Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 2, 2008 3:30 AM and now 5:44 a.m. Vent is Out!!

I don't know what is happening with my blog skills. This is the third try to tell everyone the good news, THE VENT IS OUT!!! It happened this morning about ten. I did post the good news and when I got back on the blog it wasn't there. So I wrote another chapter book and just checked it and it's not there. It took me a couple of hours to finish too. But it's not like I have lots to do here when Will is sleeping and I only do it when he's asleep. Otherwise he has me too busy.

I feel bad that you all have been waiting to hear and it happened almost twelve hours ago.
That's too bad that you didn't get to read what I wrote either time. It was really good. Now I am tired and I just will give you the bare facts. My typing skills are going down fast
They ran the tests and Will got good numbers. Tom was here because I had just got home to change out of my wedding clothes from the night before. Ladies--can you imagine having to be in nylons the whole night. I hope you feel my pain. I told Will to quit complaining because I am in nylons. He just doesn't understand how that could be worse than what he's going through. Men!!! So Tom called me to tell me that they were taking it out and by the time I got back up to the hospital it was already taken out. Just like that, without much fanfare.
So I walked in and there he was laying there and his lungs were breathing all on their own. That was a great experience.
Later that day, I was just sitting here with Will and the nurse came in. She asked me how I can sit so still. I tried to explain how I was feeling. The closest I could come up with it's like I was watching my baby when they learn how to walk. You may have seen it before but you just love to watch. Well, that's how it is with me. I love to sit here and watch his chest rise and fall with those new lungs.

He has been in lots of pain today but tonight it is better. He will get on top of it eventually. The pain isn't from taking the vent out, it's just because his poor body has had so much done to it.

I will write more on that later. Just wanted to invite you all when you go to church today, send up special prayers to thank God for the miracles that has been happening this past week with Will. Our God is an Awesome God. Everyday there is something that is showing us God's power and love. I can't even type now, I am taking more time correcting my typing than typing.. I will write more later- God bless you

P.S. I forgot the cord to my camera so I will post some wedding pictures as soon as I can. Thanks


Brant & Leslie said...

Good Morning Terri! Just up feeding the baby and I'm chcking every time I get up with her. You and I should visit during the night because I've been up right after some of your 3 a.m. postings!! Haha Good to hear the progress and can't wait to see pictures of Angels Wedding. Thinking about you ALL the time and praying for your tons! Just noticing your blog counter. I can remember when it was at 1800. WOW! 4300 I think is where is was. So many people watching caring about your family. I LOVE IT! Talk to you later!

Judy said...

Good Sunday Morning. Wow - what a week it has been for the Harbison's!!! It was GREAT to hear that the vent was out. Thanks again for updating us. This blog is wonderful for all of us to keep in touch. It makes us all feel like one big family - which we are. Carrie and Joe said the Wedding was beautiful. We are so happy for Angel and Aaron. When you bring the party to Hagerman you know you can count on me to help in any way. We will keep saying many prayers for your family and Thank God for all he has done for Will. Love, Layne and Judy

Tracy said...

Good morning Harbison family! Congrats to Angel and Aaron, I bet she was the most beautiful bride ever! Fantastic news about Will and getting the vent out finally. Mom and I told everyone about you this week that came up for our wedding and we have all been praying for all of you. You all are so strong! You and mom will have to get together sometime and exchange wedding pictures. Tell everyone we all say hi and send our love and we will all keep praying for Will and his lungs!
Tracy, Steven, Mary, & Joe

Juli said...

HURRAY!! HURRAY!! HURRAY!!! We are so relieved for Will! We can now pray for his pain to subside, and good/better health for his body!! Hang in there Will! I believe you've got the largest cheerleading squad...EVER!! GOOOO WILL!! Sending prayers and wishes for wellness, Juli and family Terri, ...THANKS for reminding us ALL to be so very thankful for all we've got!

Mason & Suzy said...

YEA! YEA! YEA! I'm so glad to hear the news! And I was touched by your description Terri, that watching Will breathe was like watching your baby take his first steps! I can only imagine how you feel right now! This is such a great day! Keep it up Will, you have so many people pulling for you and the Lord is definitely constantly by your side! Love you all tons!

Gary Krumm said...

I knew the weekend would be great for Will. Now keep getting stronger and stronger. I know that you will - WILL!

Gonna see you soon I'm sure.

God Keep Blessing.

Gary Krumm

Haneys said...

I am so happy with the news on the blog that all I can do is sob! I am so happy! If any family deserves these blessings it's the Harbisons...Congrats to Angel and Aaron, we are so excited for you! And Will, amazing Will. Roo needs another sign lesson, so maybe you could teach him to write in our hands the next time we see you!
We love, love, love you all! We are with you everyday, praying for the GREAT strides to continue!

marywarr said...

Great to hear that the vent is out. Randy told us that he got to hear a word or two from Will after it was taken out and that it was great to hear him talk. We are thinking about you guys and our prayers are with you.

Jason, Mary, Peyton, Carly, Kobe and Madison

karrie & jeff said...

Will, Jeff and I are so glad to hear you are breathing on your own. Awesome! I just thought I would let you know that I had a very vivid dream about you last night. Will, you were my parachuting teacher! It was so real. You were good, too. So maybe I was having a vision? Who knows...I have always wanted to go parachuting! Maybe God has other plans for you? Take care and rest up. We're still praying for you. Love from Karrie and Jeff

Mindy Lou said...

I am so excited to hear the great news! What a huge step in the right direction. Will, the wedding was great, Angel was beautiful and Aaron looked pretty good too. She did make it down the stairs just great.

God is amazing and seeing His hand in all of this is AWESOME! We love you all and pray for your continued good progress.

Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

Terri, Tom, and family. I just talked to Sherri Martinez and she told me of this blog. Great!!! Cindy called the night of the transplant so we have had you all in our thoughts and prayers. Wonderful news of Will's vent removal. God is the greatest. Also, congrats to Angel and Aaron.
We love you,
Dan and Evelyn Peterson

JDC said...

This is wonderful news! Jeanny and I have been monitoring Will's progress from Reno, and we've been getting great updates from Dave and Chris. Keep up the good fight, Will and family. We're thinking of you always!

Josh and Jeanny

Tanya said...

I gave all my prayers today my friend, along with everyone else i have asked to give that special prayer..