Saturday, March 22, 2008

3/22/08 Saturday 6:38 am

Today is going to be a good day. Will had a real quiet day yesterday, with the drs. letting him rest a bit. I decided I really liked quiet days. Angel went home at noon but before she did she went for a walk with Will. It was the first time to walk in the hallway. The drs. told Will that probably the best thing for him to do to try to open his lungs up was to walk, so he did. He got up three times. Wow, that's impressive. If you could see all the "stuff" that goes with him when he walks you would be amazed. It takes three people just to push all the stuff. He probably walked 30 feet each time. Give Will a goal and he usually makes it. We are hoping that the chest xray will be showing significant improvement. The drs. realize sometimes patients just need a day of rest with no tests, poking or prodding. It was good for him.
I have some news for later, I hope. For all of you back home that are going Easter egg hunting today, have fun!!!!! The weather should be great.
God bless


Marcus and family said...

We are so glad that Will is on the mend. Marcus is finally on some days off and hopefully we will all enjoy them. He has been reading the blog faithfully and is happy we have now figured out how to leave our comments. Congradulations to Arron and Angel sorry we missed the wedding but we will be at the reception if that is still on in Idaho. There will be so much to celabrate then. Happy anniversary to Tom and Terri. You are an inspiration to all that are in love. Our thoughts and prayer are with Will and your family daily. We love you all.

karrie & jeff said...

Jeff and I just got back from a trip to Big Sky, Montana. We visited with the exchange student we had when I was in high school. It was such an awesome time of reconnecting with Jorge and his family. We couldn't wait to get home to check your blog and find out how you were doing. Keep walking and before you know it, you will be running with your basketball team! Thanks, Terri, for your updates. When we read your messages, it feels like we are talking face to face. Thanks for sharing your faith, too. What a blessing your family's witness is. Have a peaceful and blessed Easter. God bless you! Love from Karrie and Jeff

Somer Love said...

Will am so glad you got some rest yesterday..... Wow and walking the halls.... I am very proud of you!! Keep up the good work. However please keep the showing off to a minimal :)Keep eating the dessert first and drinking that pepsi! If you could have any dessert what would it be? Let me know I will bring it up.
Have a great Sat!

Cyndi said...

This is definately an Easter to remember! There is no greater blessing than our family and friends. Keep walking in the halls Will and enjoy your Pepsi! Happy Easter!
Love, Cyndi and Family

Tanya said...

Will you went for a walk thst is so sweet!!! Oh my gosh i know this is the key that will help open up that lung..
Angel is sure a great sister!!
Terri I didnt see you on the news yet so i hope that it is on tomorrow and i didnt miss it..
I am coming into the hospital on Monday so next week maybe we can go to starbucks or something.. I would love to see you and Tom again..
sending you my prayers and love!!