love you guys!
Whit (whiteney mama)

Bina said...

Hey mom, hey Will! So, first I'd just like to thank you both. It just so happens I'm studying Human Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology this semester and pretty sure my grades in both classes have gone up from reading all these blogs! Oh, and go figure... we started studying the lungs a week after will got his new ones! Quite the coincidence don't ya think? We actually have to spell everything right in Med term tho, so Mom be glad you're not in my class cuz you'd probably have a D- at this point. Ha ha :) Jus teasing! But seriously, my love and appreciation for science and medicine has reached an all time high when I think about all of this! I'm sending all my love, prayers, and positive energy your way Will! Mom, please tell all the Docs and nurses how grateful Will's friends are for all they do for him! Love you people with all my heart! p.s. off the record of course, I have to be the favorite booster daughter by now, right?

mhawk1999 said...

So my mom had to teach me how to use this damn thing! lol I hope you know that I look on here multiple times during the day.. lots when I am at work when I am bored! lol Glad to hear that you are doing better. Thats awesome! Take it easy and don't move things on to fast! I have so many of my friends looking on the blog and praying for you. I hope you know that many are thinking about you and praying for you. But I am sure that you know that, as you have already been blessed! Lots of prayers for you. Will be seing you in a few weeks with mom and Dr. Geist.
Love you always,