Friday, March 7, 2008

4:48 a.m. Friday 3/7/08

Will didn't need a brochioscope yesterday. What happened was that his right lower and middle lobe was collapsed because of blockage and then the middle right lobe inflated again but the blockage went to the left middle lobe so that collapsed. So it just moved over. But that was good because it showed the dr. that Will can move the plugs himself.

They did find a blood clot in his neck and they started him on a heparin drip which will thin the blood and get rid of that. The drs also think maybe Will might have had blood clots in his lungs instead of plugs so maybe that was the problem. They could be right because yesterday Will took a big step forward. He was on 100% oxygen at the beginning of the day and when he went to sleep he was only on 3 liters. What a difference a day makes. His extremities (that's legs and arms for us normal speaking folks) are swelling up so they are checking into kidney trouble today. They will do a scan and let us know. He's starting to be more lucid and can understand things for longer periods of time. He also slept more tonight with less difficulty. Good day all in all. Tom and I are doing a tag team thing. He comes up and we hang together for a while and then I go to the apt. to sleep for a few hours in the early evening. Then I pull an all nighter which is working well for us. Will is so lucky to have a dad like that. Most men couldn't handle the hospital stays like Tom can. Angel and Aaron (aka Mr. and Mrs. Beutler) are coming up tonight after work. That will be nice. They should see a big change in Will.

As I leave the hospital everyday, I look around and see the suffering and the terrible times people are going through. I can't imagine going through something like this without God in my life. How do people survive that don't believe? I know I couldn't because knowing God is the only way. I know He is working in our lives and never leaves us alone. Will is so blessed to be surrounded by people who also believe in our merciful and loving God. The prayers that go up for Will just puts me in awe. You all have been praying for us and we have seen your prayers in a very powerful way over and over again. And I pray that someday I can take these miracles that I have seen the last two weeks and bless others. God is working in Will's life and ours and I pray that you feel the absolute truth of His love also.


Mel said...

What encouraging news today! I 'm thoroughly amazed that you have been sitting, walking etc. WOW !!
Your plum amazing.
I just learned the transplant Hug from the internet. ( Where you cross your arms & touch your shoulders then lay your hands palm up like offering a gift to someone)
Keeping the germs at bay. So a Big TPH from us in Nevada to all of you.----Culley's

Somer Love said...

Ok I am finally leaving a comment.... I have been reading your blog for quite some time but have not been able to leave a comment. However your mom helped me out a lil, O ok a lot....... Let's see where do I begin,

Will I am so very happy for you and your miracle!! You are an INCREDIBLE fighter! You are STRONGER then the Hulk and Super man put together! I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. The docs say take 10 steps you take 20! WOW! Keep it up!! You are in my thoughts and my prayers. I am so glad I got to see your fam today. I got to finally meet Aaron and Angel and your Dad. Your family is amazing and s supportive they love you so much!!! I am in the joint now too so if you or your fam need anything just let me know! I just want you to know those Girl scout cookies that Angel brought you... well I think you may be the first person in Utah to experience the thin mints. They aren't here yet! you can probably use those for negotiating :)
Keep on keeping on!! I will write more later...