Wednesday, March 5, 2008

4:42 Wednesday 3/5/08

We have had no major changes in Will's condition yesterday. The doctors are still hopeful that we can get his lungs moving again without any procedures. He is still needing 100% oxygen but hopefully today we will see a change in that too. He got up and sat in a chair three times today and he feels so good when he can get out of that bed. His back still has some bad sores that are healing up. He might get his drain tubes out today. That will help so much so we can position him better and he won't have to stay on his back all the time.

Right now he is sitting up and drinking some milk. It's almost five in the morning. He says the last time he was up this early was when he was coaching jv. Long time ago. I said that was a lot more fun than this and then he said that this could end up many time more fun. How's that for attitude. Some times he's very lucid and sometimes he isn't. He is starting to "wake" up more and understand things. Quite a few times in the day, I still have to tell him that he's in the hospital and that he's had his transplant. They are cutting down his medicines every day so it won't be long where he will remember everything. Boy, he's going to get mad when he finds out I sold his car and took all his money--just kidding.

I still can't believe how many people are checking this blog spot out. I have told the nurses here and everyday they ask many how many "hits" now. What amazes me even more is the prayers that are going up for Will's healing. Everyone is heard by Him and then He sends it back to us with love. We really do feel the love from all of you. Thanks just doesn't say enough. Will is very blessed to have all of you pulling for him. God bless you all.

He loves the comments and thanks for those too. I will let you know how the day goes. We are hoping the lobe of the lung that has collapsed will inflate after moving that plug. That's what we are praying for today.


Cherbert said...

We send our love, prayers, and blessings from Breakfast with the Pastor at the Snake River Grill.

Bud & Carol Ainsworth
Mac & Janet Billiard
Mike Hollomon
Connie Herbert
Gina Johnson

Anonymous said...

We are still praying for you constantly. What a privilege it has been to witness the miracle that our great God is doing (and continuing to do) in your life. We love you guys so much, stay strong, trust in Him, and hurry home!

In His hands,
Curt, Megan, and Tyler

Juli said...

Hey Gang, SO glad Will is getting up and out of that bed...I remember my elbows being so very wouldn't think sheets could feel like sand paper, but they can...we will be praying for those lungs to "do their thing". Its good to hear your enjoying some of the finer things in life, I'm with you there Will, tho my taste falls to diet pepsi...I receintly stopped drinking soda, but CHERISH a diet pepsi now and then!! We hope you have a very good day, STAY STRONG, we are all pulling for you and praying for a speedy recovery...Terri, ditto on the sharing, thanks so much for the time you take to keep everyone up to date!

Mel said...

Keep up the good work! These bumps in the road won't slow you down. The way your progressing it won't be long til your back coaching.
I think you are really doing well if they're having you sitting up already. I'm with you on the Pepsi-my favorite. I'll bet it won't be long til you see your pizza. You are Awesome & your family is too. We here in Elko & Spring Creek sent our love and prayers- Culleys

Cathy said...

Hey Guys! It is so awesome to hear that things are progressing in a great way!!! All those prayers can work miracles! Can't beat that Pepsi...I'm more partial to Diet Pepsi though I have cut way back! You all are in my thoughts every day and you are truly amazing! Keep up the good work have always been a fighter! Love ya! Aunt Cathy

I plan on coming to visit you at the end of the month!