Monday, March 17, 2008

3/17/08 Monday 1:48 pm

Well, he passed his swallow test. Yea!!!!!!!!!! To him, that was almost as important as getting the vent out. (almost) He had to get his sister on the phone as I popped the tab of Pepsi. He doesn't have much strength yet but he sucked on the straw like he was just fine. Then he told his sister "That was good" in his croaked voice. We all were a little touched by that. He even had me call his friend Coach to tell him, but Randy wasn't taking my calls again.

They were able to put Will on 1 1/2 liters of oxygen on a canula (the nose thing) That's a big step, people. I think we should just come on home now. The worst is over. He still can't sit up without help but the strength will come back soon now that he has pepsi running through his veins again.

I will update later.
God bless you all
Thanks for the comments. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he wakes up and he has me read them over and over again. It gives us something to talk about.


whit clark said...

Congrats on the Pepsi Will! Terri, you'll have to let us know who Will is picking in the Final Four. Speaking of that..I wanted to update him on Coach Skyles' team (SPU). They are in the Sweet Sixteen and they play tonight to move on to the Elite Eight. They are undefeated..29-0. That word just seems to follow her I guess. Just wanted to say hi to you guys...keep having a good day! and I look forward to hearing more! Thanks Terri!

Judy said...

Way to go Will!!! I was so glad to hear about the vent and now to hear you have Pepsi - GREAT DAY. I am a blog-a-holic. Terri-you do a great job of keeping us all up to date - but I do agree on once a hour-just kidding. It is so great to keep all of us in touch - I feel like one big family. Love you guys so much and you are always in our prayers. Love, Judy and Layne

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will!
Congratulations! That's wonderful news.
Today, (I leave work in 15 minutes)I am meeting my aunt Stephanie, Luke, and Lainey at the coast. It is their spring break.
Seaside, OR is an hour and a half from my house.
I'm excited to see them and I'll stay with them one night at their hotel.
But while I'm there, I'm going to be plotting out where you should stay at the coast when you come for your R and R getaway when you're traveling again.
I'm planning your trip already. (Even though I know you haven't yet agreed to come). You will.

Also good news (for me) is the hotel has free wireless internet so I can keep checking the blog.
I'm with you, Judy, I'm a blog-a-holic.
Well, with this blog anyway.

Congrats again and I look forward to more good news!


Susan said...

Well, Will...I think I will bring some Pepsi back here to the office right now and we will have a drink along with you and make a toast .....Here is to Will, to all of your realy great progress, and many, many, many more Pepsi's to come. Cheers to you!!!!! Susan and Roger

Oh, And along with others we are wanting to know who you are picking for the brackets. A little help, please?????

linda said...

good for you Will,,,,,,,i can almost taste that pepsi,,they won't let me have and pepsi either ,,,,so i know the feeling,,,,,,,,and the sound of the pop,when you flip the cap,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh yea,,,,,,,,,,,,i know that angel must have been so thrilled to hear you,,,,she definitely loves her bro,,,,,,,,,,,,you take care and get stronger,,,,,,,,hi tom and teri,,,,,,,,,,,,,love linda

Stephenson said...

Well, this is long overdue-but congrats Will!! It is so great to be able to read all of your progress! I don't know how many times a day I check to see if anything new is posted! Just so you know the Stephenson crew is always thinkin' of ya! Take care and we love ya tons!
Pres, Jo, Mags, Avery and Kasen

Brenda said...

Watch out Terri, Randy is going to let you have it tomorrow!! I just talked to him and he said he missed your call by 10 minutes and had tried three times to call you back and that you weren't taking his calls. Good for you!!! Such great news!! Can't imagine being that excited about Pepsi - Coke, yes, but not Pepsi!! Keep it up.

Donna said...

Will, you and Randy think alike (too scary)when it comes to Pepsi, pizza, and basketball. He thinks Pepsi is one of the food groups. Anyway, we are sooooo excited about the progress you've made! You are awesome! Also, I wondered if you would like to enter MY March Madness Women's pool? I'm sure I'll have a lot more people enter mine than Randy's. Anyway, let me know who you want to pick - your entry fee is waved this year! Take care. Love, Donna

Haneys said...

Will, we are so happy for you! Pepsi, YAY! I read the blog to B this morning over the phone. She couldn't get to a computer as there was a relay going on with her work and she was set up at one of the stations. It was nice to get to visit with her, so thanks for being a GREAT excuse for her to call me:) Can't wait 'til we get to talk with you directly! Someday soon, we hope:)

Lots of love! Keep up the improvements!

Lady Tiger 22 said...

Hey coach,

Congratulations on your Pepsi!!!! I’m so glad that your mom can give such amazing updates on how you are doing. I check your blog daily to see how you are doing. Every day it seams as if you tackle an extraordinary challenge. No matter what gets thrown at you I know you will be able to beat it. You have such an amazing drive that will allow you to do whatever you need to do to get up to full speed. You are a true inspiration, I hope that in my life time that I will be able to touch and inspire half as many people as you have. I am glad that I got to know you and can’t wait until you come home. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Jordann Hollifield

Dave & Jane said...

Hey Will I'll be stopping by for a visit soon. How much Pepsi should I bring? The Nevada Wolfpack is playing Houston in the CBI tourney Tuesday. Do you think they have a chance? As far as the NCAA I'm pulling for BSU but I know that is unrealistic. So I'm putting my money on UCLA. Gotta pull for the West coast teams!!! Keep getting better Will. See ya in a couple days.

Vanessa West said...

I would have never guessed Pepsi! You will be sad to know that my Pepsi addiction has turned to Diet Pepsi in college along with coffee. But really I could quit drinking them if I HAD to.
So I potentially have nine days left of my basketball career at the most, so I'm going to need a personal trainer soon so I don't gain 100 pounds and look like Brent :)
I want you to know you are the only person on the planet that I enjoy watching, listening to show off, so keep it up. Excpet for my new nephew Jaymon, which I'm not sure if you heard that Kendra had a baby. It was a while ago, 6 months actually, but you have been pretty busy getting new lungs and all. I have pictures if you want me to smother you with them, which you know I would NEVER do because that is so unlike me!
Well, have a great day, keep kicking butt, and I will try to do the same!

Dawn said...

Hey Will,
It is so awesome to hear you had a great day! It really made our day great too. Thanks Will for just being simply Will! We love you and can't wait to see your smile and give you a huge hug. We truly look forward to it! Tomorrow is going to be even better, I see pudding on your horizon!
Love ya,

Tanya said...

pepsi does the body good;)
1 and half liters, holy crap that is so good.. man do you remember when you were on that low of a flow. I cant remember for myself..
Congrats on your progress buddy:)
Love you all