Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday 3/15/08 6:15 am

Friday wasn't the most productive day and if you know Will well, you know that doesn't sit well with him. He thinks something has to be improving or he's not working hard enough. So he didn't get off the vent or any other of the tubes that are running through him. All the drain tubes are still in but he needs those now. He still is draining. He did sleep well tonight, better than he has; sleeping a few hours at a time. I think those relaxation tapes (music with ocean noises) help. He still can't sit up or stand so we do all the exercises in bed that we can. He would do them every hour if they would let him but they know he needs rest. But try explaining that to Will.
He is now getting very thirsty and so we swab his mouth out with these little tiny sponges that we dip in water. Will is getting so ready to have the tube out so he can drink. He asked me to dip the sponge in pepsi and swab his mouth. Now doesn't that sound like something he would ask. I told him if he got permission I would do so, but I don't think that's going to happen.
He also has been asking about March madness. If any of you know some web sites that I can go on and read to him what team is doing what, I would appreciate it. He has his picks to fill out and he's been out of game watching for a while. I don't know where to go to get some information for him.
You don't know how your comments are lifting him up during the day. I really appreciate them and so does Will. If you don't know what to write and you feel funny about having other people read them, just write an amusing story or memory or just hi.
We will see what today brings. Thanks for all your concern.
God bless all of you and hope you have a great Saturday. Do something fun with someone you love.


Brenda said...

I've been checking the blog everyday, but it has taken me this long to figure out how to reply. I'm a little slow on the technical stuff. I think you can go to and get all the scores. You are all amazing - 800 hits on the blog site in one day. Will, that just goes to show you how many people love you and are praying for you. I'm so grateful that you keep us updated each day. This is usally the first place I go each morning. We are all praying for you and today's prayer will be that you get off the vent.

Jen Holtzen said...

Teri usually has some stuff about the tourney. I'm curious to know who Will picks, keep us informed. Duke plays Clemson tonight-I don't know if he cares but I'm a bit of a Dukie fan. Hope today is better than yesterday for you! Scott, Jen, Trajan (a Duke name), Ryker, and Daxin

Aundi said...

John found an awesome sight that you can watch all the March Madness games. It is You have to sign up with them to watch them but they have updates you can read about. The boys need you to teach them some basketball tricks, they practice everyday. I love to hear the blogs everyday, and the comments, I read them all,thank you Teri! (mom, you figured it out, wow!) The boys would love to send you a letter, what is the address? I know today is the day that you get off the vent Will, and enjoy that Pepsi!!

Judi and Buck said...

Testing testing...I think I did it. I have graduated to blogging from e-mail. Darn, that Bill Gates is smart! Buck said he did not think the teams had been selected yet. It appears as though you have a lot of good info on the subject. Hope you pick a good one and share your comments and wisdom. Enjoy hearing of the progress and you are in our prayers every day. You are a winning team on and off the court.
God Bless,
Judi and Buck
P.S. Happy belated anniversary to a wonderful couple.

Juli said...

March Madness...I know your talking basketball, but when I looked out the window this morning, that's just what I thought!! We are, once again, covered in snow!!! What a all my neighbors have been gearing up for yard clean-up...I saw farmers applying fertilizer. etc...the flakes are the large, fluffy kind, so it's accumulating fast. Crazy Idaho weather!! Will, we are really praying hard...for that PEPSI, and all the other "stuff" too...visualize your body healing itself as your resting...remember you've got the largest team behind you...(too many to count I'd bet!!) That's ALOT of LOVE, your Mom talks alot about the "big guy upstairs", you've got a direct line right now, so be specific when your asking for the things you need...He's listening!!! Go easy on yourself, it's hard work for the body to keep up with the mind...sending smiles and prayers!! Juli and Family

Cyndi said...

We all have March Madness in some form or another! Here we have snow down in the Valley this morning. The farmers including us have started working in the fields.That only means that hand lines will be coming for us old folks. How I wish we could sit and all have a Pepsi together. That day will be coming soon so keep working on the positive and we will continue to pray. We love you!
Cyndi, Kim, Dan, and Lacy

Susan said...

Good morning, Harbisons! Restful days are productive cause they get us ready for the busy days. They are called WEEKENDS! So, Will take all the weekend days you need. You have lots of busy days coming up.
I usually navigate from Yahoo. Just below the headlines click on NCAA Hoops and it has lots of good stuff including
Hope your weekend goes well, Will and All.
Susan and Roger

bug said...

Hey Will, I'm pretty sure you don't want any picks from me on basketball. I'm sure you remember my skill at the hoops. The one person you just couldn't coach, huh. We were checking out some old pictures the other day and it is amazing how young we looked. Cali got a kick out of seeing you in high school. She really misses you and hopes that you will enjoy her bed time stories that she recorded for you. When you get moved we will come down and see you.
Our prayers are with you all
Curt, Jen and Cali

Dawn said...

Hey Will and family,
Here is my official Hi. I have so many memories of fun times with Will and it's always so fun to reflect on them. To pick one to share is hard.
Hey remember when you and Keri decided you were going to video tape me while I was sleeping and spray styling moose on me. Well then I got you back by dressing you up like a girl with makeup and bows in your hair while you were asleep then taking a picture. I never did get that picture. It was mysteriously missing from your moms film she got developed. I still owe you one. Maybe I can recruit some of your new nurses. Beware!

I do miss spending good times with you and Keri. Even just playing pig. I can't wait to do it again. Keep being strong. You are awesome and you are always on our minds and we always have a prayer in our hearts for you. We love you tons.
-Dawn and the Boyz

Denise and Lonnie Waltrip said...

Hi Will, Teri and Tom - since you asked for comments, boy are you going to get bombarded! :-) We too check your blog every time we pass by the computer and pray hard for you to get well soon, Will! When you speak of the relaxation tapes and the ocean sounds it reminds me of our son Sean who had CF too, but his lungs weren't as bad as his liver. He used to get terrible bellyaches and though he was more of a Ray Stevens fan usually, he used to tune the radio to classical music (of all things!) and said it helped relax him when he was in pain. He was just 14 at the time and he like you Will, taught me a lot at his tender age! We are all rooting for you! Teri, thank you so much for writing so often - we all so appreciate it. Sure hope you got your Pepsi today Will!