Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday 3/9/08 5:23 a.m.

It's funny being in the hospital when the time changes. Everything is all out of whack. They do things every hour so when one hour disappears, it makes everything off. Usually we get our xray at 4:15 on the dot. Its 5:25 A.M. and we still haven't got it. So I told Will to go back to sleep. As soon as he's asleep, they will come.

Saturday was a good day for Will. He took three walks with each one being farther than the last. His lungs seem to be doing better but we need to see the xrays to see if they are still plugged. His surgeon came in and said if he's doing as well today then maybe we can move off this acute care and go to the other intensive care. That would be nice, then he wouldn't need a nurse one-on-one. His arms and legs are still swollen but they aren't as bad.

Angel and Aaron spent the day with us. Angel took Will for one of his walks. The nurses were pretty impressed the way she kept pushing him for one more step. When Will gets to feeling better, she will probably pay for that. Will's excited that Aaron is going to shave him today. He's beginning to look a little like the other Willie (Nelson, that is) While Tom stayed with Will, we went to Red Lobster. I haven't been there before. It was good, and it was good not to eat hospital food. For those of you that are feeling sorry for Tom, I did bring him a doggy bag. :) The day went real fast. We did have a visit from Kim and Richard and the kids as they were travelling back from Arizona. Their dog, Macy, had 9 puppies while on the trip so they couldn't stay long. They needed to get those babies home. But it was good to see them.

Everybody have good day and while you're at church, say a special prayer for hospital workers. They deserve it for what they go through. They lost a few patients in the last couple of days and they took it pretty hard. Tough job
Today is going to be a good day. Thanks for the continued prayers and your comments. Now that Will is awake more, he likes to read them.


karrie & jeff said...

I always like this time change after I adjust, but it's so hard to lose an hour of sleep! I remember when Jeff worked shift work, he really hated the night shift in the fall when he had to work that extra hour. So from that perspective, this one's not so bad. Maybe the time change should happen during the day when we wouldn't mind losing an hour of work? Terri, remember when we used to play Bunko all of the time? Well, we had about 50 women get together at church and we had a little re-treat and played Bunko. What a hoot! I think you or Carol Ainsworth were always the most enthusiastic Bunko yellers! It was so fun. It brought back a lot of memories. I remember one time we played at the Nelson's and one table was outside on their deck. That was the "Get-eaten-alive-by-mosquitoes" table! Good times! Take care and God bless! Karrie and Jeff

Katie Lardy said...

Will, That's great news. Keep up the walking.
Paul and I are here wishing we could take you out for a walk. Soon enough.

We hope you have another great day filled with good progress and positive reports.

Sending all of our best thoughts and prayers.

Katie and Paul

Anonymous said...

So now Angel is getting you back for all those practices, huh Will? lol Glad to hear everything is going so well!
I loaded up the kids for church, drove all the way up there, brought Jesalyn into her class and they only had ten minutes left. Yeah, didn't get the whole time change thing till then. I was SO excited too, got her showered, hair done, breakfast for the two of the them (which is usually rushed on Sunday) but not today cause I thought we had plenty of time. So needless to say it was a relaxing Sunday morning until I realized we were late. Oh well! God understands right? LOL
At least we got a good look at the beach and ocean this morning. It was so cute, I pulled up across from the water and Mason pointed and said "ocean". That's my boy! Martin can't wait until he can surf. Not sure if I told you but of course the one time I tried surfing, I found myself in the middle of fish. What was the only pointer Martin gave me before we went out? Whatever you do, do not get in the middle of a school of fish! That is obviously where the sharks like to be. So I am a great spectator now~
Then he took Jesalyn out last summer. As we walk to the water a warning flag was flying that said dangerous wildlife in the water. Well of course since he's lived in Florida his whole life, he told me that could mean whales, jelly fish, manna war, etc. right!? Well of course all I could think was SHARK and I told him I didn't think today was a great day for her to try. He told me to quite being paranoid. So he takes her out in her little wet suit! She was a doll! Just as they are getting ready to catch their first wave I see his feet come out of the water and he holds her hands up on the board. He turned white and his face was priceless (a little different when you have your daughter aboard). Of course I knew he had seen a shark! Sure enough he comes ashore and he described it to a T! It was a hammerhead!
Thought you would enjoy that story! Have a great day family!
Love ya

harry said...

Will, sounds like you are doing a great job as usual. Make each walk a liitle farther - exercise is such a big part of it.
You, your family, and your medical team are in our prayers.
Tom, now that Will is up and walking, I sure hope none of Will's docs ride bikes to the hospital - they're liable to find them wrapped in toilet tissue when they leave...

Julie Z said...

Hi Will & Family!
This is a Hello from Halfway, OR.

We've been keeping up with your progress from these blog entries. How fantastic is that? What would we do without these computers? I love it!

I had the family home this weekend for the Annual Halfway Crab Feed. Janell, Steve and C.J, :), and Taylor & Afton, along with Taylor's parent's, Mike and Becky, stayed with us for the weekend. The crab was delicious, and FUN was had by all. C.J., Ray and I, had fun playing in the snow and on the snow slide that Taylor, Afton & Ray had built for C.J. to slide down. It was fantastic!

We are all sending our love! Keep up the hard work, Will, YOU are such a stud and will be feeling as new as ever soon!

Julie Z