Friday, March 28, 2008

3/28/08 Friday 5:28 am

First, the most important news: We have a new baby boy in the family. My niece, Billie and her husband, Matt delivered a 7 lb 7 oz boy around 1:30 this afternoon. Will is so excited but the first things he asked was if Billie was all right. He's pretty close to her and her sister, they kind of grew up together. They don't have a name yet. Everybody is doing well.

Will is doing a little better today. It's amazing what a few hours sleep can do for a body. They are still trying to get him down to ct scan on his lungs but don't feel good about moving him yet.
They kept him pretty sedated today to try to keep the pain away and to give him some more sleep. Dr. Cahill came in and said to do that for one more night and then we need to start weaning him off the vent. So it looks good that maybe tonight or tomorrow he can get off the vent and start clearing out his new lungs again. His blood gasses looked good.

We had some visitors today. Will's pediatrician, Dr. Geist, and his respiratory therapist, Jo Hawkins and her husband, Jim and daughter, Megan came up and spent an hour visiting. They knew it might be a long shot that Will would be awake to see them but he did spend some time with them. He felt bad because while they were here his vent tube slipped and needed to be put back farther in the throat. That does hurt and so he needed some more pain meds, which made him very sleepy. They came down all this way to make sure everybody was treating us well and that Will was okay.

I am going to publish a story written by a good friend of his but I will do it later. I think it speaks volumes on the love Will is getting from all over.
Steven from Chicago, thanks for the uplifting words. When Will gets more lucid, I will read it to him. It will be so good to hear from someone who has had this done.
Grandma Cherie-what you wrote was beautiful. Thank you so much.

so we are having a good night. Love to all
and hope God's blessings are upon you,


Anonymous said...

Good Morning!
Weather is beautiful here. Hope you have the same in Salt Lake! Sounds like you are on the up swing Will. Glad you got some rest and great visitors.
Have an awesome day!!!

mike_babbel said...

I know how exhausting this is (only from the uncomfortable chair side).
I cant stop thinking of you and rooting for you. You are in the best hospital around their knowledge is above and beyond the rest. My Wife Kim has been going to the U of U and the CF clinic for 36 years she was diagnosed at the U of U. SICU saved her life in 2000. I am so impressed by Will the way he battles every bump.
Just think no oxygen leash soon.

Coach said...

Will,you are taking all kinds of meds, not feeling well and you can still pick NCAA teams better than anyone else. You told me Louisville was good and you were right. Sorry Kim wouldn't shut-up during the game so you could enjoy it.Have your Dad be in charge of the room during the games so you can enjoy them.
I hope you have a good day and can get the vent out soon.
Go Wisconsin !!

Sandi Sheppeard said...

Will, Terri, and Tom, Karen told me that Will has new lungs. What a wonderful blessing. Although it sounds like it has been a bumpy road, today sounds like it has been a good day.

Please know that you are in my prayers.

Love in Christ,

Chace said...

I'm hoping that you'll remember me. You coached me for AAU with Brent when I lived in Jerome with Whit, Vanessa, Krista and the gang. We traveled to St. George and kicked some serious butt so many years ago. After moving here, I've often wondered how things were going with you, whether you were still coaching or not. My famiy and I saw your story on the news here a few nights ago! I know you're a very strong person. Our prayers are with you!
Chace Warner & Family