Sunday, March 30, 2008

3/30/08 Sunday 4:24 am

We are getting such great email for Will. I wish some of you would share these wonderful stories with everyone. Don't be shy. There are only hundreds of people reading them. :) One of the sweet remarks I want to share. The person sending it probably doesn't want to have her name known but what she wrote was so nice I wanted to share the thought with everyone. She writes:

"Will, I remember reading this phrase once that friends are like stars, you can’t always see them, but you know they're always there. I know you have always been one of my stars, but I hope you realize that I am one of yours too. " Isn't that a beautiful way to describe friendship.

I want you all to know that you're Will's stars. He is such a blessed man to have so many friends like the ones standing behind him on this journey.

Will's day started out a little rough but got better later on. He won't be getting off the vent for a little bit yet. His lungs are still weak. His energy has gone down hill the last few days also. So the drs. are a little bit nervous about trying to let him breathe on his own yet. They are going to let him rest for a few days and we will continue to work his joints so he doesn't get too stiff when it's time to get up and move around again. He will be having tests run on Monday and Tuesday so it's good that he gets to rest this weekend.

He tried to stay up for the Louisville game last night but didn't make it. I think he's sleeping through the whole March Madness. He's going to be so mad when he finally wakes up and realizes this. :(

His Auntie and Uncle Albert came down to spend a few days with us to give us a little break. Will kind of likes his Auntie to be here. Tom was really excited to see his little brother also. I love the company. It will be good to have them here with us.

Our niece and her husband, Billie and Matt, named their new baby Coby William (notice it's named after Will) They are going to call Will later today and let him know, It's going to make him very happy.

When we look toward God, we see perfection, when we see people we see God's love. Isn't that great the way things work out.
Thank you all for your comments and emails. I am going to print them all out and make a little book for Will to be able to keep for always.

God bless


whitehouse said...

Good Morning everyone. It's really quite here at the Whitehouse. It is just not the same when the nurse is not stopping in every hour. I miss you all so much already, my hands are missing all the lotion, and I keep showing Richard the 3 finger signal and he just doesn't understand.:) Will can you believe how slow it takes some people? (Sorry Tom) You are all amazing friends. Thank you for such a blessed week. Oh, one more thing, "Terri could you sub today?" :) I must study!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning from the East Coast!
Well Jesalyn's t-ball pics and game were great! She played pitcher and stopped two ground balls that were hit pretty hard. We are an all girls team that plays against the four different boy teams. GO GIRLS!!! Makes me a little nervous thinking back to when Coach Warr had all of us girls scrimmaging our boys basketball team and I got my nose broke. lol See I can laugh about it now but then it wasn't too funny... Dad didn't think so either when they had to adjust it (he almost passed out) Love you Dad!
Well I hope someone out in Idaho has Direct TV and is recording these games for Will. Whoever that person is will get a lot of time with Will once he is back. LOL
Have a great day! Scratch Will's head for me...

Juli said...

Terri, and Family, Thanks for all your is all thought provoking...makes me reflect on my experience and friendship with Mona, and I realize how valuable my memories are to me. She like Will was 1 in 100,000,000... The Maags phoned me from AZ (while they were soaking up the sun!) to check on are all in their thoughts and prayers. They worry about him as they did with their own daughter...we talk everyday, reflect, and hope and pray for Wills fight and recovery. This has been good for all of us, and someday I'll Thank Will for enriching our lives further, bringing more love into our hearts for each other, and those around us! Terri, Will is touching peoples lives in so many positive ways...your idea of a book for Will is fantastic!! I hope the next few days of healing are better than expected...He will rejoice when He never has to see that vent again!!! (We all will!) Love, Peace, and Joy ... to All

Somer Love said...

I am glad you are going to get another day of rest!! Sleep can sometimes be better then any medicine! Don't worry bout the BB games there is always sports center.

di na ni....... di na ni........

Ok that was my attempt to type out the sport center tune :)


mike_babbel said...

Hi Harbison family,
I hope things are good today.
I am looking forward to meeting you when you are up to it.
Your words and especially your actions really inspire me. The other night Kim fell asleep reading all your posts with the laptop on her chest.