Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1 2008 12:15 AM

I didn't get anything on the blog yesterday. I will post pictures of Angel's wedding soon. I need to remember my cord from home. Let me just tell you it was beautiful. I will go into more detail later.

Will didn't get off the vent yet. He still has too much liquid around his lungs and it makes it hard to work them.. There is nothing wrong with the lungs. They couldn't be better but Will is waiting until they are so ready to breath on their own. He continues to hold his own no matter what anybody is throwing at him.

If you don't know anyone that has had a transplant, most are afraid that the new organs won't work. Last night Will asked (remember that he has to spell everything into my palm) if he can have his old lungs back. He was serious. He knew how to breathe with the old ones but he doesn't know how to breathe with the new ones. He has to learn how to breathe all over again with a full, clean set of lungs. You wouldn't think that would be the case. He did do very well on some trial runs today so maybe soon he will be off the vent. They don't set a date anymore. So maybe soon

Well, I just wanted to tell you what's going on with Will. The bride and groom, Angel and Aaron, came up after the reception and Will got to see them in their wedding attire. He was glad. Well, you have a good one.

God bless and I will catch you up with wedding stuff.


Mason & Suzy said...

Congrats Angel and Aaron!!! What a week and weekend already!

I feel like we're all holding our own breath for Will to take his independent breaths off of the vent successfully! Still praying Will. We love you!

4th floor!!!

TAMI RT said...

Wishing the best for Angel and Aaron! Tami,Ramona,Cindee,Stephen, and Matt(this weekend's crew)@ Magic say Hi! We have all been praying and thinking good thoughts for Will. Following his progress!
Thanks for the updates! The Dept. has a surprise headed your way. Tell Will if he don't get off the vent soon we may have to send a few familiar faces down to encourage him! May God Bless You all!

Your Twin RT family!

Juli said...

Hang in there Will!! I had a visit with Lorena Maag this am...she said everyone was at the state basketball games, so to keep her up to date...she was remembering how Mona hated the vent, even tho it was a necessary thing...she says the same thing we are all saying and thinking, STAY STRONG!! One day at a time, we just know things will start moving foreward for you...I'm sure the wedding was wonderful, Congrats again Angel and Aaron!! Jess calls everyday, she is so worried...wishes she was closer to home, of course! Love to all, Juli

jo said...

Hi, Hope things are going well. Tell Will that I spoke to Dr. Geist today and he sends his thoughts and prayers as we all do. We really appreciate the updates and am hoping and praying he gets off the vent soon so he can give everyone a hard time. Love Jo